In all professions, networking with your peers is always a good practice to help get your foot in the door to new places and to improve your skill whether it be coding, engineering, or designing board games.  So Geoff Engelstein, Tim Fowers, and Jeff Beck has decided to launch a new board game design retreat called Tabletop Network.  This will be a two day retreat out in the relaxing Snowbird mountain resort near Salt Lake City, Utah starting on Friday June 8th.

There will be lots of people presenting including Rob Daviau, Ryan Laukat, Tom Lehmann, Geoff Engelstein, Stone Librande, Tim Fowers, and more.  Some of the subjects that will be discussed will be engagement, balance, and emerging trends in board games.  Also, while there will some time set aside for playing games, this conference is meant to be about learning together and sharing ideas to improve everyone’s board game design skills, so you might want to leave the prototype at home.

In order to fund this trip they are using Kickstarter for selling the tickets.  To attend in person a physical ticket will run you $295, while a virtual pass where you can watch all the panels and talks online will run you $55.  So if you are itching to rev up your game designing engine, this retreat may be just the jump start you need.

ConsimWorld Expo (CSW Expo) will be held in Tempe, Arizona, May 27-June 3, 2017.  CSW Expo will feature MonsterGame.CON XVII which provides players a venue to participate in a “monster” game of their choosing.  Monster games are those that take many hours and are often not possible to play due to lack of players, access to out-of-print games, work and home commitments; in other words, life!  The list of games being played is extensive and can be seen online.  Many are old classics long out of print (oh the memories!). For players looking for non-monster games, there is also a 30+ list of shorter games.  The list of attendees is also available online.

CSW Expo also includes exhibitors, seminars, a game auction, speakers, door prizes, tournaments, a flea market, and more…

An overview brochure that also includes a free Expo shirt offer if one registers by February 3, can be read here.