Dreadball is a sci-fi american football game where hard hits are the norm and crazy things will show up on the field to do battle.  The original Dreadball was released in 2012 and since then it has had multiple teams added to the game and five seasons worth of rulebooks released, so it’s time for a reboot.  Dreadball 2.0 will have all the great gameplay you remember from the original, but streamlined and updated.  As said on the Kickstarter; “The new edition grew out of demand from the community. For existing players, DreadBall 2nd Edition is all about streamlining the rules, improving the components, supporting the community and getting it growing all over again.”  The rulebook will compile all the previous rulebooks into one edition, have information for all the existing teams, as well as updated rules for the ultimate game for 3-6 players.

Overall the game looks good and will come with enough figures to play right out of the box, no assembly required.  If this new edition sounds interesting to you then head on over to the Kickstarter page to pledge before it ends on August 7th.


Mantic Games announced season 4 of DreadBall which will be available to retailers in January and February 2015.

DreadBall is a game for 2 players to go head to head in a futuristic football game. The game is played with miniatures that range from humanoid to insect-like alien creatures.

The new Season is spearheaded by a 48-page full colour rulebook, containing background, rules and stats for new teams, MVPs as well as new gameplay mechanics including Fans and Achievements.

Manic Games is promising a great year of DreadBall that will include organized play and a dedicated website, and it all starts with season 4 of DreadBall.
For more on this fun miniatures game visit the Manic Game site here.