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Meeplesource has started their third Kickstarter Campaign, offering a gorgeous collection of printed wooden upgrades to many popular and new board games. Highlighting the offerings are large 32mm custom meeples for the highly anticipated upcoming legacy city building game Charterstone. Ink and Remover tokens for the upcoming Hardback are present. The classics are supported with custom bits for Carcassonne and its many expansions, as well as new printed meeples for Catan. Red Raven Games are being well represented in this Kickstarter with upgrade kits for Islebound,  Above and Below, and the upcoming Empires of the Void II, each keeping Ryan Laukat’s unique art style. New Colt Express and Camel Up wooden bits are also being offered.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign here, which will continue through June 1. The items are expected to deliver October 2017.

It’s kind of funny that a game known more for its amazing production values than its gameplay has made the way to a medium in which cardboard doesn’t exist. How do you recreate the utter coolness of Colt Express‘ 3D train on a 2D touchscreen? Turns out Asmodee can do it pretty well, as the newly released digital version of Colt Express looks downright amazing.

That’s right, Colt Express, the 2015 SdJ winner was released for iOS, Android, and PC today. It includes online multiplayer for maximum chaos, but it also has a single-player story mode with a 30 mission campaign. Buried within the campaign are digital-only variants to unlock which will mix up what you know about Colt Express, and you might even find a variant in online multiplayer mode as well.

If you haven’t played Colt Express, it’s a programmed movement game in which each player plays a card to a central pile. Some of the cards are face up so you can see what the other players are planning, but some are face down and these tend to screw up your best laid plans. Once all cards are played, the pile is picked up and flipped over and revealed card-by-card, and now the actions are played out on the aforementioned 3D train. It’s a chaotic, yet incredibly fun, mess. Don’t sign up if you’re looking for a deep strategic or tactical experience.

Colt Express is available right now for iOS Universal, Android, and PC via Steam. It’s $7 on mobile and $10 for PC.


Colt Express is now getting it’s own app, with some nice upgrades added in, courtesy of Asmodee Digital and Frima Studios.  Colt Express is a well regarded programmed movement game where you plan out your bandit’s movement ahead of time in the hopes of securing the most loot.  What the app will bring is a story to this game in the form of backstories to the characters, as well as giving each of the characters new skills and custom objectives tailored to that backstory.  There will also be a story mode where you can play through over 30 chapters worth of game based on the history of each character, further enhancing them.  And lastly, the game will have online multiplayer right out the gate, a feature I know many people will be wanting, and a built in friends list feature.

Look for the app to release on the iOS, Android, and Steam in November of this year.  To find out more you can read the press release on the Gamasutra website.


There’s a new marshal in town and he’s ready to round up the trouble-makers that have been ransacking the trains ’round these here parts!

Marshal and Prisoners is second expansion to the award-winning Colt Express, published by Asmodee and designed by Christophe Raimbault. Colt Express is a programming game that has players becoming bandits raiding a train, looting its treasures, shooting each other up, and avoiding the Marshal.

The Marshal and Prisoners expansion brings a few new modules to the table:

  • One player can be the Marshal, with his own deck of cards and also objectives to complete in order to win
  • A prison car to incarcerate captured lawbreakers and allies that the bandits can free for new abilities
  • A new bandit: Mei, the martial artist
  • 13 new Round cards that change up each round of the game.

Those excited for this expansion can look forward to Q4 of 2016 for its release! For additional information, visit Asmodee’s website here.


With the success of the advent calendar promo pack of board game expansions, Frosted Games has decided to do another pack, this time for Easter.  The Brettspiel Easter Basket 2016 will contain promos and mini expansions for 8 different games including ones for T.I.M.E. Stories, Colt Express, and Imperial Settlers, as well as the micro game WH1CH GAM3.  You can head over to the geeklist on BGG to take a look at the full list of games and then wait in aticipation for the release in March.


Asmodee has announced an exciting set of games which will be released in December in their Advanced, Core and Family game lines, making them perfect for Christmas presents.

abyss kraken

Abyss Kraken (Advanced Game Line)

Abyss designed by Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier set in an undersea world of giant sea creatures will get an expansion called Kraken. Xavier Collette who did the evocative artwork for the base game which won the Dicetower Award for Best Game Artwork 2014 has done the artwork for Kraken.

“The new ally race, the Kraken, are wild but will earn you black pearls. New Locations allow you to raid the loot deck for treasure.”


Raptor (Advanced Game Line)

Raptor is an asymmetrical two player game by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti where one player controls a team of scientists tracking down the Raptor babies of the opposing player. This is a fast paced card driven game where the scientists try to capture the Raptor babies whilst evading the mother Raptor.

Zombies vs Cheerleaders (Advanced Game Line)

Zombies vs Cheerleaders is a two player game from Richard Toquet with the Cheerleaders controlled by one player and the Zombies by their opponent. Using an action point system and card based powers, the Cheerleaders aim to defeat the Zombie horde whilst the Zombies try to eat one of the Cheerleaders.

“It will take all your brain power…or lack there of, to win this hilarious, horror-filled battle!”

kemet ta seti

Kemet Ta-Seti (Core Game Line)

Hemet Ta-Seti designed by Jacques Bariot and Guillaume Montiage is the first expansion for the Game Kemet, where players battle each other’s Egyptian tribes for control of temples and territories.

“The shadow of Ta-Seti lingers on the black soils of Kemet. Where new and terrifying creatures come into play.”

colt express horses

Colt Express – Horses and Stagecoach (Family Game Line)

The popular Colt Express game by Christophe Raimbault where you are robbing a train and shooting your way to victory gets an expansion called Horses and Stagecoach. Just like the base game this contains 3D cardboard playing pieces which adds to the theme and makes the game look so enticing on the table.

“Horses will allow you to move around the train and to the Stagecoach to nab one of the Hostage characters. Hostages can earn you ransom, but many of them will give you a negative effect as well.”


Crossing (Family Game line)

Crossing is a simultaneous action selection game by Yoshiteru Shinohara where players try to collect the most gemstones.

“Each round, players square off in a duel. You can grab Life Stones from mushrooms as they appear or steal Stones from your opponents’ stash.”


Congratulations to Colt Express for winning the 2015 Spiel des Jahres award! Colt Express is designed by Christophe Raimbault and published by Ludonaute/Asmodee.

The Spiel des Jahres is German for Game of the Year and is awarded by a panel of German speaking board game critics for the best family style game.

In addition to the Spiel des Jahres two other awards are given out. They are the Kennerspiel des Jahres (connoisseur game of the year) for best heavier game and the Kinderspiel des Jahres for best children’s game. This year’s winners are Broom Service designed by Andreas Pelikan and Alexander Pfister and published by alea for the Kennerspiel des Jahres and Spinderella designed by Roberto Fraga and published by Zoch for the Kinderspiel des Jahres.

Winning one of these awards is a great achievement for a board game and is quite often accompanied by a large increase of sales. Congratulations are in order for all of the winners as well as the nominees that didn’t win. For the full list of nominees and recommended games you can visit the official site for each award:

Spiel des Jahres

Kennerspiel des Jahres

Kinderspiel des Jahres

The prestigious and coveted Spiel des Jahres award nominees are once again receiving great attention, the three nominees for 2015 being Machi Koro (IDW Games), Colt Express (Ludonaute) and the lesser-known-in-North-America card game The Game (Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag and IDW Games).

IDW Games has announced that they will be publishing the game in North America under the same title, The Game.  The Game is a cooperative card game for 1-5 players in which cards are played into one of four different piles with the hopes of discarding all 98 cards.  Players are not, however, allowed to share what cards they have with the other players, which can upset the best laid plans.

The Game is scheduled to become available in September of 2015.

spiel des jahres banner

The 2015 Spiel des Jahres, Kennerspiel des Jahres, and Kinderspiel des Jahres award nominees have been announced. To view the official announcement, as well as view a list of all those that were recommended in each category, you can visit the official Spiel des Jahres site here.

Spiel des Jahres

Colt Express, Machi Koro, and The Game

2015_coltexpress 2015_machikoro the game

Kinderspiel des Jahres

Push-a-Monster, Schatz-Rabatz, and Spinderella

2015_pushamonster 2015_schatzrabatz 2015_spinderella

Kennerspiel des Jahres

Elysium, Orléans, Broom Service

2015_bromservice 2015_elysium 2015_orleans

ludonaute logo

Grab your French fries, French bread, French dressing and Pay-roo, we’re going to Cannes baby! Cannes! What, no interest in the glitz, glamor and pageantry of modern film and documentary? Good, because we are going for the board games.
The French board game publisher Ludonaute has announced some exciting news. They have several booths at the Cannes Film Festival showing off their goods and previewing some of their upcoming work.

colt express 2
Colt Express, which made a huge splash last year for its unique theme and components, is being shown off at Cannes with the ‘over-sized version’ treatment! Perhaps like the oversized Mayfair games at Gen Con? I look forward to seeing the pictures of this!
Colt Express, for those that have not been introduced, sports a 3D cardboard train that caught many eyes. Players play as Old West bandits robbing a train and collecting riches using action cards.
In addition to the ‘Big’ novelty treatment for Cannes display, an expansion is being previewed at the film festival. This expansion will include:
– Horses!
– Prinsoners
– A New Car (not an automobile)
– Hostages
– Stagecoach
– A new way to play: a Marshall vs. all others!
This expansion will be released at Essen.


Another of Ludonaute’s popular games, Lewis & Clark, is also discussed in Ludonaute’s news release. Lewis & Clark is an American West exploration themed game that features a bit of drafting, a bit of pool building, some resource management and a whole Corps of fun. Now the company is giving L&C the Race to Roll treatment, enter dice. This totally new dice game will be shorter than Lewis & Clark but the decision making is reported to still be deep and fun.
The game will be released at Gen Con but a playable prototype will be at Cannes.

“The Little Prince” is a French novella published in 1943 which is the most-read and third most translated book in the world (per Wikipedia). Well loved designers Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala gave the story a board game adaptation (The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet) back in 2013 which was published by Asmodee. Now, in anticipation for the new animated feature film based on The Little Prince, the same designers have created a new game. The company has given no detail on how this game will differ but has said it will not require the building of planets this time around and instead include traveling the stars. It will target the casual gamer and families yet still include clever play.
The new game can be previewed at Ludonaute’s boot at Cannes as well.

So see, even us board gamer geeks could have something to do at French film festivals! Adieu!

See Ludonaute’s news article here.