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Cryptozoic Entertainment, a premier developer and publisher of original and licensed board games, card games, comics and trading cards, announced this week that they would be widening their reach in the distribution of their board games.  For the past two years, Cryptozoic has handled all of the distribution of their hobby games exclusively through Alliance Game Distributors.  Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Cryptozoic, John Sepenuk, said that “they [Alliance] have been an amazing exclusive partner to Cryptozoic Entertainment over the last two years. Alliance’s overall support has really helped Cryptozoic gain greater visibility into an increased number of hobby gaming retailers.”

In addition to Alliance, Cryptozoic has previously partnered with Diamond, GTS and ACD to distribute specific product lines.  In moving forward, however, Cryptozoic has announced that they will be expanding the reach of their company by expanding its relationships with each of these distributors to include the company’s entire line of products.

This new distribution plan will begin in May of 2015.

To read the entire article, visit the Cryptozoic Blog here.

Impressions Game Distribution Services has announced their latest product update for the month of March.  They also have offered information about their upcoming Free RPG Day 2015, which is now open for retailer sign-ups by following this FREE RPG DAY 2015 link.

The following items are a sample of the many new items that are new and will be ready to ship to distributors on Tuesday, March10, 2015:

  • Dungeon Crawl Classics #35A Mini: Halls of the Minotaur
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics #67 Mini: Sailors on the Starless Sea
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics #79 Mini: Frozen in Time
  • Spielbox Magazine, Issue #7, 2014, English Ed.
  • Monkeys Need Love Too (Boxed Card Game)
  • Death in the Treklant (C&C Adventure)
  • Towers of Adventure (C&C Adv.)
  • Night of Spirits (C&C Adv.) 
  • Fantastic Adventure (C&C Adv.)
  • March of the Ants (Boxed Board Game) 
  • Fudge Dice (20 dice, Black, Blue, Ivory, Red, White) RESTOCK
  • Seven Card Slugfest (Boxed Card Game)  RESTOCK

More information on the above releases, as well as recent new releases and solicitation updates, are available for perusal here.


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Gary Ray of Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA is convinced that shopping early is the key to success when it comes to buying board games during the holiday season. He makes the case for his strategy, providing a rare glimpse into the retail and distribution side of the gaming industry.

“If you’re a consumer, or a store owner for that matter, you should shop early too, and I’ll tell you why.”

So why the rush? Gary points out a myriad of variables and complications that impacted 2014 season specifically, but are likely to be just as relevant for years to come.

Port Delays – While there’s always variability in the long ship ride from China, delays at West Coast ports had a big impact on product availability.

Poor Forecasting – Figuring out how much a game might sell is a guessing game at all levels of the supply chain, but is particularly difficult for publishers.

“Game publishers have been just, absolutely, terrible this year in forecasting demand. I don’t know what black magic they use for forecasting, but their mojo has eluded them in 2014.”

Increased Demand – The board game hobby is growing, but it may be outpacing the production and delivery infrastructures, making it harder to weather delays and accurately forecast.

Online Won’t Help – Although consumers count on online retailers to have stock when they need it, they’re subject to the same availability issues as traditional retailers.

“Our brick and mortar store has been the ‘last man standing’ on many products this year, according to people who only buy online who don’t mind mentioning we were their last resort.”

Gary suggests being proactive and pre-ordering through your friendly local game store (FLGS) whenever possible. Check out the rest of Gary’s blog post for more information, and make sure to read the comments section for some additional interesting tidbits.



Czech Games Edition have announced a couple of exciting items.  First, they will be now handling English distribution of their games.  From their announcement…

Titles that were distributed through Rio Grande Games and Z-Man Games will now be distributed under the CGE logo. We’d like to thank Rio Grande and Z-Man for helping our small, indie company grow so much over the last seven years.

CGE explains that this change will allow them to be more responsive to English-speaking gamers and that a new edition of Tash-Kalar will contain a higher-quality cardboard, new graphics, and a lower price.  There is also an upgrade pack for people that have already purchased Tash-Kalar.  The first shipment will contain Vlaada Chvátil’s Bunny Bunny Moose Moose, Dungeon Lords, Dungeon Petz, and expansions & Vladimír Suchý’s Shipyard and Last Will.

More games will be ready by the end of the year, including our newest game, Alchemists, and the anniversary edition of Dungeon Lords.  Gamers on both sides of the Atlantic should be able to find our games at the same retailers as before. European customers will still be able to get our games through Heidelberger and Esdevium. The English-language editions will now have prices similar to the editions in other languages.

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Second, CGE announced Everfrost, an expansion deck for Chvátil’s Tash-Kalar that released last year.  Everfrost will be at Essen next month and contains new powerful beings with a never-ending winter theme and artwork from David Cochard.

The new interesting and unique effects of the Everfrost beings (marked by the little snowflake) introduce a new mechanic – frozen effects. Frozen effects do not have to be performed immediately when the being was summoned, a player may store them for later and use them at the right moment to get a tactical advantage.