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The Dice Tower Awards are only a couple months away in July at Dice Tower Con, so to ramp up to that day we are releasing the nominees for each award category.  And the nominees are:















quadropolis inside

Today saw an event that doesn’t happen too often – Days of Wonder announcing a new game! Quadropolis puts players in control of their own city where, as mayor, they must manage buildings and resources.

Quadropolis is a family game for ages 8 and up and between 2 and 4 players and should take between 30 and 60 minutes to play.

Players take control of their own city and will adjust their strategies depending on what is available in the central ‘Construction Site’ to be built in their cities. Buildings will allow players to score victory points, many can be combined for better results.

Buildings included tower blocks, parks, shops, public services, harbors & factories and players will need to balance all of these to ensure their city runs smoothly.

Rules & gameplay should be fairly simple and straight-forward, as are most of Days of Wonder’s offerings, while still offering plenty of variety and options to gameplay. I for one am looking forward to this title when it arrives in March here in Europe, and April in the US.

For more information see the Quadropolis website.

five tribes solo

While board gaming is mainly a social activity, there are some of us who like to sit down for a solo experience to either learn the game better or to just enjoy the game at your own pace.  Games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Games were designed from the start with the ability to be played solo, while other games, like Suburbia, tend to need some massaging to get the solo experience to work.  So Days of Wonder has done that massaging and released the rules for the solo variant of Five Tribes.  Designed by Bruno Cathala and Thierry Jolit, the solo variant has you going up against a dummy player, Yazid the First, as you try to usurp his throne before he has a chance to rally enough support to stop you.  You can head over to the Days of Wonder site and download the rules page for free and then try it yourself.

asmodee north america

The board gaming industry has been full of many recent mergers and acquisitions. Well, formally announced today is the grand-daddy of them all – Asmodee has announced that those games formerly published by Fantasy Flight Games, Days of Wonder, and Asmodee Editions will now be consolidated into Asmodee North America. Asmodee released the following information to their distributors:

“Beginning January 1st, 2016, the games formerly made available through Asmodee Editions, Days of Wonder, and Fantasy Flight Games, will be consolidated into one source: Asmodee North America.

These new terms and policies have been created with the goal of maintaining a healthy and thriving hobby games industry, and to allow to make additional investments in infrastructure and marketing to help you sell even more products.

Asmodee North America is committed to brick-and-mortar hobby market specialty retailers. We are very hopeful that our upcoming policy changes will balance the existing marketplace to reflect the value of those outlets providing outstanding customer experiences in a physical retail environment, and whom allow for so many gamers to enjoy events, demonstrations, and 
 in-store play.”

What impact will this have on the industry as a whole? Hopefully good things. Recent acquisitions have proven to be quite seamless. Keep your eyes out for future details about the specifics of the aforementioned merger.


ticket to ride banner digital

Days of Wonder announced that their incredibly popular digital version of Ticket to Ride has been overhauled from the ground up to accommodate a mess of features. The new version is a free update to everyone who has bought the digital game before, or available on IOS, Android, and Steam.

“In addition to the exciting cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer mode, players will enjoy an intuitive user interface, new social media capabilities to share exciting moments, and fresh content such as the Indian map, the first vertical map to be available on Ticket to Ride digital.”

As a fan of Ticket to Ride and it’s digital installment, this is very good news – It is evidence that refinement of the game has not been neglected. With asynchronous multiplayer, sharing a game with friends from incredible distances or varying degrees of involvement is much more pleasant and reinforces casual play. The user interface now adapts to orientation and personal preference better, which is essential nowadays with how fast we juggle mobile devices. Plus, there’s more maps, and anyone who loves Ticket to Ride, physical or digital, always welcomes more maps. Overall, good stuff!

So if you don’t already own the game, I do recommend it if you’re a fan of the franchise, and it’s available on pretty much everything and even better than before.

ticket to ride uk

Days of Wonder has opened up pre-orders for Ticket to Ride United Kingdom.  This expansion will contain maps for the United Kingdom and Pennsylvania and new rules. For the Pennsylvania map players will collect shares in a company for each route they claim, at the end of the game the player with the most shares in a each of the companies will receive bonus points. On the United Kingdom side of the board players will have to develop technologies to build longer train routes as well as ferries and routes in certain countries like Scotland and Wales.

You can pre-order directly from the Days of Wonder website here.


Get ready for the newest installment from a true titan among train games! Ticket to Ride Map Collection Volume 5 will include a double sided map for the United Kingdom and Pennsylvania as well as new train card and stock share decks that will introduce players to exciting new economic and technological challenges. Ticket to Ride United Kingdom is designed for 2-4 players and is an expansion to the existing popular game series, so you will need one of the stand-alone Ticket to Ride games to be able to play.


Curious to find out more? Check out the full press release below, or visit the Days of Wonder website here.

Days of Wonder announces new Ticket to Ride Map Collection Volume 5 – United
Kingdom Map Expansion
Also includes the Pennsylvania Map

Los Altos, CA; Paris, France – August 25, 2015.

Today, Days of Wonder announced the upcoming release of the 5th volume in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection – United Kingdom. With this new map designed for 2 to 4 players, players will need to develop their technologies to be able to extend their network over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland during the 19th century. The double-sided map also features the board of Pennsylvania, a state full of railroad history where players will invest in railroad companies to achieve victory.
The United Kingdom map comes with a complete new Train cards deck including additionnal
Locomotives, and Technology cards such as the Mechanical Stoker or the Thermocompressor
that will allow players to develop their Technology level and build faster trains and claim long
routes. The Pennsylvania map comes with 60 “Stock Shares” cards representing the great
railroad companies of Pennsylvania. On this map, claiming a route also allows a player to invest
in a company – having a majority of shares in a given company allows to score extra bonus
points at game end.

“The new Technology system in Ticket to Ride United Kingdom is really challenging”, says
Adrien Martinot, General Manager at Days of Wonder. “You need Locomotives to buy
Technologies, but you also need them to claim vital routes on the map. Finding the proper
balance between your Technologies and the expansion of your railroad network is the key to
victory! On the Pennsylvania map, the challenge is different, but still, you’ll need to make sure to
make the best investments in order to win”.

Ticket to Ride United Kingdom includes a double-sided map: the United Kindom map is
designed for 2-4 players and includes 116 new Train cards, 57 UK Destination Tickets, and 47
Technology cards. The Pennsylvania map is designed for 2-5 players and includes 50 Tickets
and 60 “Stock Shares” cards. Both of these maps require the trains from either Ticket to Ride®
or Ticket to Ride® Europe.

Ticket to Ride United Kingdom makes its debut at the Essen Fair in Germany in October and will
be available in game stores in Europe shortly after. It will be available in the rest of the world in

international game award

The 2015 International Gamers Award nominees for general strategy games released between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 have been announced. The nominees are grouped in two categories—multiplayer and two-player games.

The multiplayer nominees are:

Game Designer Publisher
Aquasphere Stefan Feld Tasty Minstrel Games/Quined Games
Deus Sebastien Dujardin Pearl Games/Asmodee
Elysium Matthew Dunstan and Brett Gilbert Space Cowboys/Rebel pl./Asmodee
Five Tribes Bruno Cathala Days of Wonder
Hyperborea Andrea Chiarvesio and Pierluca Zizzi Asmodee/Asterio Press
Kraftwagen Matthias Cramer ADC Blackfire Entertainment
La Granja Michael Keller and Andrea Odendahl PD Verlag/999 Games/Stronghold Games
Orleans Reiner Stockhausen Dlp Games/Tasty Minstrel Games
Panamax Gil d’Orey, Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade HC Distribuzione/Stronghold Games
Quartermaster General Ian Brody Griggling Games
Roll for the Galaxy Wei-Hwa Huang and Thomas Lehmann Rio Grande Games
Voyages of Marco Polo Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini Hans im Gluck/Z-man Games


The two-player nominees are:

Game Designer Publisher
Baseball Highlights 2045 Mike Fitzgerald Eagle/Gryphon Games
Fields of Arle Uwe Rosenberg Feuerland Spiele/Z-man Games
Patchwork Uwe Rosenberg Lookout Games/Mayfair Games
Star Realms Robert Dougherty and Darwin Kastle White Wizard Games
Star Wars Armada James Kniffen and Christian T. Petersen Fantasy Flight Games
Wir Sind das Volk Richard Sivel and Peer Sylvester Histogame

For more details on the nominated games, and on the nomination committee members please go to the International Gamers Awards website here.

Board Game Geek has reported that Asmodee has acquired the worldwide publishing, commercial and brand rights to the popular game Spot It!  They have been releasing the game under it’s original name Dobble since 2010 and will now have worldwide ownership of the game. With their prior acquisition of Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight Games Asmodee is certainly making a large presence in the board game community. You can read the full article on BoardGameGeek.com here.

Days of Wonder has announced that the Designer Edition of their hit game Small World will be available in limited amounts to everyone on June 9th. Small World is an area control game that takes fantasy races mixes them with unique special powers in a way that you are never guaranteed the same power with a specific race each time. Players try to control as many territories on a small map with their race/power combo until they decide to send their race into decline and start again with a new combination. You can only have one active race and one in decline on the board at a time and you will score points for every area you control at the end of your turn. It’s quite fun to play and one of the rare games that is easy to introduce to new gamers as well as providing enough strategy and depth for gamers to enjoy.

Small World Designer Edition was an add on in a Kickstarter for the digital edition of Small World. It takes the already high quality components that Days of Wonder is known for and brings them to a level that very few games achieve.

The Small World Designer Edition includes deluxe wooden tokens covering all races from the base game and the Cursed!,Grand Dames, Be Not Afraid and Royal Bonus expansions, plus Race banners and Special Powers banners that are all heat-printed on wood. The victory points are custom metal coins that vary in shape and size depending on their value, and are stored in little leather purses to hide your fortune from your opponents. The Designer Edition also includes three super-sized boards for 2-3, 4-5 and 6 players, as well as numerous custom finely-sculpted resin figures for game elements such as the Dragon, Heroes, Pots of Gold, Fireballs, Catapult, etc. Last but not least, it also includes the famous “Pocket Encyclopedia” of Small World from the Kickstarter Campaign.

The components all come in a beautiful wooden box and in total is said to weigh approx. 50 lbs. Tom Vasal has a video review here where you can see the game in all it’s glory. Honestly even if you have no interest in attempting to purchase a copy it’s worth watching the video just to see the final product.

Speaking of attempting to purchase the game will in a very limited release and Days of Wonder recommends if you are interested in buying a copy you should place an order as soon as possible after it goes on sale.

On June 9, 2015, on 3 pm GMT(8 am PDT) we will open the orders for the Designer Edition of Small World. We anticipate a high amount of orders, and we must remind you that our stocks are limited. So, make sure to place your order as soon as possible on June 9! Please also note that the offer is limited to one copy per person; you cannot order several copies of the Designer Edition.

If you want a copy of the game and you don’t manage to grab a one of the limited Designer Editions or don’t want to pay the hefty (but very fair) price you should head over to your favorite FLGS/OLGS and get yourself a copy of Small World.