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Eagle Games are Kickstarting a deluxe edition of Age of Steam, which is artistically recreated by Ian O’Toole. In Age of Steam, 2-6 players are U.S. railroad pioneers who build track to transform the American economy. Players are challenged to finance their rail network and locomotives, while calculating which routes will give the best returns on their costs. All the while, aggressive creditors will push to be paid while your competition tries to grab the best shipments.

The fundamental game rules remain unchanged. The base game includes 3 double-sided game boards of the Rust Belt, Western U.S., Southern U.S., Germany, Barbados, and St. Lucia. New maps of France and Poland have already been unlocked through Kickstarter stretch goals, with Hungary and Finland as additional stretch goals still waiting to be unlocked. Poker chips have replaced the paper money, and track ownership disks replace the original plastic trains (though wooden varieties are available as an upgrade). The box has also been upgraded to effectively store and provide easy access to the components.

The Age of Steam Kickstarter project has already met 4x its funding goal, with over 1700 backers. The funding deadline is Friday, March 22nd, 2019, with project delivery expected in October of 2019.

Eagle-Gryphon Games recently acquired the rights to publish Nut Job, a memory game designed for adults to play with kids but clever enough to challenge board game hobbyists.  Nut Job fits neatly into a category of game Eagle-Gryphon Games calls Kids Games for Adults (KGFA).  KGFA games are fun, fast to play and encourage creativity.  They can be played by kids/kids; adults/kids; adults/adults and they work well for all of these combos. The rules are generally very short, and the games are quick to learn and have lots of replayability.

Eagle-Gryphon Games owners, Joanne and Rick Soued, having been former educators as well, have used games in the classroom, for after-school clubs, and for social, seniors and university groups.  The “Kids Games for Adults” Kickstarter is tied directly into their Knowledge in a Box program and series of games, which was developed to help schools and libraries become vibrant learning centers, welcoming the students and patrons who are looking for a place to learn, play and socialize.

While the Nut Job is the feature game supported by the KGFA Kickstarter campaign, Eagle-Gryphon Games has included the entire Knowledge in a Box series of games in the various pledge levels. These pledge level bundles are conveniently grouped by theme and age levels. In addition to picking up Nut Job and the expansion A Nuttier Job, backers can also pick up Incan Gold, Cheeky Monkey, Arthur Saves the Planet: One Step at a Time, Stoplights, Birds on a Wire, Pick-a-Pig, Botswana, Cowtown, Worm Up, SWAT!, SiXeS, Number Please!, Take it Easy!, Bazaar, Pizza Theory, Cornucopia, Cheesonomics, Why Did the Chicken…, Petite Pastiche, Masters Gallery, Karesansui and the Karesansui: Weeds expansion.

Backers will also have the option to purchase these games as add-ons to the Kickstarter campaign if they do not want the bundle of games included in the pledge level.  Eagle-Gryphon Games is including a nice selection of additional games not included in the pledge level as add-on purchases. These additional add-ons include For Sale, Looting London, Gem Dealer, Cubist, Empires: Age of Discovery, Fleet and Fleet: Arctic Bounty expansion, Money!, Nika, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, Salmon Run, and Take it Higher!

Read more about Kids Games for Adults (KGFA) and Knowledge in a Box on Eagle-Gryphon Games Kickstarter Campaign.  The Kickstarter runs until July 15th with all games guaranteed to be delivered by October 31st.

Glenn Drover is a name known to most board game enthusiasts. He founded Eagle Games, designed many games, including Railroad Tycoon (AKA Railways of the World), Conquest of the Empire, and Age of Empires III.

The name Jason Kapalka may be less well-known in our circles, but his accomplishments are not. He is the co-founder and chief game designer at PopCap who make the insanely popular video games Bejeweled, Peggle, and Plants Vs. Zombies.

Those two luminaries are coming together to found Forbidden Games, and they are bringing their unique design aesthetic with them. PopCap Games turned casual gaming on its ear, investing as much into the lighter end of games as most companies did only with their premium games, and making their games visually and aurally superior to others in the same market in the process. Eagle Games made a similar mark, producing mid-weight board games with large, lovely boards, miniatures and attention to detail in components.

Forbidden Games promises to continue this trend, with a mission statement that reads, “We believe a great board game is something you should treasure and play for years to come.” For their first game, Railroad Rivals, which will launch on Kickstarter later this month, they have hired veteran Disney animator Brian Kesinger, who has worked on movies like Tarzan and Moana.

Eagle Games are reprinting the Sid Sackson classic “Can’t Stop” – a simple push-your-luck dice game originally designed in the 1980s. The new edition is on kickstarter, and disposes of the physical board in favor of a paper score pad. Some changes from the original rules have been made as well:

Can’t Stop Express is an elegant game where you use a shared dice roll (with the other players), and mark down a “Combo” total (adding the total amount of the two dice). Out of the 5 dice rolled you will always exclude 1 die, and it will be marked in the “5th Die” area. This mechanic functions as a timer throughout the game giving Can’t Stop Express a tidy 30 minute play time. Throughout the game you are attempting to score pairs, but you do not immediately receive a positive score. First you must push through the -200pt column to break even, then any successful score of that number becomes positive points.”

Can’t Stop Express is being produced as part of Eagle Games’ “EGG” series of small-box games (the 12th in the series), and can play an unlimited number of players – assuming everyone can see the dice. The estimated shipping date is June 2017.

You probably made some plans today. I’m guessing none of those plans involved learning about Xenon. A lot of card games are the same way. Making a plan is crucial to creating a long term strategy…but sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

So let’s talk about Xenon. It’s a noble gas with atomic number of 54. It was discovered in 1898. Since then it has found uses in a variety of applications from lamps to lasers to medical equipment. And every day, the number of applications grows as scientists discover ever more interesting properties.

Xenon is an incredibly rare element, thought to only be created through the intense pressure exerted inside the supernova of a dying sun. Commercial xenon production means separating and filtering the substance (1 part per 11.5 million) from a huge volume of normal, everyday air all around us. What does this sound like to you? To scrappy designer T.C. Petty III (VivaJava), it sounded like the beginnings of a fine card game.

Behold this Kickstarter from Gryphon/Eagle Games.

Players start out with a typical collection of gases in their deck…nitrogen, oxygen, krypton and xenon. They try to remove the other elements from their hand until they get purified xenon that can be sold for points. But to get more xenon, you need to add more air to the system, which adds more of the cards you don’t want to the deck and forces you to start separating again.

Fortunately the game has numerous upgrades you can buy along the way to give you additional actions and benefits. So while you spend some part of the game in a Sisyphean cycle of deconstructing your deck, you are also looking for ways to create an engine tableau to increase efficiency and speed up the process.

This game has three things going for it from my point of view.

One, you are manipulating the contents of your deck for fun and profit. Historically, I have loved doing that. Two, you are creating an engine. Every time I hear about “engines” I envision taking a super-charged 12-point Consume action in Race for the Galaxy and a bead of joy-sweat trickles down the side of my head. Three, this is an incredibly esoteric theme that has not been done before. You would not believe how much I have learned about xenon, and will continue to learn about xenon just through digesting the kickstarter.

Do yourself a favor and check out Xenon Profiteer. Read the amazing rulebook. Learn about xenon. It will change your life.


taluva components

Eagle Games has launched a Kickstarter for a deluxe version of Marcel-Andre Casasola-Merkle‘s best-selling Taluva.

On Taluva Island players represent…ancient clans and play tiles which extend out and build up the surface of the Island.

This constant alteration and expansion of the topography of the Island may allow one clan’s villages to be glorified by adding temples and towers, while simultaneously it might destroy other clans’ villages, postponing or perhaps permanently preventing their quest for glory!

The deluxe version boasts bigger, thicker landscape tiles with new artwork, redesigned wooden pieces, and an updated box design. Higher pledge levels include a player board for more strategic depth and variability, a deluxe wooden box, and custom wooden “tiki hut” storage box. This deluxe edition is being published by Ferti Games, which specializes in high-quality wooden game pieces and board and card game production.

Ferti was created in 2001. In the past 13 years we have worked hard to become a world-renowned publisher of very high quality games. We produce both wooden games — like Pitchcar, Tumblin’ Dice, and Crokinole; as well as board and card games — like Coup, En Garde, and Yokai no Mori.

Get all the details on the Taluva: Deluxe Version Kickstarter campaign page.


The Gryphon Bookshelf Series just begs to be collected. Not only are the games created by well-known designers like Sid Sackson, Reiner Knizia, Alan R. Moon, and Bruno Faiduti, but they also come in small numbered boxes that look fantastic sitting on a shelf next to each other. In the Kickstarter campaign for Musée by Alf Seegert (Fantastiqa, The Road to Canterbury), Gryphon and Eagle Games announced that four new games would be added to the series. The new games include Jason Corace’s Lords & Ladies, Wyatt Earp by Richard Borg and Mike Fitzgerald, Sid Sackson’s Sleuth, and Alf Seegert’s Musée.

musee cards

The main focus of the Kickstarter Musée, which is a quick 2 to 4 player card game about organizing valuable pieces of artwork within your own personal museum. Musée features 60 pieces of art from the fifteenth to early twentieth centuries, and you earn points in the game by putting similarly themed pieces of art next to one another. You can’t just put any piece of artwork wherever you please though, each painting has an exhibition number that limits how you can organize your museum. It will take a lot of planning and clever placement of each painting to make your exhibition the best that it can be.

If you’re interested in Musée or the Gryphon Bookshelf series, check out the Kickstarter page for more details. The funding period ends Wednesday, August 27 and the game is expected to ship in December 2014. One of the neat things about this Kickstarter is that you can also purchase other games featured in Bookshelf series along with your order of Musée.