For a one-of-a-kind adult camping/convention hybrid, it doesn’t get much better than Epic Nerd Camp. Ever wanted to learn sword fighting, archery, horseback riding, while having a huge board gaming library available on the same campground? Look no further than Starrucca, Pennsylvania to find just that. 2017 marks the 2nd year of the event and tickets are on sale now. As described via their press release:

Annually held, Epic Nerd Camp is a camp/con experience that focuses on building community through social activities, learning hero skills, expressing creativity, and making lasting friendships that come from summer camp. […]There’s so much to entertain at Epic Nerd Camp. You just pick what you like and you can improve your skills and/or learn new ones.”

Available activities include Arts & Crafts, such as making chainmail or cosplay outfits, LARPing, swordplay, archery, wall climbing, juggling, swimming, and more. There will also be an air conditioned gaming room with an impressive board gaming library which will also host special events. The camp takes places across two sessions which either or both can be attended, from August 12th – 16th, and then the 16th – 20th. If you’re interested in Epic Nerd Camp 2017, check out their website and their YouTube channel for more information!

genghis con

Genghis Con 2016 is right around the corner, being held from February 11-14, 2016, in Aurora, Colorado at the Radisson Southeast.

Genghis Con will feature many opportunities in gaming, such as:

  • Role-playing games (Savage Worlds, D&D, and Hero’s RPG)
  • Access to the Gen Con board game library, with over 700 games (Board Game Ribbon required to access)
  • Auction
  • Catan Regional Championship qualifier (winner will compete at Gen Con 2016)
  • Miniatures room run by Gamer’s Haven game store
  • Envoy Games regional championships in Diamonds, Game of 49, Spellcaster, Nevermore, Skull King, and Wizard
  • Artemis Bridge Simulator
  • Cosplay contest
  • Live-action role-playing
  • Dungeon Crawl of Awesome featuring an entire floor for a sic-fi dungeon crawl

Hotel rooms are available for $89/night with the group code “Gen Con”.  For more information, visit the convention’s web site at

dtn gencon


Well, I guess a Friday evening in the hotel makes for a difficult internet connection.  Apologies for the delay in yesterday’s content however you can stay current with the news by following @dicetower_news on Twitter.

One of the two biggest news stories from Friday was FFG’s announcement of their upcoming Star Wars Imperial Assault game that resembles their very successful Descent dungeon crawl however, with a Star Wars Theme.

imperial assault componentsThe other huge event was the Dice Tower Live show at 8pm.  The room was PACKED with fans and the panel of Tom, Eric, and Zee welcomed many guests from the Dice Tower Network along with owner of Stronghold Games, Stephen Buonocore.




The halls were packed but only to be topped by the Saturday crowd.  Saturday hosts the ever popular costume parade and there were quite a few costumes to be found:

IMAG0225 IMAG0226

IMAG0217 IMAG0218 IMAG0223 IMAG0224

A few other things that happened today included:

The guys at Blue Peg Pink Peg interviewed John Kovalic

The guys at Blue Peg Pink Peg interviewed John Kovalic

Cones of Dunshire being played

Cones of Dunshire being played