tiny epic western layout

Poker meets worker placement in this artfully crafted 30 minute board game for 2 to 4 players. TINY box, EPIC gameplay, EVERY TIME!

Gamelyn Games is well known for their “Tiny Epic” series of games, including Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Tiny Epic Defenders, and most recently Tiny Epic Galaxies.  As of Monday, January 11, 2016, the Kickstarter project for the latest addition to the series, Tiny Epic Western, has begun.

In the game, players each have a “Boss” card on which they keep track of their posse members and influence.  As the Boss, each player will send his or her posse around the town, playing poker, gaining influence, and purchasing buildings.  Utilizing a combination of poker and a worker-placement mechanism, players will place their posse members in different buildings to take a variety of actions to accomplish the above goals.

Each time a player sends a posse member to a location, a poker hand is played.  Winning will award the player the “poker pot” and any extra influence from a “double down” spot. Players will need this influence for acquiring buildings later on in the round.  The Sheriff’s Office is a unique location offering players the ability to change the value or suit of their poker card. It also offers a way to acquire an extra building each round and activate players’ 3rd posse member.  When another player’s posse member is in the way of another player’s, the other player may send in his or her posse member for a duel to try and take the spot.  A “WANTED” card is dealt to the winner of the last duel.

After locations and placement of posse members have been resolved, players may spend their Influence to purchase one building occupied by one of their posse members.  Buildings offer victory points, abilities, and industry influence.

At the end of each round, the player who had the best poker hand at the Town Hall advances one of three industries forward in their rank.  The game ends after six rounds (bullets in a revolver) and the player with the most victory points is the winner.

tiny epic wester in box

One copy of Tiny Epic Western includes:

  • 1 Box
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 12 Meeples
  • 1 Poker Chip
  • 2 Bullet Dice
  • 3 Industry Tokens
  • 12 Influence Tokens
  • 1 Wanted Card
  • 20-Card Poker Deck
  • 24 Building Cards
  • 4 Boss Cards (Player Cards)
  • 6 Location Cards

The Deluxe version of the game includes Kickstarter exclusive material:

  • 2 Unique Boss Cards
  • 2 Additional Bullet Dice

Tiny Epic Western is a game for 2-4 players ages 14 and up and plays in 30-45 minutes.  As of the fourth hour of the project, it has funded at 408% of it’s target pledge goal.  The Kickstarter will fund on February 6, 2016.  For more information on the project, visit the Kickstarter page here.

tiny epic galaxies

30 minute MICROGAME of Galactic Conquest for 2-4 Players! Develop your empire and colonize planets to create the most powerful galaxy!!

Tiny Epic Galaxies is the next installment of the “Tiny Epic” game series by Scott Almes and published by Gamelyn Games, and received much attention in the convention circuit of 2014.  According to the designer, the goal of this series is, quite simply, to create games that come in tiny packages but with epic-style gameplay.  The third of this series (preceded by Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Defenders), Tiny Epic Galaxies is a game in which players control their own galaxy and must manage their resources, expand their fleets, colonize planets, and exploit their enemies’ position using a clever dice-combo mechanism.  The winner of the game is the player with the most power (victory points), with the end of the game triggered by the first player to earn 21 power.
tiny epic galaxies comp

The base copy of the game contains the following components:

  • Rule Book
  • 7 Custom Dice (black, screen printed)(14mm)
  • 16 Wood Rocket Ships (4 in each color, laser cut)(10x20mm)
  • 4 Circle Columns (1 in each color)(10x10mm)
  • 4 Hex Columns (1 in each color)(10x10mm)
  • 4 Cubes (1 in each color)(10x10mm)
  • 5 Over-Sized Cards (1 control card, 4 player galaxies)
  • 24 Poker-Sized Cards (12 energy planets, 12 culture planets)

The deluxe version of the game includes the Kickstarter-exclusive Satellites and Super Weapons mini-expansion, which includes:

  • Everything in the Base Game AND…
  • Mini Rule Book
  • 12 Wood Satellites (3 for each player)(10x5mm)
  • 3 Poker-Sized Cards (3 unique super weapons)

Tiny Epic Galaxies is for 2-4 players and plays in less than 30 minutes.

This Kickstarter has multiple pledge levels and stretch goals and has well-exceeded its initial funding goal of $15,000.  It now sits at the current funding level of more than $91,000, with many of the stretch goals already unlocked.

To fund this Kickstarter project and get in on this exciting new game, visit the Kickstarter project page HERE.