Dragon Ball Z CCG

Dragon Ball Z has had a trading card game going for a while now, so a board game capitalizing on the highly popular series isn’t such a bad idea.  Enter IDW Games, who have managed to partner with Toei Animation not for one game, but for a series of games based on the franchise.  The line promises to have things like board games, tile-laying games, and dice games, with the first game being a dice game called Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell.  In this game you will be choosing different DBZ characters to play as, then you will gather up your dice and roll them to charge your energy, unleash attacks, help your comrades, or get upgrades for your character.  After each turn Cell will be attacking back, charging up his own energy, and even performing actions that will lock out powerful upgrades if the Z warriors don’t get to them first.  Manage to defeat him and you win, or else all is lost and he destroys the world.

One thing of special note is that the designer of the game is Chris Bryan, best known for his involvement with the Board With life web series.  The game is slated for release in March of 2018, and you can read more about it and IDW’s new partnership in this press release.

Panini Games, the publisher of the Dragon Ball Z card game since it’s reboot 3 years ago, has announced that they will no longer be publishing the game.  The reason for this is that a new collectible card game based on the new anime series, Dragon Ball Super, will be released later this year and they don’t want to over-saturate the market.  In the mean time they are working to remove all the bugs and card conflicts for the game so that it can continue to be played, even though official support for the game will end.  You can check out the blog post on Panini’s site, and look forward to the new Dragon Ball Super CCG.