This past weekend, in Durango, CO, the Catan World Championships (CWC) were held to determine who is the best Catan player in the world.  60 players from over 34 countries descending upon the town in Colorado to play against each other in the historic Strater Hotel.  Part of the tournament was broadcast live online so those not able to attend could still look in on some of the best players in the world.  As of now, the winner had not been announced on their Facebook page.  For more information you can check out the Catan Facebook page.

my little pony unicorn

As Enterplay is getting ready for My Little Pony: CCG Continental Championships, which will be held at Gen Con, Stores around the US and Canada are getting ready to hold the Store Championships. Held July 15th-24th, each participant in the Store Championships will receive one new Sweetie Belle Unicorn token card. This is the second of the inseparable Cutie Mark Crusaders to be released, with the final one, Apple Bloom, coming later this year.

Each store gets to choose either Constructed Harmony format, or draft format. Participants are eligible for additional prizes, and the top two players are invited to compete at Gen Con. To find a local store holding an event, head to the MLP: CCG Store Champs Map

For the full announcement, check out Enterplay’s Facebook page.

bushiroad banner

Bushiroad has announced this year’s major tournament series to be held in a record 25 cities. Starting in August, tournaments will be held worldwide including newcomer hosts Chile, Surabaya, and Indonesia. Players will have a chance to win exclusive, first ever English edition promotional goods, including a vertical deck case, cards, and lapel pins.

There will be four English edition Trading Card games featured in the World Championship, including the first appearance of Bushiroad’s newest TCG Luck and Logic, as a side event. The other games will be Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, and Future Card Buddyfight.

The World Finals will be held in Tokyo, Japan following the regional and continental level tournaments. In addition, there is a new Store Championship Circuit in the United Kingdom and Germany that will offer winners a bye in the first two elimination rounds of the regional level tournaments.

For more details visit Bushiroad’s website.

epic tourn banner

White Wizard Games launched the Epic Card Game last year with a half-million-dollar Kickstarter and nearly 12,000 backers.  Since then, the company desires to increase the game’s fan base by holding an Epic Card Game World Championship Series with a $100,00 prize.  White Wizard Games makes this statement about the game:

Epic was designed to provide a full trading card game style experience at a fraction of the cost. The one thing Epic was missing was high-end events to inspire players to build the best-possible constructed decks and to push their strategies in awesome limited formats like dark draft. This high-end play doesn’t just benefit the competitive tournament player, it also provides a wealth of internet content like cool deck lists that casual players can build and try at home or in a local casual event.

Qualifiers for the Epic World Championship will be taking place throughout the year at major gaming conventions and large game stores. Players will have a chance to compete and win one of 64 coveted entries to the Epic World Championship in November 2016, where everyone will receive a cash prize and one person will win $25,000 and the title of World Champion! All told, $100,000 in cash will be awarded at Epic Worlds. There will be plenty of fun events open to the public as well. Epic World Championship Qualifiers will start at SXSW Gaming in March, and continue with events at Origins Game Fair, Connection, GenCon, PAX Prime, Dragon Con, and more.

The Epic Card Game World Championship will be held in the Boston area (Framingham) on November 18-21, 2016.  White Wizard Games will also be running the new Star Realms Legend Series Tournaments alongside the Epic World Championship Series, and winners will be become characters in future expansions of the game.

For more information about this announcement, visit the informative website here.

xwing open series

IMAGINE: You strap yourself into the cockpit of your X-wing. As you turn to exit the hangar bay, klaxons blare and a series of red and blue lights pulse their warnings. “Imperial fighters in sector 48!” Your heart is racing. Then you get the signal from the flight crew. You hit the thruster, and you’re chasing your wingmates through the clouds and into the starry darkness of space. For one second, it’s the way you always felt flying should be. But then you see the activity on your scanners. And then the ships—hundreds of them, maybe even thousands. You open fire. Your squadmates open fire. The enemy opens fire. And everything erupts into streaks of light and explosions…

This spring, Fantasy Flight Games is bringing the biggest and most exciting X-Wing event ever, the X-Wing System Open Series.  From March 31st through June 5th, the X-Wing System Open Series will be held in eight different events, each held in one of eight different nations around the world.  These events are open to anyone, and each of the eight events will yield one “ace”, each of whom will win transportation, hotel accommodation, and entry to the eight-player Coruscant Invitational taking place within the sold-out 2016 Star Wars Celebration in London, England.

For more information on this series of events, visit the FFG website here.

genghis con

Genghis Con 2016 is right around the corner, being held from February 11-14, 2016, in Aurora, Colorado at the Radisson Southeast.

Genghis Con will feature many opportunities in gaming, such as:

  • Role-playing games (Savage Worlds, D&D, and Hero’s RPG)
  • Access to the Gen Con board game library, with over 700 games (Board Game Ribbon required to access)
  • Auction
  • Catan Regional Championship qualifier (winner will compete at Gen Con 2016)
  • Miniatures room run by Gamer’s Haven game store
  • Envoy Games regional championships in Diamonds, Game of 49, Spellcaster, Nevermore, Skull King, and Wizard
  • Artemis Bridge Simulator
  • Cosplay contest
  • Live-action role-playing
  • Dungeon Crawl of Awesome featuring an entire floor for a sic-fi dungeon crawl

Hotel rooms are available for $89/night with the group code “Gen Con”.  For more information, visit the convention’s web site at


Those of us here in the states know about the WBC or the World Board gaming Championships that happens in Pennsylvania each year, well before you can win the world you have to win your continent first.  EuropeMasters is the board gaming championship for all of Europe and Canada and featured 29 teams vying for the title.  Teams consisted of 4 people and they played 4 different games with each individual’s win getting their team 5 points for a possible max score of 80.  There were prizes for first, second, and third as well as the best individual performance.  The four games played this year were Five Tribes, Deus, ZhanGuo, and Orleans.  After all games were played the results were as follows:

1st Place with 65 points – Brettspielteam Hamburg (Germany); Jan Ruess (16 points), Sebastian Moises (14 points), Dennis Johannsen (18 points), Mika Seidel (17 points)

2nd Place with 59.5 points – Steppe Nomads (Finland); Oskari Vuorio (15,5 points), Johannes Rimpiläinen (11 points), Iridian Kiiskinen (18 points), Juuso Lähdekorpi (15 points)

3rd Place with 58.5 points – Poslední Naděje (Czech Republic)l; Mario Babunek (15 points), Mailan Horák (9,5 points), Karel Kozmik (16 points), Ondřej Demel (18 points)

Overall Best Individual with a perfect score of 20 – Robert Oestreich from InTeam (Germany)

days of wonder

Days of Wonder was proud to announce its winner of the Ticket to Ride World Championships today.  This announcement was however scarred by the fact that the initial champion was caught cheating.  As a result they have had to award the championship to  Kenneth Heilfron (USA).  Fortunately for all involved the cheating was observed and brought to light very quickly before official announcements went out.  This championship had been broadcast over the internet and numerous fans watching in addition to competitors there in person pointed out the issues to DoW.

This news is very unfortunate.  That being said in the end the caliber of our community truly shined.  That we had fans who cared enough to actually watch this championship live and were able to call out someone for cheating speaks well to this community.

Days of Wonder’s official press release below

Representing the USA, Kenneth Heilfron is officially declared the 2014 Ticket to Ride World Champion as the previously announced champion, Erwin Pauelsen has resigned his title.

After more that 25,000 contestants played around the world, Days of Wonder gathered the 28 National Champions in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris, France for the final stage of the Ticket to Ride World Championship tournament. After 3 qualifying rounds, the top 8 then played a succession of head to head games for quarter, semi and then championship games. Erwin Pauelsen appeared to have won the final match and was awarded the Golden Train Trophy.

However, quickly after the event ended, contestants and Ticket to Ride fans from around the world (who were able to follow the tournament live on the internet) voiced concerns about possible irregularities during the final game.

Days of Wonder closely examined the final matches and unfortunately found evidence of cheating during the 2nd game of the final. Mr Pauelsen has admitted to his dishonesty and agreed to hand back his title and trophy.

In accordance with the Official Rules of the 2014 Ticket to Ride Championship, the final ranking is now as follows:

  • 2014 Ticket to Ride Champion: Kenneth Heilfron (USA)
  • 2nd Place: Michel Hautecœur (Belgium)
  • 3rd Place: Piotr Hrachun (Russia)

While it is unfortunate that the Championship was marred by cheating, Kenneth is a true champion and Days of Wonder congratulates him on winning the title.

The board game world, specifically the Ticket to Ride community, has always been one filled with friendly and fair competitors. It saddens us that this dishonest behavior occurred, especially given all the time and energy put into the Championship – not only by the company, but by the hundreds of volunteers who helped run Ticket to Ride events worldwide. Days of Wonder is thankful to those who have helped to uncover and resolve this situation in the most honorable way possible.