Daryl Andrews

Floodgate Games, the makers of Sagrada, have announced Bosk – A game of majestic trees and falling leaves.

In Bosk, players control a species of tree and compete to control areas of the park by letting their trees’ leaves blow and land in different spaces. The game is played over four rounds – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In spring, you plant your trees and in Summer, visitors travel the trails where you planted trees and reward players based on tree placement. However, keep in mind that where you plant your trees in the spring also affects your long-term plans. In autumn, the game picks up the pace. By manipulating the wind direction and deciding how many leaves fall from each tree, players try to maximize their control of the board. In winter, the leaves are used to score points based on the area controlled.

Each player also controls one cute-as-heck squirrel meeple. No one can mess with your squirrel!

Bosk is designed by Daryl Andrews & Erica Bouyouris. Illustrations are by Kwanchai Moriya. The game is for 2-4 players aged 13+ and plays in 30-45 minutes.

Pre-orders of Bosk commence April 22 and retail release is in July 2019.

Floodgate Games has announced the next 3 expansions to their hit dice drafting game by Adrian Adamescu and Daryl AndrewsSagrada (2017). Sagrada, which has 1-4 players draft colored dice to specific patterns on their stained glass board, had its first expansion this year. The 5-6 player expansion added more players, private objectives, and new window patterns. The next 3 expansions, deemed the Great Facade Expansions, will be called Passion, Life and Glory, after the three facades of the Sagrada Familia. A little is known about the Passion expansion, due out “next spring”. Passion will include inspiration cards, which allow once per round or once per game special abilities when drafting or placing dice. New glass dice are clear, wild colored dice, which come with special rule cards. Although the glass dice are extremely powerful, players can only have one on their board at a time. Public objectives specific to the rare glass dice will also be available. Finally, new symmetry public objectives require players to create symmetric patterns on their board. Keep an eye on Floodgate’s website for release dates and more information.

Listen…  you smell something?  There have been several Ghostbusters themed board games over the years.  Now, Renegade Game studios, in conjunction with Albino Dragon and Sony Pictures, has announced Ghostbusters: The Card Game.

There is presently no Board Game Geek entry for the game, and not many game play details were provided in Renegade’s announcement.  So, what do we know?  It’s a card drafting and set collection game for 2-5 players, ages eight and up.  The game was designed by Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris, and the cards feature a cartoon aesthetic with original illustrations by Jacqui Davis and Todd Bright.

“Compete against your friends and family to collect ghosts from the Ghostbusters universe. You’ll call upon your favorite Ghostbusters to help you set your ghost trap and capture the highest point ghosts on the board.”

The announcement and product page indicate that the game is due out this Fall.

Grey Fox Games has announced on twitter a new imprint, Social Sloth Games, focusing on casual games for people of all experience levels with the motto “Slow Down, Have Fun”. The first game on the Social Sloth label will be Creatures and Cupcakes, a 2-4 player push your luck game designed by Daryl Andrews (Sagrada, City of Gears). In Creatures and Cupcakes, players are monster trainers, using sweets to try to tame two monsters. However, the monsters are greedy, and too much sugar will give them an upset stomach. Look for Creatures and Cupcakes to hit Kickstarter in May 2018. Future titles from Social sloth will include Zoned Out, a tile laying city building game, and Gem Hens.

Casual Games Revolution, the group behind Casual Game Insider magazine, has announced their nominees for the Best Casual Game of 2017, and they need your votes to secure the winner. A panel of 12 judges was given the daunting task to narrow the field of games, picking their best casual game, released in the US in 2017, which was a base game and not an expansion. Below are the judges picks for the final three.

The first nominee is Azul by Plan B Games, designed by Michael Kiesling. In Azul, 4 players take turns drafting beautiful plastic colored tiles in order to fill lines on their board, and therefore fill in a defined pattern. Points are earned by making connecting groups of tiles, and completing horizontal and vertical lines in the mosaic. But be careful; if you pick up too many tiles and do not have room for them on your board, they fall to the ground and lose points.

Also nominated was Go Nuts For Donuts by Gamewright and designer Zachary Eagle. 2-6 Players simultaneously place and reveal number cards designating which donuts they want to select from a lineup, but if multiple players go for the same pastry, that donut is discarded and no one gets it. Players try to collect sets, pairs of matching donuts, or powerful unique donuts to maximize their points.

The third nominee is  Sagrada by Floodgate Games, designed by Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews. Sagrada is a dice drafting and placement game for 1-4 players, who try to complete a stained glass pattern on their personal board. Dice come in multiple colors, and constraints exists about where colors and numbers can be placed. Dice drafting is in a snaking order, going from first player to last, then last back to first, with the first player moving each round. Scoring goals change each game, and hidden goals exist for each player.

Casual Games Revolution will hold open voting for the winner on their webpage here until January 25, 2018.

Roar: King Of The Pride is a new board game from IDW Games, and designers Daryl Andrews (Sagrada) and Erica Bouyouris, which has players competing to be the dominant lion pride in Africa. 3-6 players must manage their food supply, expand into new territories and raise cubs to compete effectively. Be careful of other players’ secret objectives, and new more powerful threats that encroach into the Savannah. Expect Roar: King of the Pride in March 2018.

Loot Island from Whats Your Game and Aaron Haag (Yunnan) is a pirate themed card game with an interesting balance between teamwork and selfishness. 2-5 players take turns placing their map cards on the landings of Loot Island. Each location requires enough map cards to find the loot, but the loot must be divided among the contributing players, with first come first served. Do you add to the map to gain a small share, or do you withhold your information, hoping the other players fail to find any loot at all? And just to make it crazier, there is a traditional pirate curse which must be broken. Loot Island should hit stores in November 2017.

Quick Simple Fun Games has announced Muse, a deduction game for 2-12 players reminiscent of Dixit, where players use cards of insane art to guide teammates to inspiration. Muse can be played cooperatively, or at larger player counts, in teams. One player takes on the role of Muse, giving clues within the confines of their inspiration card, leading their team to their chosen masterpiece. Muse should hit stores by November 24, 2017.

Green Couch Games announced their latest game coming to Kickstarter, Before the Earth Explodes.  In the game the world is in a bad way, overpopulation and dwindling resources have set the world on the road to ruination.  So it’s up to the elite factions of the world to explore the cosmos for a new home, new technology, new allies, or new resources that could save the Earth.  But lest you think you are cooperating, keep in mind you want all the glory for yourself, so travel out on your warship and try to save humanity first!

The game is for two players and hinges on an action selection system that is similar to rock-paper-scissors.  You will simultaneously select an action and then reveal at the same time, and with each action being able to be stopped but one of the other actions, it becomes a gaming of trying to out think your opponent.  Plus if you manage to avoid being damaged on a turn, you get to take special actions as well dictated by your chosen action.  Be the first to colonize 7 planets or destroy your opponent and you will be the winner.  That is, unless you find alternate win conditions during the game, in that case you could win by satisfying those as well.  Overall it sounds like a fun game for two players, look for it on Kickstarter in August of this year, and at retail in Q1 of 2018.  More information can be found in the full press release below.


(Grand Rapids, Michigan) – Green Couch Games heads to space Before The Earth Explodes!

Resources are dwindling. Overpopulation is destroying the planet. Time is running out. Elite factions are exploring the cosmos for a new home, new technology, new allies, or the resources needed to repair the plight of their damaged homeworld. With nothing left to lose and on the brink of madness, these warring Earthlings, equipped with deep-space warships with expansive cargo holds, will do whatever it takes to claim the glory for saving humanity…Before The Earth Explodes!

Before The Earth Explodes is a game that uses clever tactics and intuition to be the first player to advance to the top of the technology track, colonize 7 new planets, destroy the opposing faction, or meet a variable victory condition based on an encounter with an ally ship. In the game, players choose actions simultaneously to determine their course of play. Using a Rock-Paper-Scissors-style of action resolution, a scout will attack an invading ship while an invading ship will damage an away party or a mining vessel while a mining vessel will defend itself against a scout. If a player is able to avoid taking damage they will get to carry out special actions based on the card played. These actions allow players to increase their technology level, encounter an ally ship, clone an opponent’s ability, take control of a new planet, or mine for resources.

Before the Earth Explodes is 2-player space epic in a small package and each games takes 20-30 minutes to play. The game was created by the prolific design team and members of Game Artisans of Canada, Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu (Sagrada, Mine All Mines, and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown).

The game will include 46 cards, 30 resource markers, and 4 player tokens. Art and graphic design is being provided by Davy Wagnarok whose love for retro sci-fi is helping to bring the game to life for the game table.

Before the Earth Explodes will launch on Kickstarter in August of 2017 with plans for a Q1 2018 release.

Green Couch Games was founded by Jason Kotarski to release great little games that make great big connections. Before The Earth Explodes will be their 9th release following Fidelitas, Best Treehouse Ever, JurassAttack!, Avalanche at Yeti Mountain, Wok on Fire, Rocky Road a la Mode, OutLawed!, and Ladder 29. Jason is also a game designer and co-host of the  20 Minutes of Filler Podcast.

In Tower of London by WizKids players will compete for victory by collecting ravens, dispatching Beefeaters, and fighting to control the tower. The game is designed by Daryl Andrews and Stephen Sauer, and supports 3-5 players with a play time of about 45 minutes.

In Tower of London, on each turn, players play two cards: the first card determines which building their Beefeater (guard) goes into, and the second card has a special power that triggers from the perspective of the Beefeater just placed.

At the end of a round, certain areas of the tower are scored based on who controls the majority of buildings by having the most Beefeaters in each. The game is over at the end of three rounds or when a player collects 7 ravens, in which case the game ends immediately.

Releasing in April, Tower of London is available for pre-order today. For additional information, please visit the WizKids Tower of London web page.

walled city

From Mercury Games:

Mercury Games is pleased to officially announce “The Walled City: Londonderry” by designers Daryl Andrews and Stephen Sauer.

“The Walled City: Londonderry” pits rival politicians against one another to become the First Mayor of the city. Founding a medieval walled city is no easy task and you are about to find out just how difficult it can be!

walled city components

Two rounds with multiple turns are played with a scoring phase after each. Quick play is complimented by tough decisions, and missed opportunities can come back to haunt you.  Providing a safe place to live for the peasants will earn you a large reward, but failing to construct the city wall in time will see the loyal knights abandon the city for safe haven.

Each turn consists of playing cards to build roads that form neighborhoods with citizens that have allegiances to one of the players. Nominate watchmen to the towers, rig districts (called gerrymandering) and raise great walls.  All these play a part in solidifying your power as you attempt to climb to the top of the political heap.

All the while the Guilds that you align yourself with impart special powers that can upset the plans of your rivals. Move a road to form a new neighborhood where the citizens in your camp are in the majority or remove a wall that protects rival citizens from the ravages of the surrounding area. The Guilds will affect the outcome of who runs the city when all the dust settles.

“The Walled City: Londonderry” is a highly thematic and elegant area control/area influence game for 2-4 players that plays in about 60 minutes.  As with all Mercury Games products, players will enjoy the unique mechanics and interesting choices this game has to offer.