Descent Second Edition

Dungeon crawls are usually more serious affairs and can get rather involved with games like Gloomhaven, Descent, and Massive Darkness.  But what if you just want to have a silly time dungeoning in a short time span?  Then Fungeon Party is here to save the day.

Fungeon Party is a light dexterity, party game that plays in only 3 minutes, and can support up to 4 people.  In the game you will pull 6 quest cards from a quest deck, and it’s these quests that you have to accomplish in order to win the game.  Each player will pick a class like barbarian, cleric, ranger, or others, with each class having their own special abilities to accomplish quests, and stats that can increase over time.  But two questions remain, what do you do on these quests and how does it play in only 3 minutes?  Well to answer the time question is simple, you get 30 seconds to complete each quest for a total time of 3 minutes.  As for what quests you will be doing, you will be doing things like stacking dice on your forehead, knocking down a meeple surrounded by dice, balancing a meeple on a stick, bouncing dice into the box, and more.  Manage to complete all six quests and you win!

Fungeon Party is a random and frantic game that while may not exactly scratch that dungeon crawling itch, it would definitely be a fun opening game before the heavy stuff.  Look for it in stores in June, but you can go and pre-order the game today.  Check out Wizkids’ webpage for more information.

The Death Star has been destroyed—but as fragments of wreckage rain down on Yavin 4, the war is not over. The time for heroes has not passed. If anything, the Rebellion needs heroes more now than ever before. The Galactic Civil War is raging on, and it’s time for you and your friends to come together and journey side by side into a galaxy filled with more peril, excitement, and adventure than you had ever imagined.

Fantasy Flight Games has just released details on their upcoming Legends of the Alliance app that will support Cooperative and Solo play for Imperial Assault. In both the 2016 and 2017 GenCon In-Flight reports Fantasy Flight Games announced work on the app was continuing, but did share details beyond that. Gamers should not have long to wait based on the report from Fantasy Flight Games that the app is “coming soon.”

In 2016 Fantasy Flight Games released the Road to Legend app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. That app allowed for solo and fully cooperative play without one person having to play as overlord. Road to Legend has been supported with additional campaign releases, and allows players to select what physical content they have purchased and then integrates that content into the game. Legends of the Alliance for Imperial Assault appears to include similar support, including the ability to play the game fully cooperatively.

Cooperating to Save the Galaxy

Legends of the Alliance is will release as a free companion app for Imperial Assault that allows up to four players to join the Alliance and fight the Galactic Empire together with the app taking full control of the Empire over the course of a single game or over a campaign.

Designed exclusively to allow for cooperative play, the app does not replace a traditional campaign that includes an overlord or the skirmish game. Those modes of play will continue to exist separately and will continue to be supported by Fantasy Flight Games.

Getting Set Up

Similar to the Descent App, Legends of the Alliance requires players to select what physical content will be available. Whether you have just the core set or every single expansion, the play experience will be tailored based on what physical content is available. Players will only need to select what content they have once, and can change those selections at any time. On release the app will only support Imperial and Mercenary forces from the Core Set, but planned future updates will add foes and allies from all of the additional box expansions, Ally Packs, and Villain Packs.

Replacing the Imperial player, Legends of the Alliance will provide introductions to each quest and will instruct players how to set up the map. The map will include map tile details, placement of Imperial forces, supply crate locations, and objective tokens for the mission.

App based play allows for truly hidden information. While the app provides instructions on how to set up what is visible to players, tiles beyond doors won’t be placed until doors open. Maybe the hallway beyond that door is empty. Maybe it contains a room full of stormtroopers eating their galacticaly delicious lunches? As soon as you open a door the app will pause for you to add indicated map tiles and any Imperial forces or other traps you can now see.

Adventure Awaits

Once installed, players will have the chance to play through a  tutorial that will to teach them the game and the primary differences between the new fully cooperative campaign and the traditional game. Players will then be invited to take on a brand new five scenario mission: Death Star above Yavin 4. This campaign requires only the Imperial Assault Core Set.

After each mission players will have the chance to resupply and upgrade their heroes. Following a mission, whether victorious or defeated, players will be taken to a map of the galaxy from which they can learn skills from class cards or upgrade their weapons and equipment in the armory. The app tracks back class cards and item purchased, allowing for quick setup in future plays.

Imperial Assault…ing you

Legends of the Alliance isn’t just creating a map full of characters for you to shoot down. These figurines fight back. At the end of each Hero activation, the app will select an Imperial unit to activate and provide orders for it. Smart technology allows the app to isolate heroes and pick off the weak. Each Imperial activation provides special abilities and powers, as well as a list of actions for you to carry out on behalf of the app.

These aren’t your friendly neighborhood stormtroopers. Darth Vader will enter battle, cutting your allies down with melee weapons. Stormtroopers will fire and duck back under cover. Each unit in the game will have behavior reflective of their character, and will be up to you and your friends to work together to develop strategies to defeat them.

Available Soon?

Fantasy Flight Games has only announced that the app will be “available for download soon.” Fantasy Flight Games does not traditionally make announcements too far in advance, so it’s likely rebel scum won’t have long to wait to begin their assault.

Descent’s Road to Legend app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and via Steam. It is likely that the Imperial Assault app will also eventually be available on all the devices those platforms support.


skirmish maps

As a fan of games like Descent and Level 7 Omega Protocol, I am keenly aware of the large amount of down time between games as you tear down the current map and then build the next one.  Fantasy Flight Games recognizes this as well and have therefore released three skirmish mode playmats to be used with Imperial Assault so as to reduce said setup time considerably.  The three maps they have are Training Ground, Nelvaanian War Zone, and Coruscant Landfill.  These mats are awesome in that they have the entire map printed in full scale, so you don’t need to get out any of the tiles at all.  It also has a convenient list of all the tokens you will need, as well as great art indicating which side of the map belongs to which faction.

Are these mats necessary to play the game?  Not at all, but if you play skirmish mode a lot they might be worth the investment for the savings in time.  You can head on over to the FFG website to check them out, or head to you favorite game store to buy them.

kindred fire board

The Road to Legend app for Descent 2.0 was released a little over a month ago and now we have the release of the first full length campaign for the app.  The campaign, Kindred Fire, is fully cooperative and free, so if you have the app you can get it now.  Kindred Fire is described by FFG as;

With the introduction of Kindred Fire, the first full-length campaign for Road to Legend, you’ll immediately find yourself in the thick of danger as you and your fellow heroes come across a village utterly consumed by flame and reduced to ash. Everyone within the village has been burnt to death—only a single pair of footsteps leads out of the village and into the wild. Though all signs seem to point to Merick Farrow as the culprit, you’ll quickly find that the truth is far more complex as your heroes get caught in the middle of a titanic struggle between the great powers of darkness in Terrinoth. If you and Terrinoth are going to survive, you’ll need to investigate the truth.

You can play the campaign now on the app or head over to the FFG preview page to see what is in store for you.

shadows of brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone was a Kickstarter from 2014 which seemed to take a game like Descent, and transform it into a fantasy western game, and so far people have been enjoying it.  As such Flying Frog Productions is in the process of producing more content for the game, and next on the list are enemy packs to add more enemy variety to the game.

scafford gang

First is a deluxe pack  of the Scafford Gang, the most ruthless band of Mutant Outlaws in the Southwest!  Included are 6 Scafford Gang models and 1 Colonel Scafford model to lead them into battle, 2 large Enemy Record Sheets for them, a host of new cards themed around these ruthless Mutants – including all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your games, and 2 new Missions.  Look for this pack June 2016.

dark stone

Next are the Dark Stone Brutes, these nasty fellows are also a part of the Scafford Gang and have fused with the evil Dark Stone to become hulking brutes.  Included are 3 large Dark Stone Brute models, the large Enemy Record Sheet and all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your game.  Look for this pack June 2016.


Next is something from out of this world, literally, in the form of Harvesters From Beyond, evil creatures that come from another dimension to harvester raw material and ancient artifacts.  This Enemy Pack contains everything you need to add these terrifying, alien Harvesters to your game with 3 large Harvester models, as well as the large Enemy Record Sheet and all of the Threat Cards needed.  Look for this pack July 2016.


Last are the Trederran Raiders, aliens from another world who are embroiled in a never ending war, but to fight that war they need Dark Stone and they are running out, so they have come to this world to get more.  This enemy pack includes 6 Trederran Raider models as well as the large Enemy Record Sheet and all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your game.  Look for this pack July 2016.

road to legend

FFG recently announced that they are coming out with a companion app for Descent 2.0 to help expand and improve the co-op experience and expand the game.  They have now released some additional information about how the cooperative mode will work with the app.

The first difference to note is the dungeon is no longer fully revealed from the start, you have to explore and wander to find your objective to accomplish the quest.  But you won’t have to wander far, because when you explore to the next tile, all the other ways you could have gone slam shut, forcing you to continue on.  Another change is that each time the monsters activate, a screen will pop up giving you instructions on how to move and attack with the monsters as well as give them a round specific special ability to help amp up the difficulty.  Next the app turns up the danger even more by giving you a set number of times you can be knocked out before failure, as well as add an impending doom mechanic where as you take actions and move forward, you don’t know when the threshold will be reached and trigger a nasty monster spawn or event.  And last but certainly not least, the turn structure is now more spread out with heroes and monsters alternating turns instead of blocking them out in all the hero turns and then all the monster turns.

All this is shaping the app up to be a must have for Descent owners and will breath new life into this classic game.  You can read more about it on the FFG site.

ardus comp

FFG continues to expand and improve Descent with the release of another Lieutenant Pack. This time Ardus Ix’Erebus gets upgraded.  The pack contains the usual mini to replace the Ardus Ix’Erebus token in the Bilehall set and a new set of 10 plots cards to be used by the overlord in any Descent campaign.  This set of plot cards focuses on beefing up small monsters by using tactics and positioning to improve their strength.  Cards like Strength in Numbers, which gives monsters pierce X where X is the numbers of monsters adjacent to the hero being attacked, or Rise to the Challenge, which transforms all minion monsters into master level when a fellow monster is slain, makes those small monster feel much bigger.  You can head over to the FFG page to read more about these new cards and preview some of them, then you can pre-order the pack at your local game store or online.


Fantasy Flight continues to expand one of it’s flagship products, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and this time it is with a new lieutenant pack, Kyndrithul, to go with the boxed Bilehall expansion.  Not only do you get to replace Kyndrithul’s cardboard token from the expansion with a sculpted figure, you also get access to 10 new overlord cards to cause even more pain to the adventures who dare to oppose you.  The most interesting of which is the new Broken ability the overlord will get which allows you to place threat tokens on a hero’s class cards, increasing the cost to use that card by 1.  This could have damaging implications for the heroes, plus there are other ways to use those threat tokens to slow down the heroes or outright damage them.  Plus Kyndrithul himself has some powerful abilities with Enthrall, which could possibly take control of a hero to perform an attack on his allies with, or Bone Splinter which cause 2 wounds to heroes around his initial target.  Add in the fact he rolls black dice in defense and you have one tough baddie.  You can read up on this more over on FFG’s site and you can pre-order this pack now at your FLGS.

stewards of the secret minis

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) continues to bring familiar heroes and monster from the original Descent into Descent Second Edition.  In this pack you will get new sculpts of the Nagas, Blood Apes, and Ferrox monster figures as well as four new heroes.  One of the new heroes is Seer Kel who has the impressive ability of being able to ignore most line of sight blockers, meaning she can take powerful shots at enemies from outside their reach.  To counter this though the enemies are nasty and the Ferrox both hits hard (rolling THREE dice for attack) and has staying power with it’s ability to sap a hero’s stamina to recover his life.  Then you add in the two new quests included in this pack and you have a well rounded package to add to your ever expanding Descent set.  Head over to the FFG page to read more about it, expected release is first quarter of 2016.

treaty of champions

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Treaty of Champions, the seventh Hero and Monster Collection for Descent 2.0.

treaty of chamipions figures

This expansion contains two brand-new quests, four unique heroes, and three monster types, one of which is completely new – the crow hags. These monsters have a Lifethirst ability, which reduces the amount of damage a hero can recover when he’s near. With multiple crow hags, the heroes can be prevented from healing!

Treaty of Champions will be arriving in the fourth quarter of 2015. For more information, see the announcement on Fantasy Flight’s website.