Council of Four

Council of Four was originally published in 2015 by Cranio Creations, and designed by Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini but in early 2018, CMON will be bringing it back to tables everywhere in an updated version with new art, a new box size, and their signature attention to detail. Oh, and of course, miniatures.

Council of Four has 2-4 players taking on the roles of rich merchants seeking to build lavish emporiums within cities in the Three Kingdoms. These Three Kingdoms are ruled by the Councils, each consisting of Four nobles. These Councils are, as might be suspected, easily corruptible and have a very fluid membership, thanks to wealthy merchants such as yourselves. You have to gain permits and build emporiums in the most lucrative locations to win, but don’t neglect the Emperor, as he allows you to build without permits.

With 4 different actions you can take on a given turn, 4 ways to score points, and 8 possible configurations of the modular board, the game offers differing strategies and a variable setup, two things that often lead to a great deal of replayability.

The game plays in 40-75 minutes, and is on the lighter end of the scale, is good for new players, and the new version looks great with pleasing art and well-sculpted minis.


CMON and Cranio Creations’ first collaboration, Unusual Suspects, has hits stores and already they are liking the buzz they are getting, so they want to continue the relationship with two more games.  The first game is a Lorenzo il Magnifico, in it “players control prominent families during the Italian renaissance, aiming to become the most influential among the other players. To do so, they must earn victory points by sending the members of their families out to gather resources, gain development cards (representing a multitude of different things, such as new territory, influential people and more), and put those development cards to use. Of course, the families must also pay their respect to the Church or face hard penalties when the time comes.”  The game was showcased at Essen 2016 and was well received and so they will publish it in English with the same art and mechanics.


The second game is an updated and revamped version of the game Council of Four, one that Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower tried to get for the Dice Tower Essentials line of games.

In the Council of 4, players take on the rolls of rich merchants in a prosperous Empire that’s divided into three Kingdoms. The Kingdoms are each ruled by a council of four nobles. Players will do whatever it takes to obtain building permits for their Emporiums within the Kingdoms’ cities. Bribery and political power struggles abound; even the Queen is not above being swayed, overlooking the need for permits from time to time. The player that gains the most points through connecting Emporiums, having the most in a Kingdom’s cities, obtaining permits, or increasing their rank on the nobility track will win the game.

The game also contains a modular board and different options for gameplay are chosen at the beginning, making this a highly varied and replayable game.  While the mechanics of the game remain largely untouched, they have updated the art of the game and included miniatures, because what is a CMON game without minis?  Look for both of these games on store shelves in the second quarter of 2017.