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Cryptozoic Entertainment revealed more details regarding a few of their games releasing later this year.

Spyfall: Time Travel

“The world of Spyfall has been turned upside down, like sand through an hourglass. The classic game of probing questions, clever answers, and lots of suspicions is back, and it’s heading to the past…and the future! Get ready to travel to memorable eras and locations across space and time! Expose a spy in a Neanderthal Cave or a Lunar Base. Avoid spilling secrets in an Old West Saloon, Leonardo’s Studio, or a certain period of time in Spain that no one expects! Time is of the essence!” [source]

Spyfall: Time Travel is the 3rd release in the core Spyfall series. It can be played as a standalone game or combined with previous releases to add variety with 240 new location cards. Spyfall is a party game which features bluffing, accusation, devious questions, and suspicious answers. After each round, all players (except one, who receives the spy card) receives a secret card informing them of the group’s shared location. While the spy doesn’t know where (or when) they are, they try to figure out the location before their cover is blown. The spy wins the round if they escape detection, while the other players win if they catch the spy.

The Spyfall: Time Travel game supports 2-8 players, aged 13+, and plays in about 15 mins. It’s expected to release in the 2nd half of 2019.

DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth

The Cerberus Engine, which powers the DC Deck-Building Game, has been upgraded and expanded over the years, and the latest DC Deck-Building Game, based on the DC Comics Rebirth story line which reset the DC Universe, seeks to do the same to the card game’s series.

DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth adds campaign scenarios, character progression, and movement between DC Universe locations. Players will move their characters around the board (composed of cards), to acquire cards for their deck and defeat the villain. Staying close to allies allows players to play cards to help each other out. While the game features the Justice League characters from the original game, it does replace Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, with 2 new Green Lanterns, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz.

This incarnation of the game allows for 1-4 players, aged 15+, and plays in 60 mins. It’s expected to release in the Summer of 2019.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Annihilageddon Deck-Building Game

Also built on the Cerberus Engine, this release of the Epic Spell Wars series is an all-out battle to the death for the Annihilageddon trophy between crazy mages. Over 220 new cards are added to the series, including Mayhem events, signature cards, past champions, wizards, spells, creatures, treasure, and wild magic. This game allows for 2-5 players, aged 17+, and plays in 60 mins. Its expected to release in the Summer of 2019.

There’s another crisis in the DC Deck-Building universe, and the Teen Titans are responding to the call!

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have announced release dates for the upcoming Crisis Expansion Pack 4 for the DC Deck-Building Game. The expansion will be available as a limited release at Gen Con, August 2-5, while the retail release will follow closely on August 8, 2018.

Crisis expansions for the DC Deck-Building Game can be combined with any base set to provide additional gameplay elements, including a cooperative mode, new keywords, and fresh mechanics. Crisis Expansion 4 focuses on DC’s Teen Titans, a team of younger heroes, as well as the Titans, original Teen Titans who’ve grown up. “Unity” is a new keyword in the set that encourages teamwork, benefiting from Ongoing Unity cards that your teammates have in play. The emphasis on teamwork is strengthened by Personal Crisis cards that affect only one player, but could threaten to bring down the entire team if not dealt with collectively.

Crisis Expansion Pack 4 is for 1-5 players, ages 15 & up, with a playtime of 60-120 minutes. The set was designed by Matt Dunn and Richard Brady, and requires a copy of the DC Deck-Building Game, or one of the other base sets (Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, or Teen Titans), to play.

The expansion contains 32 main deck cards, 12 Personal Crisis cards, 13 Super-Villains, and 14 oversized Super Heroes. The 8 Crisis Super Heroes showcase Teen Titans like Raven and Superboy, while the 6 non-Crisis Super Heroes feature the Titans: Nightwing, The Flash, Donna Troy, Arsenal, Omen, and Tempest.

If you are attending Gen Con, Cryptozoic’s booth (#601) will have limited quantities available for sale before the retail release on August 8.

Random factoid: the Teen Titans lineup (Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven) made popular by the 2003-2006 animated series is quite different from the earlier comics incarnation (Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl) of the Teen Titans in the 1960s.

While the Marvel universe dominates the box office, the DC universe is getting a little bigger with the release of The DC Deck-Building Game:  Rivals—Green Lantern vs. Sinestro from Cryptozoic Games.

A new stand alone game using the DC Deck-Building Game mechanics, the latest itteration places players into the never-ending conflict between Hal Jordan and Sinestro. The game will feature two different paths depending on what role the player takes. The Sinestra role is focussed on attacking and forcing opponents to take bad cards. The Green Lantern role will focus on drawing cards and features a strong defense.

The game comes with 98 cards that includes new heroes, villains, equipment, locations, and constructs. It includes six over-sized character cards with variable cards associated with them. Each character in the game will have unique abilities and will become more powerful when defeated, gaining access to additional abilities, until at the end of the game one ring-bearer is finally triumphant.

While a stand alone game, the game is also fully compatible with earlier DC Deck-Building Games games including Rivals—Batman vs. The Joker and the Confrontations set. The game is made for 2 players age 15+ and takes around 30 minutes to play.

DC Deck-Building Game

The DC Deck-Building Game:  Rivals—Green Lantern vs. Sinestro from Cryptozoic Games is built on the original DC Deck-Building Game system which was released in 2012 by Cryptozoic Games. In the system each each player chooses a hero with a special power and starts the game with a deck of ten cards. On each turn a player will use the five cards in their hand to acquire or conquer the five types of cards in the game: heroes, villains and super-villains, equipment, super powers, and locations. Players will defend themselves from attacks while attempting to defeat super-villains in an attempt to gain the most victory points.

The Rivals systems was introduced in 2014 with Rivals – Batman vs The Joker as more direct combat was introduced with confrontation rules that allow players to attack their opponents and block cards that ward off confrontations.

In Rivals the first player to drop the opponent three times wins, though if the deck runs out of cards the player with the most victory points wins.

Somewhere out there, a nerd is crying because I am about to talk about a DC Deck building release and Marvel Legendary release in the same article.  Anyway, first of the two releases I will be talking about is the upcoming DC Deck Building Game: Confrontations.  This is a stand alone game and plays similar to the Rivals set where it was Batman vs. Joker, but expands the roster on both sides and expands the player count up to 2 vs 2.  On the heroes side you will be able to choose from Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or Zatanna, and on the villain side you will have your choice of Lex Luthor, Circe, Ocean Master, or Felix Faust.  You can even combine this with the Rivals set to expand the options and gameplay.  You can read more about the upcoming release on Cryptozoic’s website, and look for it on store shelves towards the end of the month.

The second release we have is from Upper Deck for Marvel Legendary, and that’s Marvel Legendary: Champions.  This set takes it’s heroes and cards from a very recent addition to the comic book universe, specifically the Champions series which debuted at the end of last year.  This set will bring in a selection of younger heroes with a more cooperative and less violent bent to them.  You will see the return of the keyword Versatile, as well as the addition of a new keyword, Cheering Crowds (yes it’s two words but work with me here).  The cheering crowds mechanics allows you to return a bystander you rescued to be able to activate that card a second time, opening up new options for gameplay.  There are also lots of new strategies to be had with characters like Viv Vision being able to rescue bystanders while recruiting.  So if this sounds like something you want to add to your Legendary collection, look for it on store shelves in early 2018, and you can check out Upper Deck’s website for more information.

Cryptozoic has announced two new games set in the DC universe, both of which are scheduled to release in June of 2018.
DC Spyfall
The wildly popular social deduction game Spyfall gets some licensing love from DC with DC Spyfall. Now 3-8 players will take on roles other than beach-goer or cruise-ship-captain and instead fill the roles of DC superheroes in more familiar fictional locations.
In this Spyfall variant up to 8 superheroes are planning a secret meeting at iconic locations including the Fortress of Solitude, the Daily Planet, and the Batcave. The only hiccup in this plan is one of them is secretly The Joker in disguise. Using traditional Spyfall mechanics players take turns asking and answering questions to suss out who the real superheroes are and who the traitor is before The Joker figures out where the meeting is.
The Joker always has a sidekick. Harley Quinn has followed the Joker, and knows where the meeting is taking place. In each of the rounds one player might have a Harley Quinn image on the card. If that’s the case, that player needs to secretly feed The Joker information without actually knowing who The Joker is. In this case if The Joker wins both The Joker and Harley score points!
You wouldn’t be a superhero without some super-abilities. Ability cards add a new twist in the game. Special ability cards include the power to dodge a question, require answers to be three words of fewer, and many more.
Multiverse decks have the superheroes in eight different locations, rather than one unified location, but players won’t know if they are in a Multiverse until the end of the round. Sounds like the makings of a wild round with incoherent answers, just like The Joker likes it.

The final twist – all Jokers. In this round all the questions and answers are based on no information at all. It’s the makings of a house of mirrors!

DC Deck-Building Crossover Pack 7: New Gods

The ever expanding DC Comics Deck-Building Game received an jumbo Multiverse Box this summer, and now some additional content is coming to help fill it via the New Gods Crossover Pack.

If you are Darkseid, you seek to conquer New Genesis…but so do your fellow Super-Villain players. The Super Heroes, conversely, compete to conquer Apokolips.

A new keyword has also been added to the game: Protector. Reveal the protector card to attempt to thwart an invasion on your Homeworld.

Instead of Super-Villain stacks, two new stacks of Homeworld cards have entered the game. Each Homeworld has a special ability that any player can take advantage of. If the Level 3 New Genesis or Apokolips is conquered the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins.

Both the DC Crossover 7 expansion and the DC Spyfall game are scheduled for a June 2018 release.

Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced the first DC Deck-Building Game Organized Play Kit. Coming in late fall or winter 2017, this kit will give your FLGS instructions to run tournaments as well as promotional prizes. Cryptozoic plans on releasing new kits biannually, with the first kit releasing concurrently with the DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box. The premier kit is slated to contain 12 promo cards, 1 playmat, tournament instructions and a poster.

Cryptozoic Entertainment is releasing the DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box, a large 3 channel card storage box to store all of the DC Deck-Building Games released thus far. The box will fit cards with standard sleeves and comes with foam blocks to hold the cards in place. Included are 20 tabs to organize all sets through the Crossover Pack for Birds of Prey, due out later in 2017. 33 new cards will be included in the Multiverse, including Braniac, Telos and Deimos. Cryptozoic is being a bit… cryptic about which DC event this expansion will be themed around, but they do say that rules for creating multiverses will be available in a few weeks. The DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box is due out in mid-2017.

Stronghold Games is releasing Ghost Catchers, a unique card game where players use see-through cards to match ghosts up with their shadows. Sharp eyes and fast hands will help a player achieve victory. The game includes many variations to scale the difficulty from children to adults. Ghost Catchers is due to be released in June 2017.

Cottage Garden, the popular tile laying game by Uwe Rosenberg, is seeing a US release by Stronghold Games. Cottage Garden uses a similar mechanic to the 2 player Patchwork to have players place various shaped flower tiles from the market efficiently into their two garden beds. Players receive a new flower bed whenever they complete an old one, and once a certain number of tiles have left the market, the player with the most points from their completed gardens is the winner. Cottage Garden is due out in June 2017.


Cryptozoic has published a recap of their experiences at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas this past week, with product updates and upcoming releases.

First of all, the DC Deck-Building Game will be receiving a few new additions, including:

  • Teen Titans, a new stand-alone game for the series
  • a few more variations to the previously-announced JSA pack, such as the Crossover Packs for Arrow, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Watchmen
  • DC Deck-Building Game Playmats featuring the box art from Heroes Unite and Forever Evil

Card Wars will also be seeing a few more expansions, including the Ice King vs Marceline and Lemongrab vs. Gunter decks.

Another announcement Cryptozoic made at the show was that they would be partnering with Looney Labs to create a Batman edition of the game Fluxx this year.

The staff of Cryptozoic thanks everyone who attend GAMA 2015 and stopped by to visit their booth.  They were excited to be able to share and demo their games with so many and consider this year’s show to be a big success, with hit upcoming games such as Spyfall and Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill receiving a lot of play time in their booth.

To see more about Cryptozoic’s time at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, follow this link.

forever evil contents

Coming this December from Cryptozoic Entertainment is the second expansion for the DC Deck Building Game. With this release both major comic book deck building games will have their villains expansion/stand alone version. This looks to offer a unique perspective for game players to come from with the villains being heroes and heroes being foes.

Read the press release from Cryptozoic Entertainment along with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment below.

Cryptozoic Entertainment™, the well-known developer of original and licensed games and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, announce the third installment of the successful DC Comics Deck-building game franchise, Forever Evil. Fans can play the game as the most infamous Super-Villains in the DC Comics universe.

This highly anticipated expansion to the DC Comics Deck-building game line offers up new tactics, more dangerous Attacks, rugged Defenses and dozens of unique ways to challenge opponents. Forever Evil also introduces Victory Point tokens to the DC Comics Deck-building Game. Now earn Victory Points throughout the game. Strategize as a favorite Super-Villain, then turn the tables on the Justice League and other Super Heroes. The Forever Evil Super-Villain theme takes the treachery to all new heights. It’s fun to be bad!

“It’s time to give the Super-Villains their due. The community has been calling for this and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver. Get ready for a lot of destruction with this new set!” says Cryptozoic Product Development Director, Adam Sblendorio. “This third release adds more depth, and an inventive way to approach the DC Comics universe.”

Forever Evil can be played as a standalone experience right out of the box. It is also fully compatible with the original DC Comics Deck-building Game and the second DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Heroes Unite for even more complexity of play.