Dice Tower Newsletter

dice placement

Brotherwise Games, publisher of the 8-bit dungeon building game Boss Monster, has announced their next game, Unearth.  It’s going to be a dice-placement game designed by Jason Harner and Matthew Ransom, with art by Jesse Riggle.  In the game you are exploring the ruins of the great cities of old, trying to claim them as your own and build up places of power to restore a bygone age.  Play will use a set of 5 dice for each player, three 6 sided, one 4 sided, and one 8 sided die, each representing different explorers.

So far the game sounds great and more information will be released as time goes on, so look forward to it’s launch in August!

ghostel board

There are some board games where you’re fighting ghosts and trying to defeat them, but how about where you’re playing as the ghost? Ghostel is a new game from Tinkerbot Games now on Kickstarter. Ghostel is a 2-4 player dice placement game for families where players are ghosts trying to scare away hotel guests.

Gameplay is split into rounds, each with a Day phase and a Night phase. During the Day, people enter the hotel and the ghosts hide in the attic and prepare by buying Terror bonuses, Scare tactics, and Spookie favours. At Night, the ghosts go to the rooms and use their dice and cards to scare the people out of the hotel.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly game with a good theme, cute art (including a caricature of my friend), and ghost meeples, then check out the Kickstarter page here.

rome rise to power comp

Rome: Rise to Power, an upcoming board game by Golden Egg Games debuting at Essen, is now live on Kickstarter. In this game, 2-4 players take on the role of rising noble families trying to gain influence and control over Rome. The mechanics include dice placement and special action cards where you can build your own unique deck. If you back the Kickstarter, you can choose for an early pick up at Essen this year when the game debuts, but the projected release to the US market is Q1 2016.

Check out the Kickstarter here. For the beta version of the rules, see here. The press release is below.

In the late Roman Republic, four noble families try to assume power over the strongest nation in the old world. Players gain popularity by affecting the four influential areas of everyday Roman:

Expand the Roman sovereignty through military campaigns

Exploit riches and supply the Forum’s Markets

Exhibit your power by offering the best shows in the Games

Extend your political influence by giving away exclusive privileges to the decadent senators of the republic.

Rome: Rise to Power lasts five rounds of play, with each round being divided into four phases:

● Roll Power Dice and determine turn order

● Placement of Power Dice

● Resolution of Power Dice

● Scoring and clean up

After five rounds, players tally their points. The player with the most points wins the game and is declared the first of the Imperator.

Rise to Power ™ System

At GEG, we have designed an innovative dice placement system that enhances player decisions while reducing the luck factor. The system uses a combination of special action cards that break the rules of play. By changing these cards to build your unique deck, you will create a personalized gaming experience that will ever evolve with you and your gaming group.