Deadpool seems to be all over everything geeky these days, and some places in the main stream culture, so of course games about him are coming too.  Well, maybe not a game, but an expansion to a highly popular game and that is Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool.  This will bring our beloved anti-hero into the game along with other characters like Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, and Evil Deadpool.  Also mentioned is that this set will bring in the “Inhumans, new characters from the Spider-Verse, and more characters from the pages of What If?“.  So if you need a bit more sass and breaking of the 4th wall in you dice masters set, then look for these boosters on store shelves in November.  For more information you can check out the Wizkids page for preview images of the new cards in the set.

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero is getting the deck building treatment in a new expansion for Marvel Legendary called Legendary: Deadpool.  This new expansion will be a small box expansion, so you will need to have the base game, and boasts a count of 100 cards to add to your game.  So far nothing new in the form of mechanics or abilities have been released but the expansion does boast 5 new heroes, 2 new villain groups, 2 new masterminds, and 4 new schemes.  Another aspect that will make this set stand out, aside from the Deadpool focus, is that all cards will have unique art, including the different cards of the same hero.  So now instead of the same art on the same character cards, now each one will be different in both it’s card ability and it’s appearance.  Look forward to this expansion to hit store shelves in October.


WizKids Games has announced the following release date changes:

  • Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool Gravity Feed moved to April 30, 2014
  • Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool 10 count booster brick and Thunderbolts Fast Forces Pack moved to May 14, 2014.
  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 5 (Tactical Borg Cube, Interceptor Five, D’kyr) Expansion Packs moved to June 11, 2014.

A couple of organized play kits are delayed so check local retailers for updated event dates.

  • Marvel HeroClix Organized Play Kit moved to May 14, 2014.
  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Arena Episode Organized Play Kit moved to May 28, 2014.