collector edition

Bézier Games was excited to announce a collectors’s edition of their popular tile-laying game Suburbia will be released this fall. Players can expect the same fun hex-shaped tiles in a larger size with new three-dimension art. There’s also a giant tile tower which the company used images of to tease the game last week.

Suburbia Collector’s Edition will come with ALL previously released expansions, as well as a brand new expansion called Nightlife. In this newest expansion players will utilize buildings and locations that are more active at night.

To keep everything neat and organized, the game will also game with custom Game Trayz for easy set up and storage.

Keep an eye on Kickstarter later this month. Bézier Games plans to initially launch this game on crowd-funding platform January 14th, with retail copies expected to be available this fall.


Stone Blade Entertainment is welcoming another game to the fold in the form of Ascension: Dreamscape, the ninth iteration of the deckbuilder.  Dreamscape returns to the classic Ascension style of deckbuilding from a center row, but adds the brand new dream cards and another resource: insight.  From Justin Gary, CEO of Stone Blade:

As the hallmark of Stone Blade Entertainment, we are excited to continue adding exciting new mechanics to the Ascension Deckbuilding Game.  With Ascension: Dreamscape, we’re introducing the all new Dream deck, which allows players access to unique cards available only to them throughout the game.

year two

Players will begin the game with a personal set of dream cards they can purchase with insight, gained through other gameplay mechanics, that feature additional heroes, constructs, and the mighty Vision cards.  Releasing alongside Dreamscape is the Year Two Collector’s Edition, complete with Ascension: Storm of Souls and Ascension: Immortal Heroes, and all of the year two promos.  Much like the Year One Collector’s Edition, this features foil printed cards, a foil printed board, portable storage box, dividers and a bag for storing honor tokens.  Gather your runes and head to your friendly local game store to pick up either of these new titles.