Succubus Publishing has launched a new Kickstarter project offering entry and additional content for Middara, their massive 1-4 player fantasy dungeon crawl set in an alternate reality Earth.

The core game of Middara features an 80+ hour campaign where you can fully customize characters from the ground up using over 110 different abilities and over 160 different items. The box is packed with 44 miniatures and 36 double-sided map tiles. The narrative in Middara is driven by its 482 page adventure book that can be experienced in its spiral bound form or through an audio app. You can also play single scenarios separate from the main campaign in Crawl Mode.

Combat in Middara is dice-driven utilizing action points. The custom dice include numbers, which you will compare to your target’s defense, as well as symbols that trigger abilities. The different between your attack roll and your target’s defense equates directly to how much damage you do. Enemy cards lay out their abilities and individualized AI. For more on gameplay, check out the Dice Tower’s Testing Tuesday playthrough.

The new content available through the Kickstarter project consists of acts two and three continuing the story from the core game. Each additional act is a 40+ hour campaign adding around 40 new miniatures. They also include more map tiles, character abilities, gear, and Crawl Mode scenarios. If you are still looking for more, the project offers add-ons for new scenarios, alternate enemy cards, and additional miniatures. The project runs through 11:00 am EST on July 24th. The estimated delivery for wave 1 content is May 2020, and for wave 2 is December 2021. The original Kickstarter delivered three years after its estimated delivery, and you can read about that journey through the original project updates.

Soaring Rhino newest game, Mammoth, is now on Kickstarter. Mammoth takes a unique approach to biome development in a game and offers two different modes of play.  The gameplay in Mammoth draws from the scientific premise that the mammoth was instrumental in preventing the permafrost from melting and fostering massive grassland growth. 

In the competitive game, players are herds of mammoths moving about the barren tundra and trampling the brambles to make room for the flora and grassland. In this tile placing game, players place either square or octagon tiles to do one of two things: expand the flower patch they are creating with their trampling or extend the path of the herd.  Points are scored for extending and completing flower patches. The game ends when the last octagon tile is placed.  Players will score points for the number of tiles in the flower patch their mammoth occupied at the end of the game.  Points are also scored for each tile in the length of the herd’s path.  The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.  

In the co-operative game, goals and action cards are used.  Now the players are scientists working together to guide the mammoth herds through the landscape to accomplish two goals in shaping the biome: create a flower patch of a specific color large enough to accomplish the color goal, and create a herd path in the manner required to accomplish the path goal.  The group will also have to score enough points required by the two goals.  Player actions are limited by the available action cards, but if the team plans well enough, they can ensure each scientist has the action they need.  If the players accomplish all their scientific goals before the last octagon tile is placed, they win the game.

Mammoth plays 2-4 players, ages 8+, in 30-45 minutes. Components includes game board, 4 plastic mammoths, 4 baby mammoth tokens, 4 animal path tokens, 72 small 1-point biocycle tokens, 48 large 3-point biocycle tokens. 40 double-sided square tiles, 52 octagon flower tiles, 2 octagon lab tiles, 4 penalty tokens, 8 goals cards, 14 action cards, a go first marker, and rulebook. The Kickstarter campaign runs until June 23 with an expected delivery in February 2020. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign to learn more about the game and the science the game is based on.

escapse 100 million

This October promises us a new co-op game from IDW Publishing and designer Kevin Wilson of Arkham Horror & Descent fame.

Escape from 100 Million BC is designer Kevin Wilson’s newest foray into the cooperative world of gaming.  Set in the Cretaceous Period, Escape from 100 Million BC follows the adventures of the world’s first time-travelling expedition.  This great achievement has had one major side effect on the intrepid group of explorers.  Their time machine has broken up on entry around a volcano 100 million years ago, and if that weren’t bad enough, it’s about to blow!  Your goal is to reassemble the time machine and get back to your own time without triggering the Butterfly Effect and before the volcano makes you a permanent part of history.

Escape from 100 Million BC is for 1 to 6 players, ages 12 and up, and plays out in about 2 hours.  If you like adventure and you’ve always wondered what it would be like to travel back to the days of the Dinosaurs, now is your chance!

assault on doomrock

Assault on Doomrock is a fully co-operative adventure game set in a humorous fantasy world. 1-4 players generate random heroes, venture through a randomly assembled world map, get crazy abilities and items, and face three encounters. In battle, players roll the dice and assign them to their ability cards, planning the round as a party. To win the game, players must defeat all three epic boss encounters before they run out of time. Now, BD Games is bringing the first expansion to Kickstarter, along with a second edition of the base game.

assault on doomrock board

From the Kickstarter, here’s why Assault on Doomrock is special:

1. Variable scenarios
Almost every aspect of the game is assembled randomly from decks of cards: heroes, hero traits, encounters, abilities, common items, epic items, adventure areas, objectives, events, encounters. This makes every game play out differently. There are nearly 300 cards in the game and almost every card is unique.

2. Level up system
You are not limited in which direction you develop your character and looking for crazy combos between your party members is satisfying.

3. True cooperation
There is no ‘me’ in this game, there is only ‘we’. You control your own character during battles but group planning is essential.

4. Humor
It’s lighthearted, and a bit absurd but we never go overboard with it.

5. Battle system
Unique. Simple rules, giving a wide array of tactical options. No player turns, an exciting planning phase with dice allocation, minimal randomness when determining damage. Intelligent enemies without an ‘overlord player’’.

6. Role player friendly
The abstract nature of battles and actions on the adventure map sets an excellent ground for player narration.

To get a feel for the game, check out The Dice Tower review below for the base game:

In this Kickstarter, you can get either the second edition of the base game (updated cards), an upgrade kit, and/or the first expansion – Assault on Doomrock: Doompocalypse. The expansion adds two new heroes, additional cards for all the decks, new areas, new enemies, new items, new level up abilities, and new traits. Additionally, feature terrain elements are added to the battles, allowing heroes and enemies to use the terrain to their advantage. The expansion also changes the encounter cards to use a large card format with a visualized battle setup.

There are also tons of stretch goals unlocked, since the campaign is way past its goal. Check out the Kickstarter here if you’re interested! BD Games is planning on exhibiting the game at Essen in October, and they plan on shipping the games out at the end of the year.

walking dead prison

Some of you may remember the Kickstarter for The Walking Dead: The Prison last year. But the Kickstarter was canceled, because the creators got a distribution deal. This year, MegaGigaOmniCorp, a board game publisher that focuses on film board games, is releasing the game in May.

walking dead prison stuff

The Walking Dead: The Prison is a standalone sequel to the original game, The Walking Dead: The Board Game. In the game, 1-6 players work together to survive while also struggling to gain leadership over the rest of the survivors.

In The Walking Dead: The Prison, players must work together to fight their way into the prison and secure a safe place to live, while also struggling against each other for leadership of the group of survivors.

Based on the events in issues 13-24 of the comic series, play as Rick, Michonne, Tyreese and other fan favorites as you explore dark rooms, kill zombies, rescue followers, and fight for resources. Gain the most leadership points by the time the prison is secured, and you take the leadership role and win!


Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is known for popularizing the Living Card Game (LCG) format. With this, instead of the endless buying and collecting of cards to make your playing decks up to date, players now choose to buy a stable release of cards that are not randomized. You buy the same pack as someone else, you both have exactly the same cards, no rare cards to chase.

One of the first series in this format was Lord of the Rings (LotR) based on the books by JRR Tolkien. What set this LCG apart is that it was the first and I think only co-operative LCG. You do not compete against your fellow player(s), instead by yourself or with others try to defeat a “Villain” deck. If you cannot tell, I am a huge fan of this game. I think you would be to if you like high fantasy, cooperative games, card games in general and don’t mind buying a product 6-8 times a year to keep up with new content.

Speaking of content, FFG initially decided to have Organized Play for this co-op game which would reward participants with a “Nightmare” mode version of previously released content. This idea became very popular and so they used their in-house printer to produce Print on Demand (POD) Nightmare decks that you could directly buy from their site (and some retailers). Well, the Organized Play did not last, because this is a co-op game, but the releasing of Nightmare decks for older content still thrives.

On their website, FFG has just announced that the last 3 adventure packs for their third cycle of content called Against the Shadow now have Nightmare forms available. As for every Nightmare deck, owning the original pack is required because the Nightmare deck will instruct the player which cards to take out of the original pack and which to replace with Nightmare cards to make the experience both new and much more challanging.

Each cycle of six adventure packs has an ongoing theme. The Against the Shadow cycle has your Heroes delving into the intrigue and treachery prevalent in Gondor in the timeperiod of the LCG which is in-between Gandalf leaving Frodo and the Shire behind after Bilbo’s party and exit but before the Ringwraiths leave to find the Ring. After securing Minas Tirith, it is now time to go deeper in to Modor itself with these last three decks of the cycle:


1) Assault on Osgilath
In the original release, players must secure all locations (a type of “Villain” card) in play and hold each during the course of the game. In Nightmare mode, a new location is added that can only be traveled to under very specific conditions. On top of that new Enemy cards have been added that are much tougher to defeat than the original counterparts. It took many tries for me to defeat this Adventure the first time around, I can only imagine how challenging now. But, see this is ok because my player decks have improved over time with newer products, so I think I am prepared for the challenge!


2)The Blood of Gondor
The “trick” to this Adventure pack originally were these “hidden” cards that were revealed when certain conditions were met. This unknown threat really made you second guess your long term strategy because you had to take into account this randomness. Every Adventure pack brings its own challenge. Now in Nightmare mode, some of the cards are even more powerful if flipped over as a hidden card then when encountered normally.  The amount you need to prepare for this unknown will be even greater, so the need to be smart with your resources will be even greater. Think of it as being forced to prepare for an ambush, you know it is coming, you just don’t know when and how hard.


3)The Morgul Vale
I really liked playing this scenario the first go around. This time you had to defeat three distinct Captain enemies (each with their own tactics to defeat) on you way to rescue Faramir. A sense of urgency really came out in this one. Nightmare mode will have these Captains harder, mostly by making it take more time to defeat them which allows the “timer” more time to run out, i.e. the time it takes Faramir’s captors to make it to the Dark Lord. If that isn’t enough, the location themselves have been beefed up as well. Maybe Faramir will appreciate my efforts even more this time around!

Remember, if you are interested in the Lord of the Rings LCG, you must start with the core box. I hope you do, with these Nightmares on the loose, sounds like the good guys need as much help as they can get!


Each jumbo 1” cube has 6 images or icons, with a total of 54 all-different hand-inlaid images that can be mixed in over 10 million ways. You roll all 9 cubes to generate 9 random images and then use these to invent a story that starts with “Once upon time…” and uses all 9 elements as part of your narrative. 

Play it as a game for one or more players, or as a party game for three or more. Or play it as an improv game where each player contributes part of the story, picking up where the last one left off. Win award points for speedy delivery, inventiveness, imagination, drama and humor.

Full instructions include several other ways to use the cubes to solve problems, break up writer’s block, enhance your imagination and heighten your ability to find unifying themes among the diverse images. Interpret or get at the meanings of your answers more quickly. Let your imagination roll wild! Tell some really big stories! 

This special edition features jumbo versions of the original best-selling Rory’s Story Cubes. Perfect for classrooms, large groups, or for anyone who wants a larger set of cubes. Let the images spark your imaginiation and you’ll be guaranteed a grand time!

  •  1+ players
  • Ages 8+
  • 15 minute play time


  • 9 jumbo story cubes
  • Rules