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Catacombs Conquest, published by Elzra, will be released in March 2018. It’s a standalone, dexterity game where you flick wooden discs and play cards. The game can be played in 15-30 mins by players aged 14+.

The witch, Lenore, has captured heroes from across the world to engage in a contest of wits and strength to recharge a magic statue she found in the catacomb. [source]

Catacombs Conquest supports 2-4 players who are either part of the heroic Sword Team or the villainous Skull Team. After picking the characters and spells from their hand of cards, players flick their characters and ranged abilities (all represented by wooden discs) at their opponents to lower their Health Tokens. There are also mobile obstacles that can be controlled by players to provide cover or disrupt their opponents. Walls prevent discs from falling off the table.

Catacombs Conquest is designed by Aron West (designer of Catacombs & Castles and co-designer of Catacombs), with art by the prolific Kwanchai Moriya.

Catacombs, Elzra and Dexterity Game System are regstered trademarks of Elzra Corp.

Elzra Games has just released Catacombs & Castles in North America. The game features two teams of heroes battling each other in a dexterity game based on a simplified game system used in Catacombs. Both the heroes and game boards included in Catacombs & Castles are compatible with Catacombs Third Edition to expand the adventure even further.
In this standalone game a catacomb team of heroes battles a castle team of heroes, flicking pieces around a board to simulate combat with cards and special powers defining movement and attack. Flick fireballs, shrikes and longbows on your path to victory.
Catacombs and Castles supports up to eight player competitively in a team mode and up to four players cooperatively teamed against an overseer playing in boss mode. Catacombs and Castles plays 2-8 players aged 14+ in 30-60 minutes.
What’s in the Box?
The Catacombs & Castles game includes:
  • One double-sided game board
  • 56 cards
  • 50 wooden game pieces
  • Rules


Catacombs and Castles originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign, successfully raising over $360,000 from over 2,700 backers.

What’s next?

Elzra Games has additional titles in set in the Catacombs universe ready to release in 2018. Reprints of Catacombs 3rd Edition, the Cavern of Soloth expansion, and the Wyverns of Wyoemuir expansion will all be re-released in January 2018. Catacombs Conquest, a new card driven dexterity game set in the Catacombs universe, is also set to be released in 2018.


Impressions Game Distribution Services, an Indiana-based board and roleplaying games distributor, put out their first new release announcement of the year. Among the restocks and recent releases, they included a handful of games releasing at the beginning of the second quarter. As always, board game release dates can shift based on many factors, but at the time of this announcement the following solicitations are scheduled for release in April 2015.


Bigfootses from Bigfoot Games

dead men tell no tales
Dead Men Tell No Tales from Minion Games


Catacombs (new edition) from Elzra Corp.

cavern of soloth

Catacombs: Caverns of Soloth (new edition) from Elzra Corp.

If you’re interested in any of these titles, contact your favorite online or brick-and-mortar game store and place an order.