Deep Water Games

Deep Water Games announces 7 Summits, a game where players are world class mountain climbers attempting to climb the tallest peaks in each of the seven continents.  Players will draft dice to upgrade their equipment, improve their skills, or continue to climb as they race against each other and the weather. Reaching the summit of a mountain score points, but there is always another mountain to conquer.  When the final weather card is drawn, the game ends and whoever has the most points wins.

7 Summits is designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu, who worked together on Sagrada, and is illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya (Dinosaur Island, Cryptid, Catacombs).

7 Summits plays 2-5 players, ages 8+, in about 35 minutes. The game will be released in 2020.  Learn more at Deep Water Games.

Welcome To… by Deep Water Games Named the Best Casual Game of 2018 by Casual Game RevolutionWelcome To… beat out finalist The Mind and Decrypto in both judges’ and public vote to win the second annual Best Casual Game of the Year award.  Other nominees included Reef, Cryptid, Drop It, Gizmos, Just One, Space Base, and Ticket to Ride: New York.

Congratulations to Deep Water Games and designer Benoit Turpin!

Our friends at Casual Gaming Revolution are doing their annual award for the most fun, innovative, and unique casual game form the previous year. What makes their process particularly exciting is that they allow for the public to vote, the winner of which is added to the tabulations of their own panel of 12 judges. So they want YOU! Yes, you! You have a real horse in this race!

     “Last year’s award resulted in a very close race — the winner by a razor thin margin was Sagrada by Floodgate Games, with Azul and Go Nuts for Donuts as the runners up. This year, we have another very tough race between three great games. So, let your voice be heard!

Their nominees for this year are:

All you need to do to participate is visit this page and cast your vote at the bottom. That’s it! So what are you waiting for?!

Deep Water Games has announced they are bringing the excellent card game Claim (2017) to North America in 2019. Claim, by designer Scott Almes of no tiny fame and artist among artists Mihajlo Dimitrievski, is a 2 player trick taking game played in 2 distinct phases. Players first recruit followers using their hand of cards, which they then play against each other to win favor from the factions of the realm. At the end of the game, whoever has the majority in 3 of the 5 factions wins the game. For more information, check out Deep Water Games’ website here, and look for the game in March 2019.

Welcome to… is the latest roll and write, although it is more accurate to say flip a card and write, from Benoit Turpin and Blue Cocker Games.  In the game you are trying to build the best and most desirable suburban community back in the 1950’s, and what is considered desirable is determined by city planning cards.  On each turn of the game three cards will be flipped, from those three cards you will pick which one you will use, and write down the corresponding house number and take that card’s special action.  Some of the actions include adding fences, building pools, improving the points you get for your housing clusters, and even modifying the numbers on the cards.  On your sheet you have to write numbers in ascending order from left to right, so number placement becomes very important so you don’t block yourself.  However, there is a way to get around this, and that’s by copying a house number and marking it as a B, but doing so will get you negative points at the end.  The game ends when either all three city planning cards have been satisfied by a player, someone fills their entire neighborhood with house numbers, or someone was unable to write a house number for a third time.  At that time points are totaled and the most points is the winner.

This is an interesting take on the roll and write genre that I personally find interesting, but so far it has only seen a release overseas, until now.  Deepwater Games has announced they have partnered with Blue Cocker Games to create an English version of the game to distribute worldwide.  Pre-orders will be starting up on the 18th of April, and release of the game will come later this year in August.  You can find out more information on the Deepwater Games’ website, and then brush up on your 1950’s interior decorating ideas while you wait for the games to arrive on store shelves.  Unless you are attending Origins, they will have copies there to distribute to those who opt to pick up at the convention.

Deep Water Games is a new company debuting on Kickstarter, and they are making a splash by announcing their partnership with EmperorS4, as well as funding their latest game, Herbalism.  Herbalism is a deduction game where you are trying to figure out what ingredients are needed in order to cure the pandemic ravaging the area.  At the start of the game you will remove two of the 14 ingredients games from the game, and then deal out the remaining cards to the other players.  From there it is now up to you to use the various actions on the table to gather information to figure out the cure.  You can trade cards where you give one color and receive another in return, give someone a color to find out how many of another color they have, and ask for different combinations of cards.  Although you will be getting most of the information, other players will be getting some as because color choice is picked openly on the board, so don’t give away too much info.  When you think you know the cure you can make your guess, if others believe you know the cure they can follow to score points as well.  If you are correct you get 3 points and the round ends, but if you are wrong you are out for the round and play continues until eithr everyone is wrong, or someone gets it right.  You will keep playing until someone reaches 7 points as there are other ways to gain and lose points throughout the game.  In total a game should take between 15 to 30 minutes so this would be a good addition in any game night.

A base pledge of only $19 will get you this filler game, but if you go all in with $59, you will not only get this game, but also Shadows in KyotoCrows Overkill, and Hanzi.  So if you are a fan of EmperorS4 games, or looking for a light deduction game to fill some time, check out this Kickstarter today.