For anyone who enjoys programming, deduction, and/or cooperative games, keep reading. Designed by the excellent Nikki Valens (designer of Mansions of Madness 2E and Legacy of Dragonholt), Quirky Circuits is coming from Plaid Hat Games this summer and features some of the most adorable miniatures ever created. 2-to-4 players cooperate in one of twenty-one scenarios to complete their goals before their batteries run out. Using the same scenario book system that other Plaid Hat releases such as Stuffed Fables and Comanauts have used ensures quick and easy setup to support the fast and engaging gameplay.

“Players place programming cards face down, only knowing what types of cards their friends have played – movement, turn or quirk. Quirk cards must be played before a player uses any other card in their hand and every player must play at least one card per round. Using deductive reasoning, all players will move the robo-buddy around the board, trying to complete its mission!”

“Quirky” really is an appropriate adjective in the title, because that’s precisely what I wanted to write several times during this article to describe it. Everything about the look of the design is cute, fun, compact, and to-the-point, and that’s a great advantage for this game. Not to be understated, Quirky Circuits fits an excellent niche in the market right now, being a much more accessible point of entry to teach programmed movement and deduction, in stark contrast to the long-lived Robo Rally. Moreover, this is only the second cooperative version of such a mechanic after the heavyweight Mechs vs. Minions, where the speed of setup due to Plaid Hats innovation will really shine in comparison. If you’re interested in learning more about Quirky Circuits, check out Plaid Hat’s news and product pages for updates, pictures, full rules, and availability.

Plaid Hat Games continue their streak of new game announcements with the introduction of Comanauts. Its an Adventure Book game of exploration and danger designed by Jerry Hawthorne (known for designing Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables). Comanauts builds upon the mechanics of the Adventure Book system first introduced in Stuffed Fables with a theme for more mature players. Its a cooperative adventure game which supports 2-4 players which is set in the twisted, slumbering mind of Dr. Strobel.

“Dr. Martin Strobal, the greatest mind of our generation, lies in a coma. His Mobius Ring invention promised to change the world, but has instead given us our greatest disaster. Meant to provide the world with unlimited clean energy, the Mobius Ring malfunctioned, bathing Dr. Strobal in radiation, and creating a singularity that threatens to consume the world. We need him back, and the only way to revive him from his coma is to enter his subconscious and free him from the demons found within.” [source]

Players need to work together to discover secrets of the doctor’s subconscious mind by exploring it in a race against time. They will follow his inner child across 11 different Comazones to locate and defeat the Prime Inner Demon (I.D.) holding him hostage. There are 22 unique avatars for players to assume who perform differently in various Comazones and have varied abilities, starting items, and die bonuses. Comanauts can be played as an individual game session or as a campaign game in a multipart narrative. Each session focuses on a single I.D. plaguing Dr. Strobal. Over multiple sessions players are able to unlock the full story to win the campaign.

Pre-orders are currently available on the Plaid Hat Games website which is incentivised with an exclusive promo avatar, and the game is set to release in 2-5 months.