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The next big thing designed by Jamey Stegmaier is Tapestry, a 1-5 player civilization game that plays in 90-120 minutes. The game was revealed on Stonemaier Games’ weekly livecast video on Facebook.

In Tapestry, you start from nothing and advance on any of the 4 advancement tracks (science, technology, exploration, and military) to earn progressively better benefits. You can focus on a specific track or take a more balanced approach. You will also improve your income, build your capital city, leverage your asymmetric abilities, earn victory points, and gain tapestry cards that will tell the story of your civilization.

Stonemaier website

The game features art by Andrew Bosley, of Everdell fame, and sculpts by Rom Brown. The first English print run of 25,000 is complete and the game is sailing from production to fulfillment centers now, with each box individually numbered. Tapestry will be available for preorder through Stonemaier’s website in early September, and will be for sale at Essen Spiel.

Some tidbits from the video: Tapestry is not tied to real world history. The rulebook is only four pages long. The factions have asymmetrical starting points. The solo mode is by Automa Factory. The game includes a spatial placement element somewhat similar to A Feast for Odin.

Over the coming weeks, additional game details will be revealed through the Tapestry Facebook group and the Stonemaier website.

Gentres, designed by Stephen Risthaus, is being Kickstarted now by Tasty Minstrel Games and will be getting the Deluxified™ treatment.

Gentres is a civilization game for 2-4 players and will last around 90 minutes.  In this game, players take the role of an ancient people who are attempting to develop their society by building monuments and colonizing or founding new cities in the Mediterranean sea.

The game lasts 6 rounds with each round consisting of two phases.  During the Heyday phase, players will carry out their actions using two precious commodities (coins and time).  The more you spread out the time tokens, the fewer actions you can perform.  However if you combine time tokens, you can carry out more actions this round but fewer next round. Once all players pass, the Decline phase begins which is where clean-up and setup for the next round takes place.

Tasty Minstrel Games has listed the following upgrades to Gentes for the Deluxified™ treatment over the retail edition:  A Foil-Stamped box, Box Sleeve, 6 Oversized Silkscreened Meeples, 24 Normal-sized Silkscreened Meeples, 89 Metal Coins, 28 Stickered Wood Action Tokens, 20 Silk Silkscreened Lock Tokens, 60 Silkscreened Wood Hourglass Tokens, 4 Dual-layered Player Boards, and 4 Custom-shaped Score Tokens.

The Gentes campaign is running until February 17, 2018 and has already met the minimum level for funding.  A pledge of $45 will get you the Standard edition while a pledge of $59 will get you the Deluxified™ English Edition.  A pledge of $60 will get you the Deluxified™ Edition in either Dutch, French, German, Italian, or Polish.  Please check out the campaign page for more details on shipping costs.

Fantasy Flight Games is keeping up with their tradition of huge last minute GenCon announcements, and the focus this time is Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn. The latest in the award winning Civilization series, Civilization: A New Dawn is being developed by James Kniffen, a powerhouse of the Fantasy Flight machine and developer on past hits Forbidden Stars, Star Wars: Armada, and the recent New Angeles. This newest edition to the Civilization franchise looks fantastic, with great art and beautiful components. Players build up the world with large hex grid map tiles, and try to conquer using one of the 8 starting leaders. Leaders start with a certain set of focus cards, showing technologies they start with, and off of which they can further develop. Expect the deep game play and branched development Civilization always brings.

Civilization: A New Dawn is due for release in Q4 2017. You can drool over this new edition in the press release here.

It’s that time again, time to spotlight some fun Kickstarters that have been going on.

First up is something that fits more as a display piece than as a functional board game accessory, even though it CAN be used, called The Tablebreaker.  The Tablebreaker is a 4.5″ diameter d20 die made out of solid aluminum and weighing about 5 lbs.  They call this The Tablebreaker because a normal die will be about 1/100 of a pound, and bigger metal dice can run into the 1 lb range.  I own one of those bigger dice, and having something that weighs five times as much makes me fear for my table if I roll it.  I don’t think my table would break, but it would certainly be permanently marked from the Tablebreaker.  So if you are looking for a giant metal die to either use or display, or just want to see videos of tables being destroyed by a die, check out the Kickstarter today.

Next up is a worker placement style game with some bag building mixed in called Groves.  In Groves you are trying to restore the now formless and forgotten kingdom of Idyllon.  To do that you will be building out your grove with all sorts of different trees and using the different spirits to activate those trees or the Tree of Idyll.  What workers you get is based on what is in your bag, and each turn you will draw three of those workers to use for the worker placement.  Any spirits used on your grove, be they from you or someone else, will go back in your bag.  But, any spirits used on the Tree of Idyll are discarded, serving as a way to get unwanted spirits out of your bag.  From there it’s just a matter of building your bag right and getting your engine revved up to score dominion points, which are the points you need to win.  So if you are interested in this tree themed fantasy game from Letiman Games, check out their Kickstarter page.

After that is a game from Breaking Games with some beautiful art and interesting mechanics, and that is Rise of Tribes.  The art for the game is very well done, and the leaders they depict on the player boards look simply amazing and evoke the tribal feel of the game.  The game itself is a dice based area control and civilization game where symbol combinations don’t determine your available actions, but they do have the chance to enhance them.  How this works is that on your turn you roll two dice, and then put each die on an action space were other dice are already there.  The oldest die comes off that space and you perform the action, but if the symbols on the dice there match the action, then you get to do bonus actions as well.  This would allow you to do more than just the basic two actions on your turn if you use your dice smartly.  You then use these actions to explore new areas, put pieces on the board, and grow your civilization to be the best there is.  So if this sounds interesting then check out the Kickstarter page.

Finally we have another entry into the tricking taking plus something else category with Radiant by Tin Shoe Games.  Trick taking games plus something else category right now is being occupied by games like Honshu and Trick of the Rails, and this game takes that hybrid idea and runs with it.  In Radiant you will draft your hand of cards from a public display, meaning you will know what your opponents are taking and vice versa.  From there you will have the opportunity to score sets that you have created in your hand, but be careful, you have to reveal those sets to everyone to score it.  From there you starting battling across the board, and battles are decided by a trick taking round with the area you are fighting in determining the trump suit.  In the end you get points for areas controlled and the sets you reveal in each round, most points is the winner.  So if you are interested in this kind of hybrid area control/tricking taking game, check out their Kickstarter campaign.

For those who feel that tabletop gaming hasn’t yet satisfied the experience of epic medieval expansion, 2017 is starting with something you might be interested in. A massive new miniatures game from is now up for funding on Kickstarter right now – Medioevo Universalis. A very ambitious game where 2 to 5 players, but expandable to 9, command armies in a bid for control over all of Europe. Featuring hundreds of minis, tokens, coins, cards, diplomacy, and warfare, Medioevo Universalis is bursting at the seams to deliver on it’s hefty price tag. Here’s a brief description from the Kickstarter page:

 “Players will lead one of the great medieval kingdoms of the thirteenth century by developing an intricate commercial network, advancing its technology, and weaving diplomatic relations with the other players. A number of possible adverse events can occur: natural disasters, and barbarians that will hinder military conquests or the creation of an empire.

The list of all the stuff in the box, and all that you can do in the game and with so many participants is impressive to say the least. The civilization-building elements are definitely intruiging, so it’ll be worth checking out the rulebook once it’s posted to the campaign page to see how it all really “ticks”. That said, plenty of eager gamers are enticed by what is on offer, as Medioevo Universalis is well beyond it’s funding goal across the three platforms from which it is available. Be sure to check out their campaign page for more information and updates from about this huge new contender in the dark-aged miniatures arena.


Splotter Spellen is known for their crunchy euro games like Food Chain Magnate and Roads & Boats, so fans of those types of games will be happy to see two of their popular titles getting reprinted.  The first game being reprinted is The Great Zimbabwe, a euro game where you are building a trade based civilization in ancient Africa.  In this game you want to build monuments to the gods you choose in order to win, but each god is different to build for and offers different benefits.  So in order to build your monuments you have to build a trade network to be able to get the supplies you need for the construction.  Build the most extravagant monuments and you will be the winner.  Look for this game to be back on shelves in October.


Second is the economic game Indonesia, one all about controlling both the production of goods and their shipment.  It is all a balancing game to make the most money as you acquire the production of goods, then transport those goods to cities that want them.  But be careful, you still have to pay the ships that carried your goods, even if that results in a net loss in profits.  So do your best and make the most money and you will be the winner of this game.  Look for this game to be on store shelves in November.


Designed by Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski, and Sean Sweigart, Star Trek: Ascendancy is a 4X game based in the Star Trek Universe where each player takes on the role of a major faction all vying for position and power within the galaxy.  Coming off of their release of Star Trek Ascendancy at GenCon, Gale Force 9 has announced they will be adding both the Cardassian and Ferengi factions as player expansions this fall.

 “A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place.  To force them to acknowledge your greatness.” – Gul Dukat


The Cardassian Union is the first expansion to be released for Star Trek: Ascendancy, complementing The Federation, the Klingons, and the Romulans that come in the base game.  If brutalizing and dominating the other races in the galaxy is your thing, the Cardassians is a must have!

“Millions of new worlds at our very doorstep.  The potential for Ferengi business expansion is staggering!” – Grand Nagus Zek

The Ferengi Alliance is the second expansion to be released for Star Trek: Ascendancy, complementing the previously mentioned races.  If domination through commerce and military utilizing the Rules of Acquisition is your style, the Ferengi is for you.

Both Cardassian and Ferengi expansions contain everything needed to add both races to your game, from player cards, ships, fleets, homeworld, and all necessary tokens required to play.  Each expansion also increases maximum player count to 5, and each player adds about 1 hour to game play.  Both expansions are scheduled to release this fall.

For more info on the base game and each expansion, please click here.

mega civili

Civilization games have a long and storied history in tabletop boardgaming and continue to be a popular genre.  Be it ancient earth-bound cultures to space-faring aliens, players can’t seem to get enough of building their legacy from the ground up.  Luckily, Pegasus Speile is bringing us the biggest civilization game ever made, suitably titled, Mega Civilization!  The press release says this about the game:

Mega Civilization has already made the headlines at SPIEL’15. It contains up to 12 hours of strategy with 5 to 18 players, more than 2.000 tokens and 1.500 cards and one game board which is 2 meters long – mega on the outside, mega on the inside.

The wooden box weighs 10 kilograms […] and contains not only a lot of gaming materials but also a well elaborated and balanced board game. The authors John Rodriguez and Flo de Haan spent over 15 years perfecting the rules.

Mega Civilization is available exclusively through Pegasus Spiele Premium Stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  All other buyers can find it at the Pegasus Spiele online store.

mega civ rultebook

Only two games come to mind when I think of something that is MEGA, Ogre Designer Edition, and Mega Civilization.  Mega Civilization is the re-implementation of the 1980 Avalon Hill game Civilization (not to be confused with Sid Meier’s Civilization) and is a game about taking your fledgling civilization and growing it in all facets, cultural, economic, scientific, political, civic, religious, to become a mighty empire.  The time span of the game is epic, starting just after the Ice Age and lasting into the Iron Age, a span of over 8,000 years.  During this time 5 to 18 players will be building their civilizations in the most balanced way possible to gain the most points and achieve victory.  With a play time of a short game being 6-8 hours and the normal game last 10-12, this game will be a day long experience.  Also, before I forget I should mention the map board comes in four segments, and when put together spans almost 7′ wide and 2.5′ deep.  Follow this link to check out the full rulebook and head over to it’s BoardGameGeek page to read more about this monstrosity of a game.

Stronghold Games has announced they will be releasing The Golden Ages a euro-style civilization game. The Golden Ages was originally published by Ergo Ludo Editions for Speil 2014 and garnered high acclaim and designed by Luigi Ferrini with artwork by Alexandre Roche and Stronghold Games has acquired worldwide English rights.

In The Golden Ages 2-4 players will lead their civilization through 4 different ages. During each age their civilization will develop technologies, fine art, and build wonders and buildings. They will explore continents, establish cities and conduct battles.

The board for the game is a map that could look exactly like a world map. I say could because the map is broken up into tiles and when players explore they place a tile on the board with the only rules that land must touch land and water must touch water. So while the map could turn out to look exactly like a map of our world it probably wouldn’t be the case. It certainly helps make every game of The Golden Ages unique.

The game also has many paths to victory with the arts, wonders, technology, military and more all adding to the victory points players need to win the game. You can watch a review of The Golden Ages by Tom Vasel here.

Perhaps what has me most excited for The Golden Ages is the 90 minute play time. A game that plays like a Civ game in only an hour and half sounds fantastic for those days I don’t have 4 hours or more to play. Add in the fact that Stronghold Games has a fantastic reputation for bringing some excellent games over from the European market they are one of my top favorite publishers. The Golden Ages was also nominated for the Dutch Game of the Year.

Civilization style game in 90 minutes from a top industry publisher that has already garnered many accolades for a limited print run including a nomination for Dutch Game of the Year…yes I’m interested. If you are too then head to you favorite FLGS/OLGS in October 2015 (tentative worldwide release date) to grab a copy of The Golden Ages.