Cthulhu Wars

Cthulhu Wars is a strategy board game designed by Sandy Petersen, and Lincoln Petersen, where 2-4 players control the Old Ones and alien races who struggle to control the ruins of Earth. The Cthulhu Wars: Daemon Sultan expansion adds 3 Great Old Ones, Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis, to take on the likes of Cthulhu himself.

Chaos Gates are also added, and can only be controlled by the insane Daemon Sultan faction, which can displace and destroy ordinary gates. Unlike the other factions, the Daemon Sultan start with no units on the board, but quickly grow to compensate for this slower start. Their Spellbooks are also one-use per full Action Phase, like the core game’s Thousand Forms Spellbook. This expansion also includes the Elder Shoggoth, who is able to evolve any unit into any other unit, up to and including Great Old Ones.

The Cthulhu Wars: Daemon Sultan expansion is on Kickstarter up until Wednesday, May 5th, 2019, and has already hit 5x its funding goal with over 3,800 backers. There are multiple pledge levels which allow for additional add-ons, and allows backers to get the original Cthulhu Wars Core Game required to play this expansion. The estimated project delivery is June of 2020.

Petersen Games and designer Sandy Petersen (Cthulhu Wars) have a new asymmetric 4X space game on Kickstarter, Hyperspace. Hyperspace is designed to be a fast moving (1-2 hours), 2-4 player space epic with little downtime, selling itself as having no upkeep phase, keeping everything continuous actions until the end of the game. Players have 3 actions on their turn, choosing from move, build, battle, produce and research. The base game comes with 4 very unique aliens, each with its own weakness, bonus super ability, super tech, super unit, and a victory ability just for that species. The board is comprised of hex tiles, each of which is unique. All of the mechanisms are simple, elegant versions what you expect in a space game. The outposts, which produce resources, have slots to place cardboard tokens, denoting which resource they produce – Metal, Atomics, Organic, or Hyper. Battles are swift and decisive – ships attack with a specific die type (d6, d8, d10), and defend with a single value. Of note is that attackers decide who they are shooting, picking from any of the defenders units. Movement uses an action, but a single action can move ships as far as you like through player owned territory, as long as you have the Atomics to fuel it. Like most Petersen games, the components are a thing of beauty – Hyperspace comes with 100+ gorgeous plastic miniatures, 42 planets, 122 cards, and more than 300 cardboard tokens, rings and dice. 22 more expansion species are available as extra buys, making the variability and replayability extraordinary. The Kickstarter Campaign for Hyperspace continues through February 21, and the game is expected to ship in August 2020.

Sandy Petersen, one of the great horror game designers (Cthulhu Wars, Theomachy), has a new game currently on Kickstarter, Planet Apocalypse. Planet Apocalypse is a 1-5 player cooperative game which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by hellish demons. Players can select one of 5 distinctive heroes, each with unique special abilities. The heroes need to defeat invading demons on their way to the final Demon Lord, who can only be beaten with multiple small attacks, followed by calculated retreats to heal and regain courage.

The miniatures are everything one would expect from a Sandy Petersen game, which is to say amazingly detailed demonic creatures straight from another plane. All miniatures were designed by renowned artist Keith Thompson, and were made to a larger 28mm scale, with some minis stretching more than 100mm tall. Multiple maps, Demon Lords, and missions make the game highly replayable. The core game comes with more than 100 cards, 42 dice, hundreds of counters and tokens, and 29 miniatures. The add-on Void Pack adds more miniatures, components, and boards, and with the inevitable stretch goals makes this campaign a gold mine of detailed miniature gameplay. Finally, for those who simply cannot wait, there is a high pledge level where 1 lucky backer will be able to play the game with Sandy nearly 5 months before it delivers.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Planet Apocalypse continues through February 26, and the game is expected to deliver in February 2019.

Cthulhu Wars is the miniature war game with not so mini miniatures, and gameplay similar to Risk, but much deeper and more varied with different units and asymmetric player powers.  It has done very well since it’s release, sitting at #31 for thematic games, and has even had a Kickstarter to fund expansion content two years ago called Onslaught 2.  Well here we are with Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3, and even more factions and goodies have been added to further expand this already giant game, both in scope and physical size.

For this campaign you can get the new Ancients faction, complete with spells and figures, markers for things like eradication, tons of new neutral units and figures, and even new maps to explore.  Basically you are getting loads more content to further expand the game and give you more options to play with than what you already have.  Also, they are including things like custom battle dice for each faction and the hardcover rule-book, updated with all the extras found in this and previous campaigns.  You can even pledge for EVERYTHING, plopping down $749 to get everything released to date of Cthulhu Wars, including the base game.  So if you want to invest in this mountain of plastic, head on over to the campaign page.


The Dice Tower Awards are only a couple months away in July at Dice Tower Con, so to ramp up to that day we are releasing the nominees for each award category.  And the nominees are:
















Thinker Tinker Maker (TTM), an Oregon based duo that creates custom game components, is now planning on starting up a company to sell laser-cut board game inserts, accessories, and components. For their first project, they’re creating a Kickstarter for board game inserts. According to TTM, their inserts will accomplish the following:

  1. Consolidate shelf space to make room for more games
  2. Decrease setup and pack up time
  3. Enhance presence, interaction, and organization of components
  4. Draw envious eyes of other gamers

From the gallery of their current inserts, I’ll definitely agree with point 4, since the inserts are filled with nice thematic laser-cut designs.

Currently, you can get inserts from the following games on the Kickstarter:

TTM plans to use the Kickstarter funds to get its own laser cutter for future inserts. After the Kickstarter, TTM will launch an online store with the items at standard prices (the Kickstarter has discounted prices based on bulk). If you want to get an insert for one of your games (or just want to see some neat inserts), check out the Kickstarter here!


Petersen Games, who brought us Cthulhu Wars and the yet to be released Orcs Must Die! has a new game on Kickstarter called Dicenstein designed Chris Fernandez and Tom McGinty.

Dicenstein is a dice game that casts 2-4 players as a mad doctor who is digging up, collecting, and stitching together various parts of the most infamous monsters to create your Ultimate Creation! You will battle your rivals for superior monster parts with your best monsters while creating a monster army to savage the countryside.

Become a mad scientist, digging through graveyards to stitch together wacky hybrid monsters and send them to battle!

Players will seed a burial key board with various monsters drawn randomly from a bag, then place the corresponding dice for each monster on the graveyard symbols indicated on the burial key. This means that if you have more than 12 monsters in the game box (which will be the case for each backer) you set up will be different every time.

dicenstein stuff

During the game players will send their hunchback assistant into the monster graveyard to dig up parts (collect dice). When you have enough dice you can roll them all and use the results to piece together a monster. Each monster requires a head, hand, body, and foot and various parts from various monsters is allowed and encouraged. The newly created monster will take the place of your hunchback and do your digging/fighting for you.

Each of the monsters in the game that you can dig up has different special abilities that aid the players during the game, a few examples of the included monsters and their special abilities are:

  • Werewolf – Overwhelming Rage
  • Clown – Terror
  • Invisible Man – Invisibility
  • Unicorn – Charge

The Kickstarter doesn’t cover just the base game, two expansion are available through it as well. Brides of Dicenstein adds three new monsters (Bride of Dicenstein, Medusa, and a Witch) and Return to Castle Dicenstein increases the player count to 2 – 8 players and also includes 8 new monsters.

Dicenstein certainly looks like a exciting and entertaining game that will come with a ton of 18mm colorful dice and some cool artwork by Daniel Hughes II. It should be 45 minutes of family friendly fun. So if you like games with loads of dice rolling and fast strategic gameplay then you should check out Dicenstein on Kickstarter here.


Cthulhu Wars is finally coming to your friendly local game store.  This game was funded on Kickstarter and put out by Game Salute and Green Eye Games.  Described as the heaviest game in terms of physical weight that Game Salute has ever published as a result of containing 64 miniatures including 5 Great Old Ones and a lot of other components.

This game is definitely ignoble.  You are trying to take down your opponents and try to wake your personal great old one.  Being on the longer end of the middle length games at 90-120 minutes this is a game that you will be having to invest a bit into getting a good play with.

Regardless of what you think of Game Salute this will be a retail version of the game and should be jam packed.  It is being made available for purchase nearly a year after it was originally supposed to have been delivered to backers after its Kickstarter which is based on their latest backer update slated to ship to backers sometime in November or December of this year.  Based on that I would expect this to be shipping to retail customers in January 2015.

To read Game Salute’s full release announcement head on over to their website here.