Dennis Hoyle

The classic game of paper football has left the field, and earth, and been reimplemented as mini-golf on Mars.

Just launched on Kickstarter, Mars Open: Tabletop Golf by Dennis Hoyle takes the familiar small folded piece of paper and treats it as a ball you’ll need to flick over and around obstacles towards the crater/hole/box. A variety of terrain obstacles allow you to create a constantly changing 9 holes.

The Kickstarter is live until December 4th, 2017 at 7:01 PM MST. The game has already reached %110 of the $5,000 goal with 171 backers and 26 days to go. While there are a variety of pledge option $24 USD plus shipping gets you a copy of the base game. The project has an estimated delivery date of July 2018.

For a pledge of $94 USD plus shipping up to 18 supporters will receive two copies of the game and have the option to design a hole in collaboration with the greater that will be included in the “Community Holes” section of the rulebook. It’s safe to assume this is the level Matt Damon and Gardner Elliot are pledging at.

The rules, via Kickstarter, are extremely accessible:

1. Assemble the first hole on your table using the obstacles provided in the game.
2. FLICK your special “golf ball” card toward the crater hole box.
3. Count the number of flicks you used to land your ball in the hole.
4. After all players have finished the hole, mark your scores on the score pad and assemble the next hole.
5. Play through 9 for a full game!

Copies of the game at launch include:

  • 5 Specially folded Mars Open Golf Ball Cards
  • 5 Punchboard Standees: 2 Plateau Obstacles, 1 Golf Cart Obstacle, 1 Golfer Obstacle,1 Flag Pole
  • 1 Punchboard Golf “Tee”
  • 1 Crater Hole Box
  • 2 Game Box Plateaus
  • 1 Putting “Green” Box Insert
  • 1 Paper Score Pad
  • 1 Rulebook (Featuring 27+ Holes!) + Infinite*
Backers will also receive all unlocked “Stretch Goals.”

Paper Football

Mars Golf adapts the Paper Football mechanic made popular in lunchrooms everywhere. Paper football is a simple table-top game based on American football. A small sheet of paper is folded into a small triangle and is flicked back and forth across a table top by two opponents.


When the kids are away, the toys come out to play…and FIGHT! Program your toys, then watch them dominate!

Bellwether Games would like to announce their latest game currently running on Kickstarter, Windup War: the Cutest Combat Card Game.  In Windup War, players will simultaneously program their toys for battle, then “release” them into combat with each other.  Players will need to be able to anticipate the other players’ moves or risk being caught off guard.

First, each player will select one of six toys to represent them in battle.  Next, players will assemble an army of three units according to each unit’s unique strengths and weaknesses.  Players will then program 5 actions at once into their toys, then reveal them simultaneously.  Actions are carried out in order, and then those that survive will reload for the next round.

Windup War is a game for 2-6 generals (players) and has a funding date of November 14, 2016.  For more information and to support this project, visit its Kickstarter page.

princess goblin layout

The Princess and The Goblin is a children’s novel from 1872 written by George MacDonald about Princess Irene and her adventure into the goblin kingdom to stop their invasion of the human world.  While she is exploring the cave she comes across Curdie, a young miner who has been searching for clues to the goblin’s plans.  Now together they need to escape and get back to the kingdom in time to warn them, and this is where the game of The Princess and the Goblin picks up.  In the game you have a stack of tiles that has been randomized and this is your draw pile, around that pile are 4 tiles face down that start the play area.  On your turn you will look at the top tile and place it out face down, then you get to look at the adjacent tiles to see what they are before putting them back face down.  At this point you can place down some tokens you have in order to help you remember which tile is which and will give you bonus points in the end.  The crux of the game is that you are trying to build a path leading from the goblin cave back to the castle.  The difficult part comes in the memory and because each edge of the tile has a symbol you must match in order for the path to be valid.  Once you finish a path you are done for the round and count up your points, and once everyone has escaped or there are no more home tiles to escape to, whoever has the most points is the winner.

This game looks stellar with some art I can definitely get behind, and the gameplay is simple so you can play with your family, which is what the creator is hoping for.  If this game sounds like something you would like then head on over to the campaign page to pledge today.

Deep in the heart of a dangerous swamp lies a rare herb that you and your teammates aim to collect. You’re on a time limit, you need to get out of the swamp before night fall but there’s only one boat and each member of the team has a different idea on where they should go. Deeper and deeper you push into dangerous territory collecting the precious natural resources you came here for…the only question is have you gone too far? Well you can find out when you play Swamped by Bellwether Games and designed by Ben Gerber with art by Jonathan Logan Clark. Bellwether Games is the same publisher of the recently released game Antidote and Drop Site.

Swamped A semi-cooperative game of adventure, peril and Treasure where players are moving through a swamp searching for a rare herb that can cure diseases. Each player takes a turn steering the boat to find the herb. But the swamp has many other treasures as well so players may try to steer the boat away from its intended goal to increase their own wealth.

Swamped plays 2 – 4 players and takes about 30 minutes but what makes this game really interesting is all the players will be sharing the same boat. Not a big deal when you have a common goal of collecting a rare herb, but add in the fact that each player has a secret objective as well and may lead the boat deeper into the swamp to collect what they need and making it more difficult to get back by nightfall makes the game much more exciting doesn’t it. That’s not all for this big game in a small package though; the game is a mere 35 cards and 2 pieces but there is a variable game map that expands as the game is played, most cards have variable uses and orientations, and to top it all off a surprise ending. With the objectives being secret no one will know for sure who will win!

Swamped is not only a great looking game but it is also doing something with Stretch Goals that I personally haven’t seen on a Kickstarter yet. Swamped has stretch goals and every copy of the game will come with those but what’s unique about Swamped is that what those stretch goals are will be decided by the backers! Backers will vote in the comments about what stretch goal they want to see next, then when one is reached those votes will decide which stretch goal is up next. There are multiple tracks for the stretch goals like upgrade components, art variants, even expansions and upgrades if enough is raised. A very unique and interesting twist if you ask me.

So head on over to Kickstarter and check out Swamped and if you decide to back it, like I did, don’t forget to vote on your choice of stretch goals.