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legion of honor

Coming September from Clash of Arms is Legion of Honor designed by Richard Kane and Mike Ruttler.  This is an innovative card-based war game about Napoleonic Wars.  Each player is a French soldier, or grognard, starting out in the military.  Events span the period from the Brunswick Manifesto to The Hundred Days.  The winner of the game is determined by the grognard with the highest military rank or whoever becomes the wealthiest.

Image Courtesy of BGG

Image Courtesy of BGG

Legion of Honor is for one to six players and components include 200 color playing cards and 140 counters.

shattered armada

Command at Sea travels to the waters off Spain in 1936, where in July, right-wing “Nationalists” rebelled against the democratically elected left-wing “Republicans,” resulting in the bloody civil war.

Italy and Germany quickly backed the Fascist Nationalists, as the Soviet Union rallied behind the Communist-Socialist-Anarchist Republicans. Meanwhile England, with a reluctant France, desperately sought to keep war from expanding.

Shattered Armada features 22 scenarios describing battles that actually did occur, “could have” battles with combatants who were close enough to fight; and “what if” battles drawn from war plans and journals.

Shattered Armada is not a complete game and requires Command at Sea 4th Edition Rules (COA000) to play.

Coming this March from Clash of Arms

against the odds

La Bataille de Vauchamps

La Bataille de Vauchamps  is forever known as the Goat of Waterloo and the year before, 1814, saw Grouchy’s finest hour. For the casual reader who looks into the 100 Days and the Waterloo Campaign, they may be wondering who is Grouchy and why Napoleon would give him a third of his army and depend on him to keep Blücher’s Prussians far fromWellington?

In context of Grouchy’s performance, it’s a very reasonable question. The answer requires reader to goes back to February,1814, where-at the Battle of Vauchamps then-Cavalry-General Grouchy showed he could be extremely good at chasing Blücher.

Imagine Blücher’s shock at discovering Napoleon, the Ogre, again confronting him and after falling back, being hounded by Grouchy’s French cavalry.

Had the ground at Vauchamps been less muddy allowing the French horse artillery to stay closer, things would have been even worse for the Allies. As it was, in the final count, Allied losses may have been greater than 10-1 over the French, and Blücher once again was very nearly captured.

Vauchamps serves as a good intro or entry level game to the La Bataille system, made popular with Clash of Arms Games and with fans all over the world.


Designed by the original Marshal Enterprises team of Monte Matteson, Dennis Spors and James Soto, the magazine comes with a full color, 17” x 44” map board and close to 500 colorful, die-cut counters (in the best La Bataille style), plus rules, charts and everything you need.

Against the Odds Annual also includes a deluxe-sized magazine with even more articles and interesting stories., intriguing battle and other items of military history as well.