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Dog Might Games have announced their latest addition to the increasingly beautiful array of Dice Trays crafted by Lumberjack Vikings.

Now live on their Kickstarter, the Dragon Tray is “the most jaw dropping dice rolling surface known to man”. It’s hard to argue with such a wide variety available (over 25 designs), you’ll be sure to find one that fits the theme of your game and with a Lifetime Guarantee you’ll be using these for years to come.



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As with every year, the fundraiser offers awesome incentives for donations in the form of gamer swag, promos, and exclusives! This year is no exception, as there are a ton of promos for hot games that have released in the past few years. Some notable examples to get excited about are promotional cards for Scythe, Millennium Blades, Onitama, Coup, Clank, Adrenaline, 7 Wonders: Duel, and many many more! We can’t forget the awesome figures and cards coming from Cool Mini or Not: Chuck for Arcadia Quest: Pets and  Eric Summerer for Zombicide: Black Plague.


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After the success of last years project, Spellbook Gaming Boxes, Elderwood Academy has returned to Kickstarter with the equally impressive looking, Scroll and Codex: Dice Tower and Rolling Tray.

Scroll and Codex, presenting as a leather-bound wooden scroll case, pulls off a classic Transformer move by magically becoming a dice tower with a simply twist of the wrist while the actual scroll inside transforms into a dice rolling tray.  The dice tower/scroll case is 10 inches tall with a 3 inch diameter while the dice rolling tray/scroll is 6.4 inches square giving you plenty of room for rolling.

Currently with 8 choices of wood, 7 leathers, 8 leather arts, 9 lettering foils, 4 scroll flourish designs, & 4 scroll case cap arts, Elderwood Academy has given us a wide variety of choices with which to make the Scroll and Codex a truly personal gaming accessory, and there’s more to come via the stretch goals!

The project includes pledge levels for a pair of Elderwood Academy dice ($10), just the Scroll/tray ($45+), just the Codex/tower ($90+), or both ($125+).  If you are interested in learning more or, like me, just want to pledge, <click here>.


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great lakes

Days of Wonder today announced the latest addition to their Ticket to Ride line. Rails & Sails is a stand-alone Ticket to Ride game featuring not only trains, like previous editions, but now also features ships!

The double sided game board features a world map on one side, and the Great Lakes on the other. Both maps feature a new type of route on which only ships may travel. Shipping routes are built on just like you would build train routes in previous iterations, however you have to use the new, coloured ship cards rather than the regular train cards.

At the start of the game players receive their routes and then decide what proportion of ships and trains they start the game with. They can exchange later in the game if they find they need more of another type, but there will be a points penalty for that.

Another new feature is the ability to build a harbour. These are tricky to build, requiring both 2 special train and 2 special ship cards of the same colour but they give great benefits with bonuses for how many routes you have entering each harbour.

The game is expected to be released around August, and you can read the full press release here



Image From meeples.wordpress.com

Image From meeples.wordpress.com

The UK Games Expo 2016 took place this past weekend and the organizers have published a Post Convention Press Release.

The convention, in it’s 10th year now broke all previous attendance records reaching 25,149 total attendance over the 3 day event with 12,636 being unique attendees. As expected, Saturday was by far the busiest day of the expo.

There were also awards for best game in various categories voted on by visitors – Winners included Isle of Skye, Star Wars Rebellion, TIME Stories, IceCool & Onitama.

The next show is scheduled for the 2nd to 4th June 2017 and will remain based at the Birmingham NEC & Hilton Metropole again – although word has it that it may be spreading out and getting even more space next year to cope with the increasing crowds!

Click here to see a copy of the full press release.

On a personal note, we attended for our first time and had an amazing time and got to meet Tom Vasel and Sam Healey who are two of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! (They both were happy to pose for a photo with the kids). We’ve already booked for next year! 🙂