Childrens Board Games

Skellig Games has announced two new titles for release at Essen Spiel this October. Skellig is a small German board game and publishing house known for family weight games. Their first game, Concerto (2018) by designer Uwe Bursik is a well-received memory game with a musical theme.

Ambrosia, also by designer Uwe Bursik is a bee themed abstract game in which 2-4 players move bee “stones” across fields to collect nectar and score points. Different types of bees, such as guardians, berserkers or drones, give special abilities along the way. Stones can both block other players and set up points in this no-luck pure strategy game. The game comes with a double sided modular board and event cards to keep replayability high.

Mice to Meet You by designer Daniel Bernsen is a family friendly roll and write game for 1-5 players, which uses a unique “roll and discard” mechanism. The active player rolls dice to discard their mouse cards, while opponents get to take advantage of the unused dice. The game lasts a short 20 minutes, and the winner is the player with the fewest points in hand.

For more information on Skellig Games’ releases at Essen, check out their website here.

Fireside Games has announced a new addition to their popular line of Castle Panic games, My First Castle Panic by designer Justin De Witt, targeting kids aged 4+. This new version of Castle Panic has 1-4 players trying to catch monsters advancing on the castle, and features gorgeous art from Cam Kendell (Dungeon Dice). The new play style requires no reading or heavy counting, instead using color and shape matching on cards. On their turn, each player draws a card, then either plays one card from their hand, or asks another player for help. To catch a monster, players must play a card with the same shape and color as a space containing a monster. After playing, the monsters advance one space along the clear path to the castle, and a new monster token is drawn. Monster tokens can denote special monsters, such as runners that move more quickly. Players win cooperatively if all the monsters are caught, or lose together if the monsters manage to knock the castle flat. My First Castle Panic teaches problem solving, matching skills, and taking turns, all in the framework of a cooperative (everyone wins or loses!) game. Look for My First Castle Panic in stores March 2019.