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v commandos

Triton Noir, a new independent studio, will be at Gen Con 2014 with their soon-to-launch game on Kickstarter, V-Commandos.  This is a WW2 themed cooperative board game that will be in the Playtest Hall 107-110 at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Triton Noir was founded this year in Montréal by Thibaud de la Touanne and V-Commandos will be their first title.


dead of winter pieces

As reported by Plaid Hat Games (PHG), Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game will be arriving to those that pre-ordered it very, very soon!  In addition, the Crossroad Card Creator is now live on Plaid Hat’s website.  Crossroad cards are a key element of their new game.  At the start of every player’s turn, the previous player will draw a Crossroads card.  On this card are some conditions and at any time during the active player’s turn, if these conditions are met, the game pauses and some choices have to be made.  The creator was mentioned a few times on PHG’s podcast during the development of Dead of Winter and it is very exciting that players will have such fantastic customization to this and future Crossroads games.

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game is designed by Jonathan Gilmour and Isaac Vega.  This game of survival features co-operative play with a possible betrayer however, each player will have their own agenda.

pixel lincoln

Pixel Lincoln Expansion 2-2: New Challenger

This 5th player expansion for Pixel Lincoln requires the base game to play.  Components include 5 custom character cards, 30 item and enemy cards, 13 player 5 cards, 1 secret item card, 1 mini-boss card, and 1 boss card.

american frontier

Legends of the American Frontier

In this adventure game set in colonial America just before the Revolutionary War, players unfold the history of their characters through adventure as they seek status, fame, wealth, and happiness.  Designed by Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Elder Sign), the objective is to score the most points by completing adventures and purchasing rewards.  At the end of the game, these will tell a story of the character, based on your course of play.

wok star

Wok Star (2nd Edition)

Initially released in 2010, this is the second edition of the real-time, cooperative, Chinese restaurant, tycoon style game.  Customers must be served within 20 seconds or they eat free and each of their orders requires a different combination of ingredients to make.  Components include a game board, electronic timer, 32 dice, and over 100 cards.

cluster fight


In this negoation and party game designed by Sam Liberty and Kevin Spak, players will throw combatants into a ring and change the dynamic of the fight in some way using cards.  Players will bet on the outcome and a judge will decide the winner of each fight.

monster maidens

Monsters & Maidens

In this dice game, players are heroes trying to rescue maidens from monsters.  Players roll the dice and determine success or failure of their mission.  You can press your luck and attempt to roll again for better results but will fail if over taken by monsters.

snowball battle

The Great Snowball Battle

In this card game that brings a snowball fight to your table, players “throw a snowball, run for cover, or use an item. Get hit, lose winter gear. No gear left? Then Mom calls you into the house. (Loser.)”

cutthroat caverns 2

The Esoteric Order of Gamers published an update to their rules summary and reference aid for Cutthroat Caverns. Designed by Curt Covert (Hex Hex), Cutthroat Caverns is a thematic fantasy card game for 3 to 6 players, published in 2007 by Smirk & Dagger Games. Cutthroat Caverns is played in 9 rounds where players tackle a monster or trap each round with the hopes of surviving all nine rounds and scoring the most prestige points by working as a team, and subsequently betraying those same teammates in order score killing blows.

The base game currently has four expansions: Deeper & Darker (2007), Relics & Ruins (2008), Tombs & Tomes (2009), and Fresh Meat (2012).  There were also adventure modules, B1 and B2, Savage Arena, and Errand of Evil that added a “choose your path” aspect to the game. The updated rules summery and reference aid added the new rules from the Fresh Meat expansion and improved the layout from the previous version of the reference aid.

samurai spirit

Funforge posted a picture of the final version of Samurai Spirit.  This upcoming co-operative fighting game designed by Antoine Bauza is expected to release sometime around Fall of this year.

The challenge of the game consists of balancing your choices: Should you fight each enemy to quickly reach your beast capacities, while also coming closer to the death and risking further loss by not defending the village sufficiently? Should you mainly defend or help the other samurai, taking the risk of remaining human too long and therefore weaker, when you know that weakness will be a major problem when facing the lieutenant and the villain bosses? Each enemy presents a tough choice to you, your team, and ultimately the whole village! Each turn ends with farms and fences being destroyed, and since those aren’t unlimited, you must do what’s necessary to end the game with at least one undamaged farm and enough farmers to tend it. 



There’s a new cooperative deck-building game up on Kickstarter from the folks over at Cool Mini or Not entitled Xenoshyft.

Its made over triple its funding goal and has the following features:

  • 1 – 4 players – Single player compatible, fully cooperative gameplay.
  • Strong focus on coordination and strategic planning – to overcome the game’s intense difficulty players will need to work together.
  • 60 Minute game length
  • Base-Defense with deck-building elements
  • Incredible art – Illustrated by three amazing artists, XenoShyft features beautiful and consistent art. All of which creates one cohesive and frightening universe.
  • Inventive and exciting armor and weapon upgrade cards – You’ll need to outfit your troops with the best equipment if you hope to survive.

xenoshyft cards

You can pledge the game here.

zombies keep out

Privateer Press recently released Zombies Keep Out and is now available at retail locations.

Zombies Keep Out is a new cooperative board game for 1–6 players in which players act as fearless goblin tinkerers holed up in their workshop, frantically constructing zany contraptions to repel endless waves of attacking undead. Protect your workshop, but whatever you do, don’t get bit!

Designed by David Carl (Warmachine: High Command & Heap), Zombies Keep Out includes the following components:

• 1 Game board
• 15 Contraption cards
• 40 Terrible Things cards
• 55 Part cards
• 1 Token sheet
• 15 Grey Runners
• 10 Blue Leapers
• 10 Yellow Creepers
• 10 Red Brutes
• 1 Rulebook

galaxy defenders

Galaxy Defenders will be arriving at retail locations on March 17.  Initially, publisher Ares Games launched the kickstarter project last year and funded in April for $180,252 with a goal of $40,000.

This is a thematic, cooperative, science fiction game of alien invasion.  Players become an agent with special powers defending Earth in a story driven campaign.  Missions can have a variety of endings, which then affects the story.  A card deck controls the attacking aliens, with the card drawn determining which type of aliens are activated that turn.

The 6.5 pound base set comes with 28 detailed miniatures, tokens, cards, overlays, tiles for a modular game board, and custom dice.

galaxy defenders agents

Also releasing at the same time, the expansion, Elite Alien Army and Galaxy Defenders Special Dice.  Elite Alien Army requires the base game and can replace elements or be entirely incorporated into gameplay.  It will include 20 detailed miniatures and new aliens.  The Special Dice that will be available are going to be a set of 10 high quality plastic dice that players can use to fight and level-up with player’s agents.