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Available now is Daily Magic Games’ Valeria: Card Kingdoms, designed by Isaias Vallejo. The goal of the game is to become the next king of Valeria by scoring the most points through slaying monsters, buying domains, as well as a secret objective revealed at the end of game. Valeria: Card Kingdoms will be familiar to fans of Machi Koro where cards drafted from a common pool will provide resources on all player turns when dice are rolled. Expanding on this game play is the fantasy theme and an action phase where players are able to slay monsters, recruit citizens, buy domains, or take another resource.

Valeria: Card Kingdoms comes with the following components:

  • 216 Cards
  • 32 Divider cards
  • 2 custom D6s
  • 175 Wooden tokens
  • 14 Cardboard tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

For additional information, visit Daily Magic Games’ website or Valeria: Card Kingdoms’ sell sheet.


With a expected release date of July 22nd, Manasurge (from Daily Magic Games) will soon be available for everyone to purchase.

In Manasurge you are trying to take control of the world crystal, but only the greatest of wizard will be able to claim it by collecting it’s shards in magic combat.  The game itself is an upgraded trick taking game where you only have to play a higher number (not necessarily needing to match suit, but if you do you get to activate the power of the spell and affect the game).  This is called resonating and when you do it you can collect a shard too, but be careful, the person who gets stuck not being able to play a card loses the round, gets hit by the spell taking damage, and loses any potential point gains they had that round.  If you manage you use all your cards you trigger a manasurge, where you immediately gain two points and draw a new hand.  First player to get 12 shards is the winner.

You can see the release notice from the distributor, Hit Point Sales, here on their website and look for it on store shelves in just a short time.