Co-operative play

Cloudspire is a MOBA-style tower defense for 1-4 players by Chip Theory Games (CTG), the makers of the Too Many Bones Series. Cloudspire, which is already fully funded on Kickstarter, takes place in the floating realm of Ankar and tells the story of a war to acquire a powerful and rare energy known only as “The Source”.

Players control one of four unique factions in a battle to destroy and steal source energy from their opponents. Every race has their own unique units and heroes as well as the ability to bid and draft mercenaries for hire. The four factions are:

• The Brawen – an industrious, ambitious race of giants
• The Grovetenders – cousin to plant live, forced into the war
• The Heirs – a bird-like race that believes that controlling Ankar’s islands is their birthright
• The Narora – believe that that controlling The Source is their calling


The main objective in the PvP version is to destroy your opponent’s fortress. Armies are placed either individually or in stacks to conceal powerful units until the last possible moments. Heroes are controlled individually and may join the tide of battle or choose to explore points of interest in search of resources. Heroes can be levelled up to lead armies into battle with advanced and upgraded skills.

As armies and minions approach enemy bases, they’ll need to deal with Spires – powerful defense towers that can be built around the board. Players fight for control of build sites and acquire new spire schematics to build an impenetrable defense and hold off their enemies. Players can even upgrade their home base to unlock new strategies and abilities.


Cloudspire features a full on Solo/Co-op scenario book, full of unique solo setups and a full story narrative to follow along as you move through the game. A variety of base and bonus objectives will make every scenario a unique challenge.

Like other CTG titles, the production value of Cloudspire is planned to be extremely high. Neoprene mats, heavy chips and PVC waterproof cards are hallmarks of CTG games.

Cloudspire will also follow other CTG titles, in its distribution method. After Kickstarter, Cloudspire will only be available directly via Chip Theory Games.

Various pledge levels are available via the Kickstarter, including one for the base game only as well as one with some expansion material and an extra faction. There’s a ton more information on the Kickstarter page and the campaign runs until November 9th, so go check it out.

“Things are far from good in Farmingdale. Some kind of virus or poison is turning ordinary people into vicious, zombie-like killers. You must lead citizens and emerging heroes to halt the Zeds’ advances by (re)killing them, attempt to coordinate the discovery of a cure, and preserve as much of the area and as many of its inhabitants as possible. There’s no time to lose…. “

Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition is a cooperative States of Siege™ board game on Kickstarter now. Players take the role of heroes who must defend the town of Farmingdale and its five outlying villages from the invading zombies. The heroes get some much-needed help from the locals (some armed, some even heroic) they are protecting and together you must work together to prevent the Zeds (zombies) from reaching the town center or causing so much chaos in and around Farmingdale that the government abandons you completely.

Originally, this game from Victory Point Games was solitaire only but in this third edition, gameplay focus is just as much on co-op play. Now, 1-5 courageous humans can spend 90-120 minutes kicking some zombie butt and learning to come together as a group to save the awesome small town of Farmingdale.

During the Kickstarter campaign, backers can choose between three pledge levels: One for the expansion pack set, one for only the base game, and finally one with all of the content included. The reprint of Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition includes all original gameplay stretch goals (except for No Brains Mode, which can be downloaded for free). There are no stretch goals for the expansions.

Three expansions available

In addition to the base game, three expansions are launching, each with unique, fun content that expands the game even further.

The first expansion pack – Stepping Forward – features four new characters (three heroes and one heroic civilian), who are stepping forward, ready to confront the Zeds.

The second expansion pack – New Player Blues – is more of a bummer for the plucky survivors, featuring 13 new Outbreak!, Level Event and Fate cards that expanded the story and increase the danger and excitement. Luckily, a new hero – “Bouncing” Betty Bolivar also arrives in the pack.

The third and final expansion pack – Rumors and Rails – features two new game systems. The first makes the refugees even more helpful with special rumor chits that provide heroes with useful items. The second features two trains, which allow the heroes to move in new ways and act as strategic pieces on the game board.

If you want to see an older Dice Tower review of Dawn of the Zeds (2nd edition), check this out.

If you love the smell of burning cottages in the morning, you’ve finally got the chance to burninate the universe with your favorite one-armed dragon in in Trogdor!! The Board Game. Fans of the web comic series Homestar Runner will get their fix of mayhem and destruction in a new game designed by James Earnest of Cheapass Games and the creators of Homestar Runner.

Starring Trogdor, the game is for 2 to 6 players who will cooperate to use the Wingaling dragon and cultist helpers to destroy the kingdom of Pleasantry by burning the cottages… and villagers. The playing field is a set of tiles laid out randomly each game. The players assume the role of the cultists who want to help Trogdor achieve this destruction.  Each of the cultist ‘creepos’ has a different player power, such as moving in a different directly or taking a unique action.

Does this sound too easy?  Well, there are also knights that are there to protect the villagers and make it much more difficult to torch things freely.  Burninating the universe  takes 30 to 45 minutes, making burninating much faster than most other methods of destruction.

The Kickstarter includes multiple backer levels that provide upgrades from wooden meeples to plastic minis and several options for deluxe (very deluxe!) storage boxes.

See the Kickstarter page and the BGG entry for more information.

Following up on their success with One Deck Dungeon, Asmadi Games brings Forest of Shadows to Kickstarter. Get your dice ready for adventures with new heroes, dungeons, combats, and perils! The game takes places in all-new lush, yet deadly locales. A vast network of mossy underground tunnels and connected forest areas for your adventures to explore and conquer!

Forest of Shadows is a stand alone expansion that you can play on its own or in combination with the original.

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows is a 1-2 player roguelike adventure card game (just like the original One Deck Dungeon!) It’s a standalone expansion, so it can be played as its own full game, or mixed with the original.

It comes with 44 Encounter cards, 5 Dungeon/Boss cards, 4 Level cards, a Stairs card, 5 postcard-sized Hero Cards, a Turn Reference, a set of campaign sheets, 15 hearts for damage tokens, 6 potion cubes, 8 poison cubes, and 30 shiny translucent dice.

The campaign is also offering a v1.5 upgrade pack for the base game which updates terminology and makes some balance tweaks. Finally, plastic cards are being offered for both the base game and the expansion at varies backer levels. These plastic cards are waterproof, durable, and still very smooth to shuffle. Most people say that they feel like normal cards!

For more information and to back this game, visit the One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows Kickstarter page.

WizKids has announced a new co-operative card game, The Banishing, to be released in March! The game supports 3 to 5 players age 14+ and plays in 45 minutes. With a new designer, a quick play time, and a reputable publisher, I’m excited to see what this game has to offer!

Designed by Sean Rumble, The Banishing brings players into a world being overcome by undead creatures. Players take on the roles of the guardians who must work together to banish the undead back through the Void.

As guardians, each player is a unique character with special abilities that can be activated by collecting cards and creating matches. The Sorcerer can conjure and enchant. The Fighter can taunt and imprison. The Healer can bless and revive. The Banishing introduces eight characters, each with six unique skills, for players to choose from.

Visit your friendly local game store to pre-order The Banishing for your game collection today!

For additional information and images, please visit The Banishing webpage.


Lobotomy is an upcoming co-operative board game about escaping a psychiatric hospital. In the game, up to five players will take on the roles of mental patients as they fight off monsters (hospital staff), collect items (random trash), and recover their memories to unlock more skills (slip deeper into madness). With its unique theme, a modular gameboard, character development, and detailed minis, this game is already looking like it will be a hit – it’s already way past its initial Kickstarter goal, and all the early bird spots are full.

Lobotomy is created by Titan Forge, a company that has been sculpting and designing miniatures for almost ten years. From the pictures of the miniatures for Lobotomy, it looks like their high standards will be carried over to the board game with over forty miniatures!

lobotomy board

Lobotomy will have:

  • 1-5 players
  • cooperative horror adventure with role
  • playing character development
  • unique dungeon crawling, roguelike mechanics and solo-play option
  • replayabiity with modular gameboard, random scenarios and different narrative every playthrough
  • ability to win the game but still lose your self-uncovering past personality
  • over 40 highly detailed miniatures and monsters inspired by classic horror themes
  • at least 5 different player characters, each with personalized miniature, backstory and own set of powers
  • equipment and skills cards collected by heroes during the game, featuring climatic arts and flavors
  • action, decisions and RPG elements lead to a big finale each session

The Kickstarter also has an option to include the expansion, From the Deep.

Check out the Kickstarter here for more information and some character backstories!


Welcome Adventurers! Enter the world of Middara, a land of magic and monsters where no one ages, treasures abound, and your average citizen knows what a cell phone is. In this choose-your-own style adventure miniatures board game, you and up to 4 of your friends can explore this ultra-modern fantasy setting as you face moral dilemmas, battle lethal opponents, pursue personal goals, and make strategic and political decisions that can radically change the outcome of the game. Some characters may die, some may fail, others will hopefully succeed. It all comes down to your decisions.

Middara by Succubus Publishing is a cooperative story telling miniatures game that will offer tons of variety and a lengthy narrative driven campaign for up to 4 players. It will also have a 5th player variant that will allow a player to take control of all the antagonists in the game as well as stand-alone scenarios for when you are not playing through the campaign or are not with your campaign group.

Players will be able to choose from over 110 unique abilities and 111 pieces of equipment and character progression is based on a point allowance system that does away with traditional classes and allows players to build a character that they want to play with. All of this indicates Middara will have a ton of replayabilty and will never play the same game twice.

middara pledge

There are over 30 modular map tiles and a unique dice based success system that have players upgrading their die throughout the campaign. The base game will include:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Adventure book
  • 4 Hero Figures
  • 22 Antagonist Figures
  • 17 Custom Dice
  • 4 Adventurer Cards
  • 13 Antagonist Cards
  • 365 Small Cards
  • 70 Tarot size cards
  • 35 Game Board Tiles
  • 168 Tokens

All of this points to a highly replayable exciting game from the design team Clayton Helme, Brooklynn Lundberg, Brennon Moncur, and Ian Tate. Add in the gorgeous Anime style artwork by Alex Hansen, Hector Sevilla Lujan, Rhett Mason, and Jon Troy Nickel; incredible miniatures; and an audio book stretch goal and Midarra looks like it will be a unique and innovative game.

If you are a miniatures board game fan, enjoy anime style artwork, or storty telling games you should head over to the Kickstarter project for Midarra and check it out I know I will.