One may not think that the New York Magazine would be the place to look for board game recommendations, but for the past couple of years the magazine has featured articles on board gaming as part of life and culture in New York City.  Its latest article, featured in its Strategist section which helps shoppers focus on getting the best value for their money, identified the best four-player board games according to experts. These experts included game store owners, board game reviewers, and even a board game illustrator, so it should be no surprise that the list included some heavy hitters in the board game hobby and include several Spiel des Jahres winners. Some of the games on the list do play more than four players, but the experts felt that these games played best with four players.  Pandemic was named Best overall four-player board game.  Other categories on the list include best four player strategic board game, best four-player board game for beginners, best four-player thematic board game, best family-friendly four-player game, best board game for advanced gamers, best cooperative four-player board game, best world-building board game, best four-player party games, best word-association four-player board game, best fast-paced four-player board game, best app-compatible four-player board game.  Sheriff of Nottingham, from the Dice Tower Essentials line, was named one of the best family-friendly four-player games.  Read the full article here to learn more about which games were consider the best four-player games.  In case you missed it, take a look at their list of best two-player games published earlier last month.

Quick Simple Fun Games is bringing a standalone expansion to their popular party game Muse, called Muse: Awakenings. In both games, up to 12 players split up into two opposing teams, and 6 Masteriece cards are laid out on the table. The Masterpiece cards have breathtaking surreal artwork, reminiscent of other picture selection games, such as Dixit or Mysterium. One team will then secretly assign one of the Masterpieces to the opposing team, along with an Inspiration card, which dictates what kind of hints their “Muse” player can use. Hints can be such things as “say a single 3 letter word” or “hum a tune”, or even “strike a pose”. With this single clue from their Muse, the rest of the team needs to decide which of the 6 masterpieces is the target. Muse: Awakenings adds 84 new Masterpiece cards, 22 new Inspiration cards, and an improved scoring system. Awakenings can be played by itself, or added to the original Muse. Look for Muse: Awakenings at your FLGS in Q3 2018.

Asmodee, which has the largest catalog of games under it’s wide umbrella thanks to it’s partnerships with Days of Wonder, ZMAN Games, Fantasy Flight, Catan Games and more, has announced it’s Modern Classics line. This new category is for games that are easy to get into yet offer tremendous depth and make for excellent staples in any new or existing collection. The titles in this series together cover a wide range of mechanisms and modes-of-play and each one is considered a gateway of it’s respective genre. As stated by Asmodee in their announcement:

“Modern Classics refers to a small group of pioneering titles that have left a lasting legacy on the board-games market and have stood the test of time to remain preferred gateway purchases in a constantly changing landscape of products. […] Each of the highlighted titles is easy to learn but hard to master, making them well suited for any gaming situation that you might encounter. The Modern Classics range consists of the following games: Ticket to Ride Europe, Catan, Carcassonne, Dixit, Pandemic, and Splendor.

While this really is just a matter of showcasing for new customers, the games chosen here are, I feel, irrefutably ‘Modern Classics’ and deserve to be called as such. These quintessential games also cover a lot of ground as well, certain to prepare even the newest of gamers for the great many strategy games that lie beyond. Just with these six games there’s card drafting, network building, tile laying, set collection, storytelling, cooperation, trading, and resource management game mechanisms. Hoo! The question I have now is, will there be any more games added to this list in the future? Only time will tell.

Roar: King Of The Pride is a new board game from IDW Games, and designers Daryl Andrews (Sagrada) and Erica Bouyouris, which has players competing to be the dominant lion pride in Africa. 3-6 players must manage their food supply, expand into new territories and raise cubs to compete effectively. Be careful of other players’ secret objectives, and new more powerful threats that encroach into the Savannah. Expect Roar: King of the Pride in March 2018.

Loot Island from Whats Your Game and Aaron Haag (Yunnan) is a pirate themed card game with an interesting balance between teamwork and selfishness. 2-5 players take turns placing their map cards on the landings of Loot Island. Each location requires enough map cards to find the loot, but the loot must be divided among the contributing players, with first come first served. Do you add to the map to gain a small share, or do you withhold your information, hoping the other players fail to find any loot at all? And just to make it crazier, there is a traditional pirate curse which must be broken. Loot Island should hit stores in November 2017.

Quick Simple Fun Games has announced Muse, a deduction game for 2-12 players reminiscent of Dixit, where players use cards of insane art to guide teammates to inspiration. Muse can be played cooperatively, or at larger player counts, in teams. One player takes on the role of Muse, giving clues within the confines of their inspiration card, leading their team to their chosen masterpiece. Muse should hit stores by November 24, 2017.

dixit revelatios

Dixit: Revelations, the 7th and newest expansion to the enormously popular Dixit boardgame, has recently been announced by publisher Asmodee.

Dixit: Revelations brings all new cards to the game with all new cart art by French illustrator Marina Coudray.  Coudray’s art is full of hidden meaning with mysterious images pulling inspiration from classic art to world mythology to current online trends.  Whether you like a bit of whimsy to your art or prefer a more stoic layered look, there’s something in this set for everyone.

For those unfamiliar with the Dixit series of games, Dixit is a light storytelling game for 3-6 players.  Each player has a had of cards featuring beautiful art.  After the active player chooses a card from their hand, they come up with a word or phrase or song title, etc. that they think in some way describes the card.  Each other player then chooses a card from their own hand to go with the given phrase.  Once all cards have been chosen and revealed, all players except the active player vote on which card they think is the active players.  Points are distributed in an apples to apples fashion.

With many ways to interpret every card, the Dixit: Revelations set is sure to add to the enjoyment of the game.  If you talk to any fan of Dixit, you’ll quickly realize that the more cards you have and the more varied the artwork, the more fun can be had by all.  Dixit: Revelations is due out in the fourth quarter of 2016, and I for one cannot wait!

To learn more about Dixit and it’s current expansions, click <here>.

Gear Patrol has published an article offering up a brief list of board games for the holiday season “that have gotten great reviews, but aren’t as financially successful as the old classics [like Monopoly, The Game of Life and Risk].”  One of the games mentioned in this list was One Night Ultimate Werewolf, with a few comments by its designer, Ted Alspach.

When asked about the old family classics like Monopoly, Alspach offered to explain why those older games are still so prevalent and games published in the last ten years come nowhere close.  “They put a lot of money into those brands to put them on the shelves. Hasbro continues to market them, and they spend more money than any other board game company…If we got to reset right now, those games wouldn’t exist without the history and the marketing.”

It is because of the strong presence of these classic games and the fact that most people already know how to play them that makes them the usual go-to games for the holidays.  However, the article suggests a new lineup of options in various categories, with alternate suggestions for each:

  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak

    game of thrones card game

  • A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition

  • Fire in the Lake


  • Terra


  • Splendor


  • Dixit

  • Coconuts

Each of the above-mentioned games brings with it a similar, alternate suggestion, such as Star Wars: Armada in place of Fire in the Lake.

To read the article in full, visit the Gear Patrol website here.


Colt Express a game released in November of last year received, on March 3rd, 2015, the  As d’Or – Jeu de L’année 2015. This is the French award for the most prestigious game.  The As d’Or – Jeu de L’année was established in 2005 and it’s mission is to draw attention to great game design and show the games as a true cultural asset. Past recipients of this award have been games like Ticket To Ride (2004), Dixit (2009), and Concept (2014).



Having an office Christmas party and wondering what games you could bring that would be acceptable for the occasion? Across The Board Games offers some assistance with a list of five card games great for introducing your fellow office mates to the joys of gaming. The full list of suggested games were: Pairs, Coloretto, Fluxx, Dixit, and Chrononauts.

Dixit is really fun to play with lots of creative minds and artsy people. I enjoy Dixit because it is a creative game that doesn’t rely on our artistic abilities like physically drawing in Pictionary or sculpting in Cranium. As a Spiel de Jahres winner in 2010, I highly recommend Dixit.

For details on why each game is ideal for your office party (or to offer your own suggestions), you can read the full article here.

shut up sit down 25 games

♫Some say that Matt’s hair is like a giant among men… ♫ —oops, wrong theme song!

The always funny Shut Up & Sit Down crew posted #25-21 of their Top 25 Games Ever. In standard SU&SD fashion, Quinns, Paul, and the other contributors dissect these selections with a lot of humor and passion for the board gaming hobby.

“I liked this game because I got to be in charge while simultaneously blaming everyone else for everything.”

#25 – Dixit
#24 – Ladies & Gentlemen
#23 – Hive
#22 – Pandemic
#21 – Space Cadets

These first five are quite eclectic already. The next 20 should be a real treat, culminating in what promises to be an amazing holiday gift giving guide.

“I was considering taking it away on holiday to break the ice with a bunch of people I didn’t know very well. The reason I didn’t was I suddenly realised it would likely end up with them giggling over shared past experiences and me left hopelessly confused.”

Check out the full article for more great anecdotes about SU&SD’s experiences with these games and links to their reviews, interviews, and other videos. The best part: #20-16 are coming tomorrow!


Asmodee has announced their support surrounding Neighborhood Toy Store Day which is put on by the American Specialty Toy Store Associations.  These are store that specialize in stimulating play in more creative ways.  They described their members as follows.

ASTRA members build their businesses around specialty toys, which generally are designed with a focus on what the child can do, rather than what the toy can do. In other words, our members’ products are about the features of the play more than the features of the toy.

asmodee games

As with anything like this Asmodee has products that they are obviously pushing for these efforts.  The Timeline series, Milles Borne, and Dixit are promoted as good options for fulfilling ASTRA’s stated goals.

To help support those efforts Asmodee has announced a number of initiatives that will be occurring to help those stores reach ASTRA’s goal for Neighborhood Toy Store Day.

Buy 11 and get the 12th free.

They are combining buying 12 with countertop display box as well.  They have three different coutertop displays with set games in them.

  • Timeline Inventions, Discoveries, Historical Events, and Diversity
  • Timeline American History and Timeline Americana
  • Milles Bornes

That offer seems to be directed at all retailers

Crazy Circus

Players take on the role of the animal tamer whose objective is to be the quickest in finding the sequence of commands to move the three circus animals. Players must loudly dictate the sequence of commands that the animals must do based on the objective card. The first player to find the right sequence of movements wins the objective card. When all the cards have been collected the game is over. The winner is the player with the most objective cards.

Demo Program

To assist you in your sales goals, Asmodee has developped a DEMO PROGRAM that will allow you to purchase our games for 70% off the regular price. The games will be delivered to you with your regular order. The games will have the plastic wrap removed and will have a Asmodee Demo sticker affixed to the packaging. This will allow you to play the game with your staff before it hits the shelves and will also allow your customers to “see” and experience the game before buying.

To read Asmodee’s full announcement head over to their site here.