Featuring characters straight out of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Fantasy Flight Games has announced two new Rebel soldier expansions for their ever expanding miniatures game, Star Wars: Legion.

First up, is a single character expansion featuring the fearless Rebel commander, Jyn Erso.

The Jyn Erso Commander Expansion includes one finely sculpted, easily assembled Jyn Erso miniature to lead your Rebel army into battle, complete with three new command cards to field in battle. Along with Jyn Erso, you’ll find the associated unit card and four upgrade cards for you to enhance Jyn Erso and your other units.

Jyn will need a commando squad to lead so Star Wars: Legion is also launching the Rebel Pathfinders expansion featuring some of the brave soldiers who volunteered to fight at the Battle of Scarif.

The Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion features six finely sculpted Rebel Pathfinder miniatures, enough for one special forces unit. This expansion also includes the unit card and an assortment of upgrade cards, inviting you to outfit your Rebel Pathfinders for any operation.

You can learn more about these two upcoming expansions over on the Fantasy Flight website.


courtesy of project page

courtesy of project page

Alex Kalish has a new project on Kickstarter designed for Magic the Gathering fans that play Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), Commander, and other variants: 40-sided spindown dice used to track life points.

“No longer will you need to ask the table to pause as you fumble with multiple dice, recharge your phone, or grab another pen. Instead, our patent-pending forty-sided spindown die allows you to simply and quickly track your life while displaying your fondness for the format.”

The campaign is raising funds not only to start production on these unique dice, but to upgrade production from 3D printing to high quality injection molding. If you’re interested in these specialized dice, head over to the Kickstarter page for all the details.

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Popular video game review site, The Escapist, is running a series of features in preparation for its annual The Escapist Awards. They have nominees in a myriad of categories ranging from games to movies to comics and more.

The most important awards are, of course, Best Board Game and Best Card Game of 2014. There are four nominees in the board game category and three for card games. Let’s dig in.

Board Games

Evolution by Dominic Crapuchettes and North Star Games

“Evolution charmed us and made us wish we could play game after game to explore all the combinations.”

five tribes board

Five Tribes by Bruno Cathala and Days of Wonder

“Days of Wonder don’t often create a game for ‘Hardcore Gamers’ in the tabletop sector, those seekers of games about points, scoring points, and nothing but the points, but when they do you should sit up and take notice.”

Shadowrun: Crossfire by Mike Elliott and Catalyst Game Labs

“Where Crossfire really excels is that it’s a consistently challenging experience in a world of milquetoast cooperative games.”

kings forge

King’s Forge by Nick Sibicky and Clever Mojo Games

“You get to roll giant double fistfuls of dice, and who doesn’t like that?”

Card Games

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Core Set by Eric M. Lang and Fantasy Flight Games

“Conquest is a delightful game that balances quicker victory now against the possibility that you’ll deny your opponent victory in the future.”

doomtown premium

Doomtown: Reloaded Core Set by Mark Wootton and AEG

“It’s a harrowing experience that begs players to push their luck, attempt interesting plays, coming back to the game again and again.”

Magic: The Gathering Commander 2014 by Richard Garfield and Wizards of the Coast

“With five great decks, each really playable right out of the box and definitely including an obvious upgrade path for the deckbuilding-curious, this is a product you and a few friends can have a great time with even if you’re not Magic experts.”

Winners haven’t been announced yet, but given the interesting variety on these lists, we’ll be keeping an eye on The Escapist Awards throughout the end of the year. Head over to The Escapist to read more on their board game and card game nominees.

Don’t forget to check out Dice Tower’s reviews to learn more about these contenders.

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The impending release of Fantasy Flight’s XCOM: The Board Game is drawing near, and Fantasy Flight has offered a glimpse at one major aspect of the game through one of the key player roles: the Commander.  The Commander’s main role, among other things, is managing the team’s budget and resources:

Alien invaders have arrived, the world is under siege, and traditional military units have all proven ineffectual. As the poorest and richest nations alike tilt perilously close to panic, a secret coalition has activated the XCOM project. Now, as XCOM’s Commander, it falls to you to ensure that your resources are used as effectively as possible.


In XCOM: The Board Game, players have four possible roles, and this article discusses the role of the Commander and the challenge of maintaining your team’s resources.  Your team’s budget is very limited, and the choices of how to allocate your funds are very difficult.  To learn all about how the Commander role works and his or her role on the XCOM team, check out the main article on Fantasy Flight’s website.

XCOM: The Board Game is a cooperative board game of global defense for one to four players. As unknown alien invaders press their attack against the earth, you and up to three friends serve as the department heads of XCOM, an elite, international military organization. You must destroy UFOs, research alien technology, complete critical missions, and find some way to prevent the collapse of human civilization. You are humanity’s last hope.