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FFG recently announced that they are coming out with a companion app for Descent 2.0 to help expand and improve the co-op experience and expand the game.  They have now released some additional information about how the cooperative mode will work with the app.

The first difference to note is the dungeon is no longer fully revealed from the start, you have to explore and wander to find your objective to accomplish the quest.  But you won’t have to wander far, because when you explore to the next tile, all the other ways you could have gone slam shut, forcing you to continue on.  Another change is that each time the monsters activate, a screen will pop up giving you instructions on how to move and attack with the monsters as well as give them a round specific special ability to help amp up the difficulty.  Next the app turns up the danger even more by giving you a set number of times you can be knocked out before failure, as well as add an impending doom mechanic where as you take actions and move forward, you don’t know when the threshold will be reached and trigger a nasty monster spawn or event.  And last but certainly not least, the turn structure is now more spread out with heroes and monsters alternating turns instead of blocking them out in all the hero turns and then all the monster turns.

All this is shaping the app up to be a must have for Descent owners and will breath new life into this classic game.  You can read more about it on the FFG site.

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Descent has been the gold standard of dungeon crawl games and while it has been, for the most part, a one versus many game (aside from the three co-op expansions), the new app being released by Fantasy Flight Games aims to expand the co-op experience significantly.

In the Descent companion app, Road to Legend, it assumes the role of the overlord directing you on how to move the monsters, thus making to so that four heroes can play without the need for an overlord player or additional cards to control monster movement.  Also the app can generate random dungeon maps for you to explore and keep track of everything you find, buy, or learn so you can save your progress in the app and restart later without having to worry about forgetting anything.

The app also takes into account what expansions you have so that it will never call out a monster or dungeon tile you don’t have.  Lastly the app will also expand the campaigns you have to choose from by including downloadable content to give you new adventures to go on, and right out the gate there will be a campaign available for download when the app launches.  You can see the launch video on Youtube, read more about it on the FFG website, and look forward to the app’s release on the App Store, Steam, and Google Play in the next couple weeks.

dead of winter video 2

For a great start to your Halloween gaming, check out this Dead of Winter Youtube video by Geek & Sundry (the makers of Tabletop). It’s a short skit featuring Felicia Day and Brandon Routh, and it takes you into the theme of Dead of Winter as five characters struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of Dead of Winter, the Dead of Winter: Crossroads App was released for Android (it will come to iOS soon). The app replaces the crossroads cards in the game, with Eric Summerer (co-host of the Dice Tower Podcast) narrating the text on each card. Also, it presents the information in stages, so you can immerse yourself in the story, not knowing the outcome of your actions when you make a choice. Check out the Android version and be on the lookout for the iOS version!

world of yo ho

IELLO has partnered with Volumique to bring their latest creation out.  World of Yo Ho is another game that is blurring the lines between board game and video game.  This seems to be a pretty interesting idea because they are basically allowing you to do such fun things as programmed movement and simulated battles that have a bit more realism to them even if what you see is animated.

As you might have gathered from the name this is a pirate game and you will be using your phone to control your ship and to keep track of loot and other consumables in the game and will be placing it on a large board which your phone knows its position on to be able to depict what is happening in regards to your particular unit on the map.  While it appears to require an app this one does not seem like in the ned you would absolutely have to have the app but rather that the app makes for a richer experience as opposed to something like X-Com where the app seems to be a complete necessity.

world of yo ho concept

Considering that IELLO had one game that was majorly delayed on Kickstarter previously it was important for them to acknowledge that issue.  They talk very specifically about not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the last campaign and a major part of that is partnering with Volumique who they are confident will be able to finish this project in the time frame that has been promised.  It appears that the outstanding working on this project is more on the content side than app creation which should mean that this project is very doable in the time frame allotted by them.

As with all Kickstarters there are obviously factors that are somewhat out of the control of the project creator including manufacturing delays, art delays, and customs holdups.

For the full details on this campaign head over to their Kickstarter page here.


Fantasy Flight Games has released their latest preview for the forthcoming XCOM the board game.  This update focuses heavily upon the much bandied about app that accompanies the game.  This app is an integral part of the game and from all accounts is very well done even in the prototype form that most people have experienced at the various different conventions.  Fantasy Flight had this to say about the reception.

The initial response to our announcement of XCOM: The Board Game has been positively overwhelming. Our demo tables were packed at Gen Con Indy, then again at PAX, and fan sites have since set the net abuzz with news and reviews about both the game and its use of a free digital companion app.

Many other games have had something to accompany them but XCOM is bringing something new to the table which is a readily upgradeable addition to the game which will preserve playability in the long run due to their ability to have ever changing scenarios being presented to players.

x com board

To read the full preview of the app head over to Fantasy Flight’s website here.