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BakaFire of Tragedy Looper fame is coming out with a new 2 player fighting card game, Sakura Arms. Originally released in Japan, Sakura Arms is the latest in AEG’s Big in Japan series of games. Battling players control the power of the “megami”, channeling through the petals of the Sakura tree, trying to combine megami to give greater attacks. Combining some elements of deck construction and head-to-head card play, Sakura Arms should be available January 2018. Check out AEG’s website for more details.

Several games recently have been reimagined as card games, and the latest to follow this trend is Junta Las Cartas. Junta, the classic free-form board game of corruption and revolution, originally came out in 1978, and this new card version promises the same mechanisms of stealing money, buying votes, hiring assassins and blowing up buildings. Junta Las Cartas plays 3-6 players in under an hour and is expected in November 2017. Check out AEG’s web page for more information.

The Master’s Trials: Wrath of Magmorath, by designers Vangelis Bagiartakis (Among the Stars, Dice City) and Anastasios Grigoriadis is coming from AEG and Artipia Games. Master’s Trials is a cooperative dice crafting game for 1-4 players, which uses the dice building mechanism from Dice City to create and develop characters. Players need to send their characters through 10 rounds, eventually to battle the evil Magmorath. The Master’s Trials should be available November 2017; more information is on AEG’s website, which you can find here.

eight epics

AEG is not slacking off as the year comes to a close with several new game releases and a few more expansions.  The first game on the list, coming in October, is the game Eight Epics.  Eight Epics is a cooperative dice game from Seiji Kanai, designer of the popular micro game Love Letter, and has you and up to 7 other players trying to save the world.  There are eight different obstacles that must be overcome and you will use red and black dice to play the game.  Red dice will activate heroes to help you in the game, black dice are what you use to defeat the enemies.  Each enemy has a value you must reach based on the number of dice you roll, so luck will have to be on your side in order to win.

treasure lair

The next game being released is called Treasure Lair, and it’s all about the money in this game.  In Treasure Lair you are forming your party to go adventuring to find the greatest treasure you can, but there in lies the issue.  Each cache of treasure has different requirements in order to get them such as strength, or stealth, or even wilderness lore.  So you will have to carefully craft your team in order to get the most treasure possible and be crowned the winner.  This game will be released in November of 2016.

royal decree

Next is an expansion to a popular dice game called Dice City: By Royal Decree.  This expansion to the game will add a new trade board with dice for that board, new locations, and a new type of card called Queen’s Plans.  From the sound of it the Queen’s Plans cards may work similar to the boat cards, but we will find out more as the release date gets closer.  Look for this expansion to hit stores in November of 2016.

letters seals

Last is an expansion to another popular game and that is Istanbul: Letters and Seals.  This expansion adds more tiles to the game for even more variety, but also adds a couple new mechanics.  The first is an added postal system which gives you the ability to deliver letters to shops to get points.  Another mechanic being added is the auction mechanic, where now there are places, like the auction house, where you bid to buy more bonus cards.  Last is the addition of a companion to your group, but what makes him different than your regular discs is that he can move and act independently from the rest of your pieces.  These new additions will bring more strategy and variety into an already excellent game.  Look for this also to hit store shelves in November of 2016.

aeg logo 120

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has three new products releasing in April:

all that glitters

Dice City: All That Glitters is the first expansion for Dice City, a “dice-crafting” game where you are building a city. The expansion introduces new locations as well the Gold Mine – a Commodity location.

4th chronicle

Lost Legacy: Fourth Chronicle is a new set in the Lost Legacy family, a sci-fi series of card games based on a variant of Love Letter. It comes with two sets of game cards: The Werewolf and Undying Heart. The sets can be played independently or mixed with other sets.

twilight squabble

Twilight Squabble is a short card-game that allows you to relive the abridged version of the Cold War in 10 minutes.

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all that glitters

AEG has released information on three new releases coming in 2016.  First is a small box expansion to Dice City, Dice City – All That Glitters.  This expansion will now add the gold commodity to the game and will include three new locations for military, culture, civil, and economic.  In addition, there will be new ways to use the added gold commodity to put on displays of wealth or great craftsmanship to get those precious points.  Expect to see this expansion in April of 2016.


Next is a social deduction meta game from Jason Tagmire that made it’s rounds on Kickstarter this past year, Pretense.  In this  game you are given a card at the start of your game night which gives you a role.  On that role will be an action that might be taken during a game night, like passing you the rulebook, catching something that is thrown, or being the only one to clean up a game.  If you succeed in doing that action you get to take another person’s role card, so it’s key to figure out who has what card so you can stop them from carrying out their action while you carry out yours to collect the most role cards.  The one with the most role cards at the end of the game night wins. Look for this March in 2016.


Lastly we have AEG doing something crazy, taking the #1 game Twilight Struggle, and turning it into a 2-player micro game called Twilight Squabble.  The game is described as,

Players struggle in an effort to swing the Balance of Power to their favor and win the Space Race. With cunning card play and a bit of bluffing can you end the Cold War in your favor without triggering Mutually Assured Destruction?

Expect to see this game in April of 2016.

dice city

By decree of the Queen, there needs to be a new capital!

The Kingdom of Rolldovia is in turmoil. Her royal highness the Queen, has decreed that there will be a new capital, after the old one was sacked by hordes of barbarians and bandits from the south. As leaders of one of the country’s influential noble families, players vie with each other to establish their provincial city as the best home for Rolldovia’s new capital.

Those who enjoy city-building games rejoice!  Those who love dice games rejoice again!  AEG and Artipia Games announce Dice City, a city-building, dice-crafting game in which players will be seeking to gain the approval of the others in the kingdom.  To promote your city, you can create strong armies, construct wondrous buildings, or open up trade routes.

Dice City is a “dice-crafting” game, in that the locations in your city act as the changing faces of your dice each turn.  The goal to winning is to manage your city and its natural resources wisely.

The game will contain:

  • 4 player boards
  • 20 dice
  • 149 cards
  • 93 tokens
  • 4 player aids
  • 1 rulebook

Dice City is for 1-4 players ages 14 and up and plays in about 45 minutes.  The game is scheduled for release in October of 2015.  For more information about Dice City, check out its page at AEG’s website here.

At the GAMA Trade Show every year, game publishers, designers, and media creators like us at The Dice Tower, get together in Las Vegas for a week long convention of sorts. The GAMA Trade Show is not open to the general public, but concentrates on the publishers, and designers showcasing their upcoming games to media creators and game distributors.

Here at some AEG news to report from the show.

Here is a list of games coming out soon:

  • Rumpelstilskin: this is a 2 player hidden role game coming this June.
  • Adventure Time Love Letter: This version of the game will recreate the art from Love Letter with Adventure Time characters.
  • Archer Love Letter: This will be coming soon.
  • Game of Crowns: The tag line for this game is: “Summer is Coming.” Expect this game in June.
  • Dice City: This is a dice rolling resource gathering game for 2-4 players. Expect this game in June.
  • Dark Seas: In this game players will use a shared dice pool to sail the seven seas. Expect this game in April.
  • Epic Adventure: A card based role playing game that uses “box master” and stickered cards to level up characters. This will be coming out in late 2015.
  • Smash Up Munchkin: This will be stand-alone expansion for the popular game Smash Up. This should be released at GenCon 2015.