dc comics deck-building game: forever evil

Fighting against the villains in the DC Comics Deck Building Game is pretty much the whole point of the game.  Then a couple years ago the Forever Evil set came out and turned the formula upside-down, letting you play the villains to beat up the heroes.  Well Cryptozoic decided that with this latest Crossover Pack, the villains could use a little help in order to defeat The Flash.

In Crossover Pack 5: The Rogues, you will get access to the super villains always coming up against The Flash; Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Heatwave, Mirror Master, Golden Glider, and Trickster.  Also in this pack will be the addition of a new teamwork mechanic where the villains can offer each other help, because they can’t defeat The Flash by themselves.  This pack also makes use of the VP tokens as a type of currency, because a good villain doesn’t work for free.  Look for this pack to hit store shelves this quarter, and once you have it you can mix it with any base set currently available.

forever evil

Cryptozoic has posted a preview of their newest addition to the DC deck-building game. This addition is called Forever Evil, and the preview features one of the newest characters to appear in the DC universe: Pandora along with her Pandora’s Box.

Pandora is a hero that adds the top card of the main deck to the line-up and receives +1 Power for each different cost among the cards in the line-up.

Would you be surprised to learn that Pandora can generate as much as +9 Power from the cards in this set? That’s some real purchasing power!

pandoras box

Pandora’s box is an equipment card that reveals the top card of the main deck, and then adds cards from the main deck to the line-up equal to the revealed card’s cost. The game is due to be released this week. For more on this click here.