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Fantasy Flight Games has announced Altered Fates, a new DLC scenario for Mansions of Madness. Accept a new mission in a new country, work together across time to discover the truth behind the mysterious heirloom, and return to your own time before it’s too late!

Evil is spreading across the sea and now you must leave Arkham behind for the Old World. You have been called to a special investigation in the English countryside. Tasked with protecting the peculiar family heirloom of a prestigious family, when you arrive, you find the heirloom has already fallen into the wrong hands. While the purpose of the item is unknown, evil plans are certainly already underway. Almost as soon as you arrive, your team of investigators is separated – not by space, but by time!

Cast out of time, some investigators are left in the present while others seemed to be trapped in the future. How did this happen? Could it be the thieves’ work? Or perhaps this is an effect of the strange heirloom? How can your team continue the investigation when you are divided by the span of ages? Most importantly, how do you find your way back home?

Double the maps, double the terror

Altered Fates challenges investigators by dividing the team across two maps that are in play simultaneously. The first is a proper 1920s mansion, while the second, however, is the future of this home— now an abandoned, boarded-up building.

“Each map presents its own series of challenges, with the investigators in the present directly affecting the investigation of their companions in the future: an item tucked beneath a loose floorboard may be found later in the same hiding place, or a rescued captive may be able to return to the mansion in the future.”

The investigators in the future must contend with the consequences left to them by their friends in the past. Moreover, beyond the obvious terrors behind every door, something darker lurks – a truth you cannot bear to face. The house is scarred by some unspeakable horror that happened long ago, and you can only guess at the fate of those you left behind. Your only hope is that those who opened the portal may have left something, some clue to how to return and warn your friends!

Altered Fates is now available as an in-app purchase on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Steam!

Mansions of Madness Second Edition is a fully cooperative, app-driven board game of horror and mystery for one to five players. It takes place in the same universe as Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign.

We previously reported on Asmodee reprinting the game Watson & Holmes, and so to help build interest in the game Asmodee has released part of a new case on their website.  On the page you will find part of the case file as well as some of the locations you will find in the case, giving you a head start on solving the mystery.  Once the game Watson & Holmes has been published they will release the full files for this free bonus case for the game so you can print it up and add it to your game.  Will you be able to solve the mystery of Case X?

I will hand it to Asmodee, releasing additional content like this ahead of time is a solid way to get people interested in the game ahead of it’s release in 2017.