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Chip Theory Games has launched a new Kickstarter project, Splice & Dice, for a variety of content offerings in the Too Many Bones universe.

First, there is the Splice & Dice expansion, which requires either the Too Many Bones base game or Too Many Bones: Undertow to play. Splice & Dice introduces a new Build-a-Tyrant option allowing players to customize their own big bad or develop the campaign boss over the course of the adventure based on the type of baddies defeated in encounters and the order in which they are defeated. This exponentially increases the variability of potential Tyrants. Splice & Dice also includes new pre-built Tyrants and hybrid Baddies that count as multiple enemy types.

Second, the campaign offers new content add-ons. Two new Gearlocs are available as playable characters. Dart, who rides a pigadillo, and has a double-sided playmat that can be flipped during battle to change her from a ranged attacker to a melee attacker, as well as changing how her skill dice operate (prototype playthrough video here). The other new Gearloc add-on is the Gearloc Council Internship Program, which is actually four mini-Gearloc mats that operate together. The final new content add-on is the Too Many Bones Trove Chest, which is a giant box with a future-focused design to hold all Too Many Bones content in one Kallax-friendly container, as well as providing new storage solutions for Gearlocs, loot, encounters, and Baddies.

Third, the campaign provides access to a full reprint of all previously published Too Many Bones products. The campaign closes June 14th and anticipates new content delivery in December 2019.

The first shipment of Chip Theory Games’ cooperative Dice-builder RPG, Too Many Bones, has already sold out! Awarded a 10/10 and the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, Too Many Bones stock didn’t even last long enough to be offered for direct sale. Chip Theory is currently taking preorders for the second print run on their website.
Critics and gamers alike, including The Dice Tower’s own Mark Burke (The Chubby Meeple), are falling in love with the unique dice mechanics and original fantasy world. Players assume the role of a party of Gearlocs as they attempt to take down one of seven unique Tyrants who have taken up unwelcome residence in the land of Daelore.  New skill dice are unlocked after each successful encounter, allowing you to build your characters in almost endless ways. Don’t like the luck involved in dice games? The game employs a unique Backup Plan mechanic that allows you to put your bad rolls to good use. Store up your “misses” and unleash them for powerful alternate attacks and abilities.
Too Many Bones uses super high-end components, including die-cut neoprene mats, 11.5g chips, and PVC plastic cards to create an experience that looks and feels as great as it plays.  Because of the high manufacturing costs of the game, it is only being produced in small print runs. The second print of 2000 copies will ship in July with an undisclosed number being reserved specifically for sale at GenCon. This print will sell out before long before it arrives, so get your preorders in now at chiptheorygames.com.

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Spanish distributor Devir recently published details (mistakenly?) of an all new Dice Masters set coming to retailers March 2015 — DC Dice Masters: Justice League. There’s been no official word from Wizkids yet, but the information certainly looks legitimate. The DC set appears to follow the same publishing structure as the Marvel set, namely with a starter pack alongside gravity feeds with additional characters, dice, and actions.

The Devir website states in the product description:

“The DC Dice Masters: Justice League Starter Set is the fifth starter release for the Dice Masters game. This innovative collectible has everything two players need to play, and allows players to increase their Dice Masters collection or jump into the game fresh!”

Fifth starter release?! So far, we know only of the original Avengers vs. X-Men, the forthcoming Uncanny X-Men, and the unofficially announced D&D set — that’s only three sets that we know of, so apparently there’s a fourth that we can only speculate about. I guess we’ll have to wait until Wizkids decides to fill us in.

Until then, we can drool over the thought of pitting DC vs. Marvel (and the image above) until we get more details.