dV Giochi

DV Giochi is demoing a few new games starting at GenCon 2018. We get a sneak peak! Let’s see what they are!

In the Age of Rebirth individuals known as Catalysts manipulate a new kind of Catalytic Energy.  In Catalyst, players attempt to accomplish a goal by recruiting Catalysts, activating Catalysts and constructing buildings. As they string together more actions and utilize key-buildings they get more powerful,  allowing you to earn Military Tokens, gain extra coins, recruit more Catalysts and construct more buildings. Once the cards run out – you play one more round and the game ends. Whoever meets the goal and scores the most victory points is the winner. Catalyst is a combination Card Drafting and Combo-Building game for 2-4 players ages 10 and up. Contents: 60 Catalyst cards, 16 Building cards, 4 Goal cards, 1 playing board, 32 Coins, 30 Military Power tokens, 5 Chain Activation tokens, 1 Final Round token, 1 Starting Player marker, 1 scoring pad, 1 rulebook

New to the Deckscape Series is Deckscape: Heist In Venice. Play as a retired thief mysteriously brought together with your old gang. Tasked with stealing 1 billion Euro from an old Venice casino you will need all your wits as you break through their intricate security systems and escape with the cash.  Using just 60 cards can you handle the challenges and accomplish the mission? Recommended for 1-6 players ages 14 and up.
Contents: 60 extra large cards, 1 secret plan
Minute Realms is a quick building game played over a couple rounds. As a king you are building a city. Do you want beauty and grandeur? Or do you want sturdy and easily defended? The choice is yours to make and the fate of the realm is in your hands. But beware even the smallest change can bring defeat or victory!
Contents: 56 building cards. 30 coins, 1 Invader Track, 12 Invader tokens (5 × value 0, 5 × value 1, 2 × value 2), 1 First Player marker, rules
Origami is a quick and family-friendly card game in which you strive to be named the Best Origami Artist. Collect ‘folds’ in order to create origami cards. The
player who best combines their origami cards and abilities is the winner. This game is for 2-4 players ages 8 and up.
Contents; 90 playing cards, an origami of the starting player, rules.
DV Giochi will have all these games at Gen Con 2018 in Indianapolis (booth 2707)

CMON has just released the North American edition of the game 13 Clues. The game was originally published in both Italian and English by dV Giochi in 2016. 13 Clues has 2-6 players aged 8+ spending 30 minutes taking on the roles of detectives in London at the end of the 19th Century solving a series of unique mysteries.

Each detective in the game is attempting to solve their own mystery, unique to themselves. Players start out with a hiding screen, a magnifying glass token, a pencil, and a casebook for making notes… and their wits.

At the start of the game all players select a weapon, location, and person that constitute the elements of the crime for the player sitting to their left left. Once the elements are selected they are placed in front of the player’s screen facing the center of the table so all other detectives except that player can see the elements of their crime

The investigation takes place over a series of roads with each investigator asking questions of the other detectives, consulting secret information, and making a series of accusations to rule out suspects. To help narrow questions down, locations are categorized as indoor or outdoor, people are male and female, and weapons are up close or ranged.

The winning detective will be the first to one who identifies which of the clues match their case and makes an accusation before the other detectives solve their own cases.

What’s in the Box?

13 Clues doesn’t just include fancy player screens and much needed pencils, the 13 Clues box is filled with:

  • 30 clue cards
  • 6 card holders
  • 6 hiding screens
  • 6 pencils
  • 12 plastic card stands
  • 6 Top Secret folders
  • 1 block of Casebook Pages
  • 10 Magnifying Glass tokens
  • Secret Informant board
  • Rules

dV Giochi has announced a number of new games and expansions coming to Essen Spiel this October. Each game embodies the dV Giochi ideal of a simple game with a challenging ruleset.

Firstly, Minute Realms is a compact city building game where 2-5 players will build up and grow their realm. Kings need to decide whether to spend their riches growing a splendid city, or spend on defense to repel invaders. Designed by Stefano Castelli (Potion Explosion), Minute Realms contains 56 cards, coins, tokens and an invader board.

Origami by Christian Giove pits 2-4 players against each other as origami masters. Players need to collect folds in order to play their origami cards, and claim victory. Origami comes with a 90 card deck, and a sheet of paper to fold an origami first player marker.

Mucho Macho is the latest version of Number of Gold, the winner of the “best unpublished game of 2016/17” contest. In Mucho Macho, 2-4 players compete in the high striker carnival game, testing their strength. Players choose two cards for their strength. The stronger player gets to pick two prizes, but must keep the lower for himself. Mucho Macho comes with a deck of 80 cards, round order, and place holder  markers.

Also making their first public appearance at Essen will be the expansions Dark Tales – The Little Mermaid and BANG! Armed and Dangerous. Additionally, dV Giochi will be showing off their Deckscape escape room card series, Test Time and The Fate of London.

Italian board game publisher dv GIOCHI (most well-known for the BANG! series of games) is publishing a new cooperative deductive game called 3 Secrets.  Boardgamegeek describes the twists that are to come with a hidden informant and mobile app inclusion:

In the cooperative game 3 Secrets, players want to unravel the three secrets of an unresolved case before time runs out. One of the players plays the role of informant and knows the truth about the case: They know which secrets need to be discovered and try their best to help you guess them correctly. The clock is ticking and the clues are scarce, so question the informant to gather useful information and find the solution. If you grope in the dark, the informant can reveal an important clue, but this will cost you precious time! Use your best observing eye, lateral thinking, and deduction skills to unravel all the mysteries of the ambiguous characters that populate this game.

3 Secrets comes with a free app available for download at the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

3 Secrets is for 2-8 players and is only supposed to play in 15 minutes.  For more information, visit the publisher’s page here.

Gen Con is fast approaching and so new game announcements are going to be ramping up, and here we have three games coming from dV Giochi.  The first is BANG! Armed and Dangerous, an expansion to the card game that will bring some fresh new mechanics into the game to make it even more interesting.  In this expansion you will get the usual extra characters, but also now there are Dangerous cards with special abilities on them.  These Dangerous cards have to be loaded ahead of time before being used so you will know it’s coming, but the question will be can you stop it?  Find out at Gen Con.

Next up is another set being added to the Dark Tales line, this time adding on the fairy tale of The Little Mermaid.  Dark Tales: The Little Mermaid will add more cards to the game, giving you more opportunities to combo them together and score big points.  But in addition to that, they are also adding a Sea Pact deck that contains 20 cards giving you new ways to score points.  So if you want to add even more variety to you Dark Tales games, look for this expansion at Gen Con.

Finally dV Giochi will be debuting two games in their pocket room escape series, Deckscape, with Deckscape: Test Time and Deckscape: The Fate of London.  Both will feature you solving riddles and puzzles in a deck of cards as you try to solve the final riddle and escape.  In Test Time you have been selected by Dr. Thyme to help him with his inventions, but only if you can pass the test by escaping from his laboratory.  The Fate of London has you working as an investigator, trying to find all the bombs hidden in London before they go off and cause all sorts of chaos.  Give both of these games a try at Gen Con, and you can read below the press release from dV Giochi on all these games.


New releases at Gen Con 2017

 dV Giochi will once again exhibit at this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis—the biggest U.S. boardgame fair! The dV Giochi booth is number 2843, in the Exhibit Hall.

During the show, dV Giochi will premiere two games from the Deckscape series, the deduction card game 3 Secrets, a new expansion for the world-famous card game BANG!—Armed and Dangerous—and an expansion for the Dark Tales card game—The Little Mermaid.

BANG! Armed & Dangerous

This upcoming new expansion for the BANG! card game holds many surprises, deadly weapons, powerful gear, and lethal ammo: the new Dangerous cards. It also features 8 new skillful Gunslingers.

During the game, you can add Load tokens to your Dangerous cards and your character, which you can use to activate your Dangerous cards, use the abilities of some characters, or to upgrade the effects of some brown-bordered cards! To reload a Dangerous card, you have to play a blue-bordered card or discard a card from your hand at the end of your turn. Then it will be ready to unleash on your rivals! 

  • Game idea: Emiliano Sciarra
  • No. of players: 4-7
  • Ages: 8-99
  • Artwork: Stefano Landini
  • Language: Italian and English

DARK TALES – The Little Mermaid

The Dark Tales card game series keeps growing! This time, players will be immersed in the ocean depths, experiencing the adventures of The Little Mermaid.

From the old Sea King to the graceful Prince, from the loving sisters to the perfidious Sea Witch: in the world of Dark Tales, new characters appear to create new and unexpected combinations!

This expansion includes a deck of 20 Sea Witch Pacts. Pact cards offer a new way to score Victory Points, draw cards, or gain other benefits, but each one comes at a price!

You will also find two new setting cards which can be used with any Dark Tales game to make each play different and engaging.

  • Game idea: Pierluca Zizzi
  • No. of players: 2-4
  • Ages: 14-99
  • Artwork: Dany Orizio
  • Language: English


DECKSCAPE The Fate of London

Deckscape is a series of cooperative games inspired by real Escape Rooms, where a group of people are “trapped” inside a room full of puzzles and odd items.

The first title in the game series is Deckscape: Test Time: You have been selected by Doctor Thyme. If you are able to pass his exam and exit his Laboratory, you’ll get a unique chance to help him on his newest and greatest invention!

This game will be available in the U.S. for the first time at Gen Con.

The brand-new title in this “pocket escape room” series is Deckscape: The fate of London: A terrible threat hangs over London, and the Crown of England needs your help! Your mission is to find four devices hidden in secret locations and defuse them before midnight. A single mistake and the situation could degenerate quickly…

Deckscape: The Fate of London will make its international debut at Gen Con.

  • Game idea: Martino Chiacchiera and Silvano Sorrentino
  • No. of players: 1-6
  • Ages: 12-99
  • Artwork: Alberto Bontempi
  • Language: English

3 Secrets

3 Secrets is the new cooperative card game for aspiring detectives. The goal of the game is to unravel the three secrets of an unresolved case before time runs out.

One of the players takes on the role of an informant who knows the truth about the case: they know which secrets need to be discovered, and try their best to help the others guess them correctly. But the clock is ticking and clues are scarce. You must question the informant to gather useful information and find the solutions. If you grope around in the dark, the informant can reveal an important clue but this will cost you precious time! Use your best observing eye, lateral thinking, and deduction skills to unravel all the mysteries of the ambiguous characters that populate this game.

3 Secrets comes with a free app available for download at the Apple AppStore and on Google Play.

This game will be offered for the first time in the U.S. at Gen Con.

 About dV Giochi

The Italian company, founded in 2001, is fully committed to publishing and distributing board games and card games worldwide. Its games, with the dV Giochi brand, have won great acclaim in Italy and abroad: the most famous dV Giochi card game, BANG! is considered an “evergreen” in the game market.

dV Giochi has announced English versions of two new games, 3 Secrets and Deckscape – Test Time.

In 3 Secrets, 2-8 players try to cooperatively discover the 3 secrets of an unresolved case with the help of an app before time runs out. One player plays the role of informant, knows all the secrets that need be revealed, and will try to help where possible. Other players can ask questions, and the informant can give clues if the payers become sidetracked, but it will cost precious time. Use deduction, observation and lateral thinking to solve the mystery.

Deckscape – Test Time is a card driven implementation of an escape room. With 60 cards, players try to escape from Dr. Thyme’s Laboratory by solving puzzles, figuring out the plot of the story, and intelligently using found items. Test Time is the first in a planned set of escape room games from dV Giochi, plays 1-6 players and contains 60 cards.


13 Clues a new game designed by Andrés J. Voicu and published by dV Giochi (responsible for the BANG! series of board games). 13 Clues is a 2-6 player deduction style game in which each player is trying to solve their own case and figure out which of the “13 clues” match their case. dV Giochi has recently published the rulebook for the game and it can be downloaded here.


The game’s components will include:

30 Clue cards
6 card holders
6 hiding screens
6 pencils
12 plastic stands
6 top secret folders
a pad of Casebook Pages
10 Magnifying Glass tokens
1 Secret Informant board

You can find out more about the game by visiting dV Giochi’s website here.

Just in time for Gen Con 2016, dV Giochi announced it’s new solution for game component storage called Geekbox.

Geekbox is a system of stackable plastic containers with snap closure lids made to perfectly fit your game boxes.  No longer will you have to use those often difficult to maneuver zip plastic bags or spend time figuring out a configuration that will work using other storage containers not meant for use with boardgames.

Now you can safely store all of your tokens, chits, dice, cubes, tiles, coins, etc. with the knowledge that they will be right where you left them the next time you open up your favorite game.  Geekbox is being sold in very affordable packs of 3 boxes each, making this one gaming supply you don’t want to miss out on!

To see the system in action, click <here> and view a short introductory video.

dark tales cinderella

GenCon is just a few short weeks away and game announcements continue to flow in, this time from dV Giochi in the form of Bang the Dice Game – Old Saloon and Dark Tales – Cinderella.  Dark Tales is a darkly themed (go figure) drafting game using the old fairy tales for settings and characters.  You can see Tom’s Youtube review of Dark Tales to see how the game works, and this new expansion adds to the settings and characters you can play with, thus expanding the replayability and variety of the game.

old saloon

The expansion Bang the Dice Game – Old Saloon will add five modules to the game, allowing you to add or remove whichever ones you feel like playing with.  You will get “lethal new characters, two Saloon dice—the Loudmouth and the Coward—extra-roles, and new tokens.” As a fan of the original game I am looking forward to this and the new gameplay options it will add to the game, making it even more fun.

  Flickr jkbeitz

Two year ago in 2014, the creators of Bang! filed a lawsuit against the creator and distributors of the game Legends of the Three Kingdoms, claiming copyright infringement.  The reason for this claim was because the Legends of the Three Kingdoms game, aside from different art, was a carbon copy of the game Bang! and so the creators figured they could stop them under copyright law.  Unfortunately due to how copyright law is worded, the art of a game could be copyrighted, but the mechanisms within the game for how to play it can’t be, as quoted from the case;

In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work.

You can read more about the case, including a bit of analysis and how this might affect other cases on Zach Strebeck’s website.