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Perplext Games and designer Chris Handy have announced Roland Wright, a new series of premium dice games in which players take on the persona of Roland Wright, game designer extraordinaire described as “Willy Wonka meets Reiner Knizia“, as he attempts to create the perfect… roll and write game (get it?). 2-6 Players take turns selecting dice to complete game design modules and earning equipment to create the perfect dice game. Chris Handy is best known for creating the “Pack-O-Game” series of microgames. Roland Wright is due to be released in 2018.

Nations: The Dice Game by Stronghold Games has just added its first big expansion, The Unrest Expansion. The new expansion adds eight new nations to the mix, as well as 4 interesting new concepts. Green “unrest” dice make the dice rolling a bit more challenging, balanced by Star Rerolls, which respond to the unrest icons on dice. Bonus Tiles and Pass First Tiles give extra goals to aim for and more benefits. Finally, Unrest adds 36 new progress cards to the game.

Nations: The Dice Game, The Unrest Expansion is due for release in August 2017.

Steve Jackson Games just released a newsletter detailing several of the company’s releases for this July.

Munchkin Zombies: Armed and Dangerous adds 112 new cards to Munchkin Zombies, including trained attack flies and a prehensile tongue. The expansion also contains brain-hungry pawns, and requires Munchkin Zombies to play.

Munchkin Halloween Monster Box can hold over 2000 Munchkin Cards, plus some swag such as the Dungeons and Seals, and has box art by Len Peralta. As a bonus, the Halloween Box comes with 12 holiday themed Munchkin cards to add to any game.

Zombie Dice Horde Edition is coming in July, and contains the original award winning Zombie Dice along with the two expansions Double Feature and School Bus. Additionally, the Horde Edition comes with a score pad and a cloth bag.

Four new titles have been announced from R&R Games releasing in February 2017

Pyramid Poker, a quick 2p game where players build and dismantle a pyramid using bricks labeled with playing card symbols, trying to create the best 3 card poker hand.

Dice’N Score Farm, a dice rolling yahtzee style push your luck game targeted at young children.


Mimiq and MimiQ Farm, two whimsical children’s games using cards with a variety of facial expressions the players have to “MimiQ” in order to collect sets of 3.

For more information, visit the R&R Games web site here.

war of light

WizKids’ epic dice building game reaches another expansion with DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light

In the War of Light Dice Masters set, players will be able to choose from a selection of more than 30 heroes and villains, both old and new, including Batman, Green Lantern, Sinestro, the Teen Titans and the Lantern Corps

The new starter set features 44 custom dice, 38 cards, 2 dice bags and rule book and is fully compatible with other DC Comics Dice Masters products.

Deploy the bat-signal for September 2015 North American release.

Fellow Browncoats will be excited to hear that Upper Deck has announced Firefly: Shiny Dice is set to be released in August.

Shiny Dice is played over three rounds at the end of which whoever has the most points wins. The rounds involve rolling 15 dice and placing them on your display after any rerolls that you have from crew members or passengers. After your place you dice you reveal your mission, if you are lucky and have dice matching your mission then you skip the risk of having to do what the text on the card that has you ending your turn this round, forcing you to go again, or affects you in some other way.  After resolving your mission you have to deal with the bad guy (red) dice. First they strike and do things like hold on to your dice, move your crew/passengers, or KO’s one of your dice. Then you use your remaining crew dice to defeat them. If you defeat them all you score one VP each with half a point for each delivered supply. If you fail to defeat them all you score no points. You’ll have the option to repeat this process leaving out any KO’d passengers/crew but if you fail along the way you score no points that round.

Play as the crew of the Serenity as you complete mission objectives. Do you press your luck for great rewards or risk losing it all to the Alliance?

Get a mission, try to complete it and make money while trying not to get caught. The game lasts three rounds and whoever has the most points after three rounds wins. Declare yourself the “Best in the ‘Verse!”

Shiny Dice will play 1 – 4 players in about 30 minutes. The box will contain 15 custom dice (seven crew, three passenger, and five bad guys), 100 cards, and two full color game mats, various tokens, and a rule book.

If you’re a fan of the Firefly series, dice games, or push your luck games you should head over to your FLGS/OLGS in August and check out Firefly: Shiny Dice from Upper Deck. If I’m not in Jaynestown then I’ll be right there with you in line.

roll for the galaxy

For those who enjoy Roll For the Galaxy you can look forward to tis first expansion “Ambition” to be released this fall.  It was up in the air until now whether an expansion would be released.  In January game designer Tom Lehmann posted the following in a thread on boardgamegeek about the possibility of an expansion.

Ultimately, this is up to the publisher, RGG. The tentative plan was that the card game would have expansions while Roll and [redacted] wouldn’t have them. This could change, of course. Both Wei-Hwa and I have ideas that we could run with. RGG will see how Roll does in the marketplace. We’ll also have to look at the future Race products in the production pipeline and make sure that we don’t saturate the market.

I’m sure Jay, Wei-Hwa, and I will discuss this further at the Gathering this year (in April). By then, we should have some solid sales data.

Even though the Gathering of Friends has not occurred yet it is obvious that the sales of RFtG justified at least one expansion.  Jay Tummelson Owner of Rio Grande Games the publisher posted the following later in the thread.

Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition, the first expansion to Roll for the Galaxy, will be coming this fall. New factions, new dice, new tiles, and more! Further details to be revealed this summer.

As always we will keep you posted as more information becomes available on this title.

GreenBrier Games is showing off a number of upcoming releases and current Kickstarter Projects at GAMA Trade Show.

Heavy Steam is slated for an April release coming off of a Kickstarter last year where they raised $64,000.  This great little Steam punk inspired title had a preview done by the Dice Tower’s Ryan Metzler (below) and you can see the pictures taken by the Dice Tower team at GTS as well. You can see information from the publisher on the game here.

Ninja Dice: Kage Master

This expansion to the title Ninja Dice is currently on Kickstarter and you can read our full write up on the campaign here.


We were able to get a look at what appears to be pretty darn close to final productions quality on this card driven miniatures game.  This was on Kickstarter last year and should be available this summer.

Sacred 40 Mini’s

Finally they are putting a line of mini’s this summer in collaboration with Art Justice Games called Sacred 40.  these are beautiful.

Steve Jackson Games has announced two titles will be released in April.  Munchkin: Adventure Time 2: It’s a Dungeon Crawl” and “Mars Attacks: Ten Minute Takedown” should be arriving on tax day.  The first of which is an expansion to the Adventure Time licensed version of Munchkin and the second being a fast paced game similar to many of SJ Games other dice games like Zombie Dice.

Publishers descriptions below.

Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown

Destroy the Earthling cities!

Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown is a fast-playing dexterity game of Martian aggression and global destruction. Flick the custom die from your flying saucer at the Earthling cities, and claim their points as you destroy them. It’s easy to learn, and the evocative art is sure to grab attention.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
10 minute play time


  • One Custom 14 mm d6
  • Five Chipboard targets
  • Four Chipboard flying saucers
  • One Rulesheet

Munchkin: Adventure Time 2: It’s a Dungeon Crawl!

Join the dangerous world of Munchkin where you kill the monsters, steal the treasure…and backstab your buddies!

A small expansion to the Adventure Time version of Munchkin.


  • 90 cards
  • 12 dungeons


Requires the Munchkin: Adventure Time main game to play.

Greenbrier Games has launched their next Kickstarter “Ninja Dice: Kage Masters” designed by Rocco Privetera.  This followup to the original Ninja Dice takes you from just being rival gangs of equally skilled ninja’s to possessing unique sets of skills that will set each player apart from their opponents.

A Kage (pronounced “COG-AY”, not “cage”!) is an elite ninja, the leader of his or her village, and master of the clan’s hidden techniques. Each kage has their own kage die and character card, complete with special abilities unique to that kage. The kage dice are a seamless addition to the original game rules, yet they add many layers of engaging fun to the gameplay!

This expansion should add a good bit of strategy in how you decide to roll your dice since you will have unique abilities which are constantly in play.  This should add some spice to what is already a pretty fun game.  The base game having received fairly positive reviews including Tom Vasel’s review here.

with a goal of $10,000 this project has already past that goal with $12k+ at the time of printing.  This campaign has about 24 days left and a number of stretch goal to go through including some upgraded components and some exclusives this should be a good campaign to get behind if you like a nice light push your luck style dice game.

For all of the details and to pledge your support head over to the Kickstarter campaign page here.