Chiyo’s Secret is an upcoming game from designer J.B. Howell and published by WizKids. Checking a distributor’s page and its BGG listing have given me some reasons for excitement for Chiyo’s Secret. What peeked my interest in this hidden role game is that its BGG summation brought out feelings of recent classic games like Coup and Love Letter:

“You are a noble ally of the daimyo, perhaps with a secret agenda of your own… Chiyo’s Secret has four teams: Loyal Allies, who seek to capture Chiyo and Fusanobu and send them to be executed for their crimes; Usurpers, who seek to lure Fusanobu and the Daimyo into a trap and seize power for themselves; Betrayers, who seek to betray the Daimyo and present Chiyo and Fusanobu to the Shogun instead; and the lone Motonaka who seeks to protect his parents, hiding them until the Shogun arrives.”

If this intrigues you as well you can already learn the backstory and how to play this 5-8 player, 45-60 minute game as the final rules are already posted and show off the art and components as well.

J.B. Howell may not be a famous board game designer yet, but 2019 may change that, with two other WizKids games scheduled to release, as well as at least three from other publishers. One of which, Reavers of Midgard by Grey Fox Games, the newest game in their Champions of Midgard universe, may be cause for some series fans to check out Chiyo’s Secret to examine Howell’s design skills. I am equally interested in another 2019 release of Howell’s called Papillon, which combines butterflies and flowers in a game of set collection, tile placement, and area control/area influence into a unique looking package.

Gamers  will starter to gather information and seek out others to complete their objectives in January 2019 when Chiyo’s Secret is scheduled to release.

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indie action

Today Indie Boards and Cards, publisher of Coup and the Flash Point series, will be merging with Action Phase Games, best know for the Heroes Wanted series.  Both companies will now be publishing under the Indie Boards and Cards name, but you will still see games like Heroes Wanted and other select games with the Action Phase Games name.  Mergers and shifts in the industry like this are normal as the industry grows and expands and so we hope this new arrangement will result in even more excellent games.  You can read the full press release below.


Today, Indie Boards and Cards, a California based publisher of board games and Indiana based Action Phase Games proudly announce the pending merger of the two companies and key personnel into a single games publishing behemoth.

Going forward, the teams will work together on releasing new games mostly under the Indie Boards and Cards imprint. The Action Phase Games brand will continue as the imprint for the successful Heroes Wanted line of games and other select projects. As both companies use PSI (Publisher Services International) to handle Hobby and Mass-Market distributor relationships, there will be no changes to the retailer terms and conditions for either product line as a result of this merger.

“Having experienced tremendous growth over the past seven years, Indie Boards and Cards was at a critical point,” said Travis Worthington, CEO of Indie Boards and Cards. “I just couldn’t keep up with our existing business and continue to grow the company without bringing on a very talented group of game designers and developers. Travis R. Chance and Nick Little are excellent additions, with a proven track record of making great games and providing great convention coverage and customer support.  Together we are going to be unstoppable!”

“I am very excited to be working within Indie Boards and Cards,” said Travis R. Chance, Director of Product Development & Marketing at Indie Boards and Cards. “We now have access to financial resources and market reach that we never had before and are looking to expand the number and quality of games we release each year. Ever since the news of merger discussions started to spread, we’ve been seeing a lot more game designs from both established and first time game designers.”

“There are a lot of games and design concepts that have been sitting on the back burner at both Indie Boards and Cards and Action Phase Games that we’ll be able to work on now that I am able to focus on board game development full time,” said Nick Little, Director of Product Development & Manufacturing at Indie Boards and Cards. “I also look forward to working the convention circuit with Travis & Travis to find the gaming world’s next big blockbuster hit.”

Indie Boards and Cards will continue to operate out of Oakland, California and have a regional office in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indie Boards and cards will have a major presence at the Origins, GenCon and Essen conventions later this year.

About Indie Boards and Cards

Indie Boards and Cards started in 2009 with the hand-made release of 100 copies of Triumvirate. Over the years, we have had the good fortune to work with many great game designers, illustrators, graphic designers, manufacturers, foreign publishers and thousands of retailers to expand beyond our humble beginnings.  By focusing on the simple motto of “Making games that people enjoy playing,” Indie Boards and Cards has become a multi-million dollar business with over one million games sold.  Indie Boards and Cards best known titles include The Resistance, Coup and Flash Point Fire Rescue.

coup anarchy cards

Coup’s expansion is getting an expansion! Available now on Kickstarter for a very short time is the expansion to Coup Rebellion G54.

Last year Indie Boards and Cards Cards released the exciting sequel to Coup called Coup Rebellion G54.  This year we are excited to expand the G54 system with 6 new roles and a special general action card.

This campaign will only run for 9 days and will not have any stretch goals. It needed $1,000 to fund and has already reached six times that number by this writing.

We are only making this special edition of this expansion with promos for the biggest fans of G54. Kickstarter really is a great platform to do that through – without kickstarter we could really only offer these promo items to the limited number of people that attend big events like GenCon and Essen.

There are a myriad of available backing levels and readers should look at the fine print to figure out what exactly they want from the campaign. You can find all your options and read more by going HERE.

coup brazilian art

Indie Boards & Cards (Flashpoint: Fire Rescue, The Resistance, Coup) announces a project to fund a special edition of Coup, the internationally acclaimed game of bluff and deception, with beautiful Brazilian art.  Coup has been published in many languages around the world, and many of these international versions feature unique art, inspired by a diverse set of local artistic culture.

Artist Weberson Santiago and publisher Funbox are collaborating with Indie Boards & Cards to release an English language edition of Coup featuring the beautifully unique artwork from the Brazilian version of the game.  This will be a limited release and will include the Allegiance and Inquisitor mechanics from the Reformation expansion in a single box called the Coup Deluxe Edition – Brazil Art. 

The publisher is currently running a very brief, 15-day Kickstarter project for this new version of the game.  For more information and to support this project, visit its Kickstarter page.

Indie Boards & Cards has launched their latest Kickstarter campaign for a new version of Coup.  This standalone game Coup:Rebellion G54 is in the same world as regular Coup and should be easy for anyone that has played the original game to play.  But this particular version is not integratable with previous versions.

This edition of the game has 25 different roles that can be selected from and you will choose 5 of these at the beginning of the game.  as a result of this you will have over 5000 different ways the cards can interact with each other.  This should allow for dynamic play each game should you so choose to have that or find a combination of cards you like playing with and you can master that particular set.

They have stated that they took cards being sleeved or unsleeved into consideration when doing the box up for this game.  Additionally they will have dividers in place so that you can quickly see each role and select the ones you want without having to rifle through the deck each time.

Included as promos with this game are a full set of coins in the 1 and 3 point denominations.  Additionally they will be including 25 extra cards which will allow for having spare cards incase one card gets damaged or allowing you to have up to 8 players.  Finally they have said they will be including a promo for the base game of Coup the Jester which is a modified version of the ambassador.

For full details on this project head over to their Kickstarter page here.


Essen is around the corner and Indie Boards and Cards will have some special editions of their games.   Coup: Reformation, Dragon Slayer, The Resistance: Hostile Intent & Hidden Agenda, and Flash Point: Honor & Duty will each of their Kickstarter Edition available.  Roar-a-Saurus will also be available and it was just funded on Kickstarter on September 16 for $19,161 of a $1,000 goal.

Indie Boards and Cards will return to Hall 3, booth 3N102 and are looking for volunteers…

We also still need a few good game demonstrators for the show. If you can work with us for at least a full day (or two half days), please send me an email at – knowledge of German & English is preferred. Be sure to include when you can work in the booth, and the games that you are comfortable teaching.

coup reformation

Reformation is an expansion to Coup. Reformation adds Allegiances – players are either in support of the government (Loyalists) or the resistance (Reformists).Reformation also includes the Inquisitor variant, and additional role cards to expand play up to 10 players. Originally introduced in a very limited edition at Essen 2013 that sold out in hours, Reformation is a perfect expansion to an already great game adding a new layer of manipulation and deceit for Coup fanatics.

Coup is a lightning fast game of bluff and manipulation for 2-6 players.  If you don’t already have Coup, you will need to get it in order to use the Reformation expansion.The Reformation & Coup KS pledge levels (starting at $30) is a great way to get both at the same time or to upgrade your retail copy to include all the nice little extras of the kickstarter edition (alternative art cards & foil coins). The closing date on Kickstarter is April 15, 2014, the current pledged amount is $77,694 and the funding goal for the project is $10,000. The estimated delivery date is Aug 2014.