Designer Grant Rodiek has written “Asymmetric Beginnings” over on  Focusing on goals and using examples from Rodiek’s upcoming game, Sol Rising, Rodiek builds on his previous foundation of asymmetric design and delves into where to start.  Rodiek states that:

…every asymmetrical component should have a very clear purpose or theme. If it doesn’t need to exist, if it doesn’t have a purpose? Cut it and move on. In fact, if you can’t justify the exception at an early phase, and asymmetry is just that — exceptions — you should focus on a symmetrical design.



Designer James Ernest of Cheapass Games (Pirates of the Spanish Main, Light Speed) provides the basics of probability theory in a recent article, “Probability for Game Designers.”  Ernest goes into some detail on odds, serial probabilities, results, events, and “the gambler’s fallacy,” stating that “a well-known misconception about random events is that their results tend to ‘even out’ over time.

Also, if you’re attending Gen Con, Ernest will be conducting a lecture on probability and basic math on Saturday at 5pm.  The game ID for this event is SEM1465794.