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Here we are again, time to highlight a couple of Kickstarters we found this week.

First on the list is a game from The Creativity Hub called Untold: Adventures Await.  This is an RPG, story telling hybrid game that puts to use the many different sets of Rory Story Cubes that have been released to date.  It’s described as throwing yourself into your favorite TV series, but instead of just watching you are now creating the story that unfolds.  This is especially true because several dice sets have been released that are based on popular television IPs like Batman, Scooby Doo, and Doctor Who.  Whichever set of Rory Story Cubes you use will give you the framework to your story, and the game will guide you through the rest from the danger appearing to the final showdown.  Play will take about 60 minutes and you can reuse your created characters in later games, akin to continuing your TV series.  So if this sounds interesting to you, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

Next is a game getting an art overhaul and deluxified courtesy of TMG called The Flow of History.  This is a bidding/auction style card game where you are trying to build the best civilization out of them all.  In the game you will be buying and playing cards from 5 different ages, with each card having it’s own special ability.  Some cards give you icons, others give you resources based on those icons, and so on.  The game ends when the card “The Future” shows up in the market or is acquired directly, at that point you count up culture icons, each being worth a point, and any end game scoring bonuses to determine the winner.  What makes this version deluxe compared to the retail is the larger box, molded plastic tray, folding market board, and metal resource tokens.  So if a card based civilization game interests you, or you want a deluxe version of the game, check out the Kickstarter page.

Finally we have Archmage Origins, the latest card game from SolarFlare Games.  In the game you are battling your follow mages in an effort to collect the strongest army and be crowned the archmage of the realm.  To do that you will use a similar board setup and play style to that of a popular two player game, Targi.  In the game you will set out a 4×4 grid of face down monster cards, each having different strengths and abilities.  On your turn you can peak at a card to see what monster is there, next you have the option to swap it with another card, and then you play one of your mage cards around the edge of the board.  After everyone’s mage cards have been played, all the cards flip over and each monster card is resolved, totaling the value of mage cards in the column and row it occupies.  Whoever has the higher value gets to add the card to their army, and once all the cards have been given out, the highest valued army wins.  With some good looking art, simple and quick gameplay, this light filler game is worth a look.  Check out their Kickstarter page today, which also includes a tease to the next game in the same universe.

IELLO has posted a second trailer video for its upcoming arena combat board game, Arena For The Gods, designed by Maxime Rambourg (The Big Book Of Madness). This video highlights some of the mechanisms and components of this upcoming cousin to King of Tokyo and Ultimate Warriorz. In Arena For The Gods, 2-6 players bid with health tokens to buy cards representing equipment, spells, mounts and general tools of destruction. Players then have 2 rolls of the custom dice in order to move about the arena, fight,  and activate their cards, dealing death and destruction to the other combatants. The last warrior left standing is the victor.

Arena For The Gods is due for pre-release at Origins Game Fair in June 2017, then in stores on June 28. The newest trailer video can be seen here.

Diceborn Heroes is a new Kickstarter project in which 1-4 players can bring a party of heroes into either a single encounter or a string of battles in a campaign. In Diceborn Heroes, players create a party from a roster of 19 different classes (more coming through Stretch Goals) and pit them against a string of monsters under a boss in the style of a classic JRPG.

Players roll dice to activate abilities on their characters, and similarly the monsters draw numbers from the Attack Deck to attack. The Attack Deck acts as a clever timer to the game: when monsters attack, Attack Deck cards are drawn out, and when monsters are killed, Attack Deck cards are returned to the deck. Town actions between rounds, such as healing and leveling up, also remove Attack cards from the deck. If the Attack Deck runs out, the characters start taking damage each round.

The Kickstarter campaign for Diceborn Heroes continues through May 30, and the game is expected to deliver in December 2017.

Cheapass Games has launched their latest in their long line of smaller games, Button Men: Beat People Up, a dice combat type game.  The game itself is dice rollingly easy, first you pick you mobster, and on that mobster’s card it tells you what dice you gather.  Once you both have your dice you will roll them, then take turns trying to capture as many dice as you can.  To capture a die you either spend a single die with a higher value than the target, or use multiple dice to add up to the target die’s value.  Either way, once you capture the die you will place it on your board, and then re-roll any dice you used in the attack.  Play continues going back and forth until someone runs out of dice, then it’s time to count points.  You score the number of sides for each die you captured, and then add half the value in sides for the dice you have remaining, most points is the winner.

The game has nice art and plays quickly, making multiple plays easy.  There is some strategy in the way you use dice or pick the wild dice for your mobster as bigger dice can roll higher, but if captured are worth more points.  So if this game sounds like fun to you, check out the Kickstarter page, there is even a pledge level for people with dice already to just get the cards and rulebook.

Convention season is coming and so of course the game announcements are going to start ramping up.  We have five new announcements in this article to go through so lets get cracking.

First is the latest from Wizkids and that is DiceBot MegaFun, a real time dice game of robot combat.  In the game you will be rolling dice to try and scavenge weapons from the junkyard to outfit your robot with.  Then, once you have the weapons you desire you will start attacking your opponents, hoping they don’t have a defense for the weapon you choose.  Manage you get through their defenses and you will damage then, cause enough damage and they will be eliminated!  Last one standing is the winner.  Look for this to be released in June.

Next is a new game from Osprey Games called Star Cartel, which as you can guess from the title is a game all about trading goods in space.  In the game you are trying to make your goods worth the most, but in order for the value of goods to go up you have to trade them to the Cartel.  But you can’t score what you don’t have so you have to be careful how much you let go.  You will also be able to upgrade your ship to better protect your investments and hope you have the most valuable stash by the end of the game.  Look for this on store shelves in July of this year.

Ultra Pro is continuing to ramp up it’s game offerings with a new abstract strategy game called Zircles.  This game has a bit of a Blokus feel to it in that you have triangle pieces of differing arrangements and sizes.  On your turn you place down a piece trying to complete the circles at the corners of the triangles.  As you complete circles you will get points, and once someone has played all their pieces, any you have left will count against you.  Whoever has the highest score at the end is the winner.  Zircles will be released in July of this year.

Lastly we have two releases coming from Rio Grande Games, first is an expansion to the time travel game Temporum called Temporum: Alternate Realities.  What the expansion does is double the amount of cards in the box, giving you 48 new places to time travel to and 60 more player cards that you can use.  It also comes with all the needed chits for the new zones, but overall just gives you more variety and options in playing the game.  Look for this to arrive in June of this year.

And finally, we have the last game we will talk about, Bohnanza: The Duel, bringing the classic bean growing card game into the two player realm.  The game remains mostly the same except now instead of trading for beans, you gift them to your opponent, hopefully to their detriment.  But since it’s a gift you can reject it, but rejecting it means you have to offer your own gift in return.  Other new additions include bonus cards that give you gold when you complete them, and the ability to plant different beans in the same field.  So if you are a fan of the original but wish it was two players, this will definitely fill that need.  Look for this at your local store in May of this year.

Potluck Games love their dice games, and so their latest dice game, an expansion for Dungeon Dice, is up on Kickstarter now.  Dungeon Dice is a game that takes all aspects of dungeon crawling and transforms them into dice, similar to how Dungeon Roll does things.  But instead of a push your luck game, it stays true to it’s RPG form in that as you fight monsters you will level up and gain more abilities, treasure, and spells to help you in the dungeon.  Monsters are found through drawing dice from a bag and you fight by rolling dice against it and using your abilities and items to augment your results.  If you beat the monster you get some loot in the form of more dice, if the monster beats you then you are injured, and start losing dice.  Play keeps going like this until someone has enough dice to lay claim to the throne and win the game!

Dungeon Dice: The Lost King does much like the previous expansions and adds a bunch of new dice, 33 and counting so far.  Each one representing new spells, items, locations, traps, and even a new jumbo dungeon die.  What is also being offered in this campaign is a box for the base game and all the previous expansions, which have all previously been sold in bags.  This way you can get the new expansion, and have a nice place to store everything on your shelf instead of just a giant bag of dice.  Plus if you are new to the game and want to collect it all, they have completionist pledges that get you everything for the game that has been released.  So if you want some dice rolling dungeon fun, head over to their Kickstarter page.

Alderac Entertainment (AEG) has announced an expansion for Fantahzee, a game in which players are defending their town against hordes of monsters using dice.  In Fantahzee: Rogues Gallery “the town of Devil’s Burden is still under attack, and even more monsters are pouring in!  Ingenious goblins, led by the mighty troll king and his retinue, are now laying devious traps all over the town to hamper the stalwart defenders. It is time to call for reinforcements – the long-time secret society within Devil’s Burden: the Rogues’ Guild.”

The expansion adds a new type of playable hero, Rogues, to the game. The “sneaky, clever, thieving heroes” can help you overcome the Horde via their new special abilities, and Traps that require Rogues to overcome.

This new expansion is set to release on April 12, 2017.  For more information, visit the publisher’s website.

Turn One Game Supplies has announced Space Invaders Dice!, a 15 minute “roll and write” dice game for 1-4 players. Players roll laser dice to mark columns on the score sheet. They then roll the invader dice to begin crossing off invaders of different colors from a score pad with the full complement of invaders. The classic Space Invaders structure and theme is all there with shield bunkers, the different aliens and even the UFOs on the top of the paper. As players clear columns of invaders, they lost invader dice, making the game faster and more dangerous as you kill more invaders. Several multiplayer game modes exist including a dice drafting variant.

Space Invaders Dice! is due to be released in May 2017.

Action Phase Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Beeeees, a new real time dice rolling and placement game for 2-5 players. In Beeeees, players have 5 dice with a few custom sides, and a stack of hexagonal flower tiles showing dice values. In a manner similar to Fuse, players need to roll and place their dice on the flowers in real time. However, as in Between Two Cities, players can play on their own stack , or on the opponents’ stacks to their right or left. If a flower is completed, the tile is flipped to the honeycomb side, and goes to the player who placed the majority of the dice, expanding their ever growing honeycomb. Other players who also had dice on a completed flower receive eraser-type bee tokens good for victory points. There is a color matching element to honeycomb tile placement, and special helper bee and killer bee dice facings allow players to use wild dice and steal flowers respectively.

The Kickstarter campaign for Beeeees continues through March 23, and is expected to deliver in August 2017.