Something is stirring in the Alaskan wilderness. Waves of freezing ice and terrible hunger roll across the land. The Ancient Ones have returned!

Omens of Ice is the latest expansion for Fantasy Flight’s cooperative horror dice game, Elder Sign, in which players must protect their sanity as they race to discover the eldritch symbols that they need to seal the Ancient Ones out of our world. In this expansion, players will embark on an Alaskan Expedition, with a whole new adventure deck, searching the wild places for clues about the source of these strange disturbances. Danger appears at all sides, from terrifying beasts to icy storms and freezing temperatures, all tearing at your sanity and your all-important supplies.

The expansion also includes a new Alaskan Mythos deck, new investigators, and two difficulty levels for your expedition – the relative calm and warmth of Summer, or the dark, foreboding, unforgiving winter.

Look for the Omens before the snows melt and the ice thaws! You can find it in your friendly local game store some time in the first quarter of 2016.

Read the full announcement here.

centauri saga

News of board game kickstarters is a weekly occurrence here at Dice Tower News, but it’s refreshing to see one take such a humanitarian avenue as in the recent campaign for Centauri Saga. The kickstarter announced today that it plans to make the funding goal for it’s space-themed title and also give back to the worldwide effort against Polio.

Centauri Saga, by Vesuvius Media, is a 4X game featuring all the exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination the genre is used to, wrapped up with a co-operative twist. While the flaghsip games for the 4X universe, like Twilight Imperium 3 or  Eclipse, boast long play times and competition, Centauri Saga aims to cut the table-time to a medium-weight length (60-90 min.) and pit up to 4 players against deck-generated hostiles. Featuring many impressive ship miniatures and components (and dice!), the game is certainly appealing to fans of space-exploration and co-operative games alike. Vesuvius Media isn’t just out to bring a new and different game to your table, though. They also want to give back to the world that helps to fund it.

“We’re a community-driven game development company,” said Stefani Angelopoulos, a Rotarian and Director of Communications at Vesuvius Media. “We believe that means listening to our players’ feedback, but also giving back to the community.”


Taking the “extermination” portion of 4X to heart, Vesuvius Media has partnered with Rotary International in ending Polio. Polio is a preventable-yet-debilitating disease, and lately has been a thing of the past thanks to the efforts of organizations like Rotary International and UNICEF. However, it is still a nightmare for families in many parts of Africa and South Asia today. Through fundraising it is possible to meet the challenge of eliminating Polio for good, an indisputably great thing.centauri comp

Speaking of fundraising, Centauri Saga’s campaign began on November 1st and, as of writing this, it has reached 57% of it’s goal. With 21 days to go, the future looks bright for the star-faring kickstarter, and even brighter for the people helped by Rotary International’s campaign. With enough help, we could have both a unique sci-fi gaming experience and a world without Polio. So how about it? Do you like 4X games and co-operation? How about fighting a very real and threatening disease while making such a game a reality? Sounds like a good deal to me.

endure the staras

Genetically Engineered Planetary Explorer Candidates, or GEPs for short, are creatures that were grown to be a custom designed race […] The Hikari was 12 months into it’s G.E.P.E.C program when one of the larger creatures, project name Titan, escaped and killed 37 civilians.

If you like cooperative games and sci-fi, then Endure the Stars might be the new game for you. Now on Kickstarter, Endure the Stars is a 1-5 player cooperative dungeon-crawling game set on the ruined spaceship Hikari. Scientists were attempting to genetically engineer life forms (GEPs), but now the GEPs are trying to destroy everyone on board the ship.

In the game, players will choose from 5 classes: Captain, Medic, Psychic, Marine, and Engineer. Players can spend actions to move, attack, search for items/weapons, and use special abilities. They work together and try not to make too much noise, or they’ll attract the GEPs, which are controlled by the game. This makes it a fully cooperative dungeon crawl type game!

With a modular board and different missions and campaigns, there should be a lot of replayability. Also, the game comes with a bunch of pretty neat looking miniatures, and the theme looks pretty immersive.

To read more about Endure the Stars, check out the Kickstarter page here.

blackout comp

It is said that The Brood have always been with us, hidden out of view, waiting for the right opportunity to makes their presence known. When the world went black and the screaming finally stopped, they emerged from their places of hiding on and beneath the surface, cutting down and feeding on any living thing that stood in their way.

In the dark, Northern Wastes, known as Sector 44, danger lurks in the form of The Brood, a parasitic sect of creatures that dwell in subterranean systems beneath the ruined cities.  Only The Outlanders, a team of skilled individuals hired by the surviving settlements, are brave enough to enter the Black Zones to retrieve valuable supplies and technology.  In Blackout, players will take on the role of one of these Outlanders, selecting the specialization of either the Tracker, Engineer, Recon, or Slayer and seeking glory and renown.

blackout office

Blackout is a post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler for 1-4 players by Richard Broadwater.  The game features a mission-based leveling system that offers savage combat and exploration and offers 15-20 hours of solo and co-op play.  “In Blackout, players will use miniatures on a grid-based board to simulate exploration and combat. Each character is supported by a player card, item, and ability cards. Modifier tokens are used to alter starting stat values of your characters as the campaign progresses. Movement is handled using the grid spaces that are present on all hall or room components. Combat is resolved using fixed-range based on a particular ranged or hand weapon and determined by dice rolls and modifiers.”

Included in the game are the following components:

  • 32 high-quality plastic miniatures
  • 48-page Rulebook
  • 20-page Campaign Book
  • Double-sided room and hall sections (representing alleyways/abandoned buildings and underground tunnel/maintenance chambers)
  • Debris markers
  • Objectives
  • Status counters
  • Player cards
  • Enemy cards
  • Item cards
  • Event cards
  • 6 ten-sided dice

This project is currently on Kickstarter and is scheduled to fund on Friday, November 15, 2015.  The project currently has over 1,000 backers and has raised over $90,000 in pledges.  For more information on the project, visit its Kickstarter page here.

alkemia logo

Welcome to a world where creation is but a simple step away from ingenuity and a few simple resources imbued with ancient elements – this is the world of Alkemia. Prepare to harness the primal art of alchemy and join the ranks of creators who have been shaping and reforming the raw world of Alkemia into a thriving livelihood centered around a grand city of Alchemy, Crasis. Governed by a circle of seers and a single Grand Alchemist, who wields boundless talent and protects the ancient secrets of the Greater Elemental Spirits, Crasis currently seeks it’s next Grand Alchemist; this position will be held by one of few summoned to prove their abilities and will be tasked to synthesize the legendary Crest of Creation. This crest, a fabled mysticism documented to usher in the age of alchemy, can only be crafted by one skilled alchemist able to harness the 6 elements – earth, fire, water, air, ether, and fortune.

Alkemia is a resource-management game by KinSoul Studio featuring a modular board and both cooperative and competitive game play.  In the game, players are working to become the Grand Alchemist by being the first to collect the elements needed to craft the fabled Crest of Creation.  Players will choose from six possible alchemist roles: The “Atelier Magnifico”, The “Charismatic Barkeep”, The “Bog Witch”, The “Gifted Homunculus”, The “Imaginative Tinkerer”, and The Vibrant Healer”.

alkemia comp

Alkemia features the following characteristics:

  • resource management, item synthesizing, modular board game for 3 – 6 players ages 14+
  • A good balance between luck and strategy that provides you with many possible paths to take.
  • High replay-ability: Draft style Field creation, Item recipes shifting around the Bazaar, a different Crest recipe every time, and seemingly endless combinations of abilities will keep you coming back again and again.
  • Elements of cooperative and competitive game play, with the focus mainly on your Alchemist’s journey of growth.
  • Beautiful original artwork to help you get into the Alkemian spirit.
    – Check out a closer look at our characters plus some samples of the artwork (both sketches and finished versions) here.
  • An immersive story that you can get in to as much or as little as you desire.

In Alkemia, “players will spend their turns, or phases, either gathering Reagents in the Foraging Field or acquiring Item recipes in the Bazaar.  Each turn, the player can choose which zone they wish to interact with, where each zone presents actions that allow for the player to do different things.”  In order to craft the Crest of Creation and win the game, players will need to first collect the items necessary to satisfy the revealed recipe, and unlock both of their objects of myth, known as Artifacts.  For a look into the mechanisms of the game, visit the rules in PDF form here.

The Alkemia Kickstarter project needs $36,000 to become successful.  If its minimum pledge goal is achieved, it will fund on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  For more information on this project, visit its Kickstarter page here.

kung fu panda

Modiphius Entertainment, in cooperation with Dreamworks Animation, has announced their work on Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game, slated for a Gen Con 2016 launch and retail availability in September of 2016.

Here is the official press release:

Modiphius Entertainment to launch Kung Fu Panda The Boardgame – A Game Of Furious Co-operative Action!

MODIPHIUS ENTERTAINMENT, a UK based publisher of tabletop games has announced a licensing deal with Dreamworks Animation to produce an official boardgame based on Kung Fu Panda.

Letting you step in to the action as either Po or one of the Furious Five, the boardgame will feature intense dice rolling action, as the players co-operate to defeat Tai Lung and other villains from the Kung Fu Panda films and animated series.
Each of the heroes; Po, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper will be represented by awesome miniatures and have a growing arsenal of martial arts as they progress through a series of exotic adventures. By defeating villains, completing quests and helping others, players will gain Kharma to upgrade their characters abilities and secure the use of legendary artifacts from Master Shifu with which to face yet deadlier perils.

Kung Fu Panda The Board Game will be launching at GenCon 2016 and available to retail from September 2016. Further information on the game will be announced soon and you can sign up at or reply to this email.

hostage negotiator

In the October 2015 press release for Van Ryder Games, the company announced that Kevin Wilson, designer of hit games such as Descent, Civilization, Android, and TMNT, will be creating 1 of 4 upcoming new Abductor Packs to expand the solitaire game Hostage Negotiator.

See the official press release below:

Thompsons Station, TN – October 12th, 2015 – Van Ryder Games announced today that Kevin Wilson, designer of such notable games as Descent, Civilization, Android, and the upcoming TMNT, has signed on to design an Abductor Pack for the hit solitaire game Hostage Negotiator. The Abductor pack from Wilson is slated to be 1 of 4 new expansion packs to be released in 2016.

Van Ryder Games’ owner A.J. Porfirio comments, “We are thrilled to have Kevin on board to contribute to the growing amount of Hostage Negotiator content. He is undoubtedly the most prolific designer we have worked with and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Hostage Negotiator is a quick to play 20-30 minute card and dice game that has you negotiating with a hostage taker for the release of hostages. Gameplay features a hand building mechanic which has the feel of deck building, but without the deck. The game immerses you in the theme with many players reporting a strong emotional response when hostages are released or killed. The game is expandable by adding Abductor Packs that feature new Hostage Takers and new game play elements.

Hostage Negotiator is currently sold out and a 2nd printing is in progress with an expected Nov/Dec release date which will include a reprint of Abductor Packs 1 & 2, as well as, the introduction of Abductor Packs 3 & 4!

For more information on Hostage Negotiator and its upcoming expansions, visit the company’s website here.

warhammer quest

Join forces with legendary heroes to brave the many dangers of a cavernous dungeon. Wield potent weapons and magic. Conquer hordes of vile monsters. Discover fabulous treasures. Glorious battles and astonishing riches await you with the upcoming release of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game!

Fantasy Flight Games announces the upcoming revival of the classic dungeon-crawl board game, Warhammer Quest, in the form of a cooperative adventure card game.  In this game, 1-4 players will select from four hero types (Bright Wizard, Ironbreaker, Waywatcher, or Warrior Priest) and enter the tunnels together underneath the fantasy city of Skompf to fight monsters that threaten the city’s very survival.  Behind the havoc of the monsters in the dungeon is the quest’s deadly nemesis, whom the hero must confront and defeat to win the quest.

warhammer quest cards

Each player will control his or her hero using four different action cards: Attack, Aid, Explore, and Rest.  While each hero possesses the same four action types, the effects of taking the action and amount of dice rolled varies between the different heroes based on the role they play in the party.  When executing an action, players will exhaust the appropriate card to take the action.  Exhausted action cards cannot be used again until the player refreshes all actions.

Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game is for 1-4 players ages 14 and up and plays in 30-60 minutes.  It is scheduled for release late in the third quarter of 2015.  For more information on this exciting new release, visit the game’s pages on the FFG website here.

five year mission

Mayfair Games announces a new game by designer David E. Whitcher, Star Trek: Five-Year Mission.  A cooperative game for 3-7 players, Star Trek: Five-Year Mission creates a scenario in which players assume the role of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise for a…you guessed it…five-year mission.

As the crew of the Enterprise, players can choose whether to “engage” with either the Enterprise NCC-1701 or the next generation NCC 1701-D.  Players must overcome multiple obstacles throughout their mission that threaten to destroy the ship.  Cooperating as a crew to solve these threats will result in scoring points for your crew and winning the game.

Every great starship crew is made up of individuals with very different, specialized abilities, and it is no different in Star Trek: Five-Year Mission.  Each player will use their crew member’s special abilities cooperatively with the rest of the crew and their abilities to overcome each dangerous alert situation.

The game box will contain:

  • 1 Enterprise mat (double-sided)
  • 7 Crew mats (double-sided)
  • 3 Decks of alert cards (24 Blue, 24 Yellow, 24 Red)
  • 35 Six-sided dice (14 red, 14 blue, 7 yellow)
  • 1 sand timer
  • 1 damage marker

Star Trek: Five-Year Mission is for 3-7 players ages 10 and up and plays in 30-45 minutes.  The game is scheduled for release later in 2015.

dwarves saga

The Dwarves: The Board Game: Own the award-winning fantasy board game – and help making it more awesome with the Saga Kickstarter!

The Dwarves: The Saga is an expansion for The Dwarves: The Board Game, a game by Pegasus Spiele that has taken its source material from a very popular German adventure series, The Dwarves by Markus Heitz.  This epic series tells the tale of the Dwarves Tungdil (the stories’ hero), and his friends Balyndis, Boëndal, Boïndil and Bavragor on their fight to save their homeland Girdlegard.

The Dwarves is a cooperative game in which players take on the role of one of the dwarf characters from Heitz’s stories.  Players work together to stop the evil forces comprised of Orcs, Trolls, and the Älfar from flooding Girdlegard.  The players’ goal is to complete a number of main quests in the form of Scenario cards before the forces of evil take over Girdlegard, and side quests are included to enrich gameplay.

dwarves saga board

This Kickstarter project includes not only this new expansion, but also the base game as well, available in English for the first time.

A copy of The Dwarves: The Board Game includes 20 Älfar troops, 30 Orcs troops, 5 Health tokens, 36 Perished Land tiles, 15 Value modification tiles, 1 Tunnel Tile, 1 Doom Token, 1 Hero Token, 30 Adventure cards, 12 Scenario cards, 5 Dwarven figures, 5 character boards, 1 game board, 15 Threat cards, 25 Trolls troops, 5 Scenario tokens, 1 Council Token, 22 Equipment cards, 7 Number dice, and 3 Recruitment dice.

The Dwarves: The Saga expansion will include:

  • 2 new game boards
  • 4 new miniatures
  • 2 new punchboards
  • 12 new and additional value modification tiles
  • New Scenarios, Adventures and Threats for you to face!
  • 75 new Wooden Meeples

Many stretch goals are also available to backers of this project.  To support it, visit the Kickstarter page here.