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The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design (AAGAD) award the Origins Awards at the Origins Game Fair each June. Nominees are picked in March and the academy votes on the games in the different categories based on excellence in game design. Well, the winners for the 2018 Origins Awards have been announced! Let’s see who they are!

Congratulations to Cephalofair Games as Best Board Game, Fan Favorite and Game of the Year goes to Gloomhaven! As Best Card Game and Fan Favorite we have both Renegade Game Studios’ Ex Libris and Hero Realms by White Wizard Games.  For Best Miniatures Game and Fan Favorite we have WarHammer 40,000 (8th edition) by Games Workshop. Best Collectible Game and Fan Favorite goes to Star Wars Destiny: Awakenings Booster by Fantasy Flight Games. As for Best Family Game and Fan Favorite we have Azul by Plan B GamesThe Best Role-Playing Game Supplement and Fan Favorite is Dungeons & Dragons Xanathar’s Guide to Everything by Dungeons and Dragons. As for Best Role-Playing Game we have Adventures in Middle Earth – Cubicle 7,  and finally, we have the Fan Favorite Role-Playing Game winner:  Starfinder– by Paizo.

Congratulations to these amazing game designers and the hard work they have put into making the games that have become staples in our homes and board game cafes around the world!



Isaac Childres and Cephalofair Games have announced that an expansion to Gloomhaven, named Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles. Gloomhaven is the legacy card-driven dungeon crawl that hit the market like a nuclear bomb out of Kickstarter  in early 2017. The 22 pound monster has since dominated the Hotness and Best boardgame lists on BGG, and even managed to crack into the #1 spot in Tom Vasel’s top board games of all time. Forgotten Circles will be released through normal retail channels in time for Essen Spiel 2018 (October), and will contain 20 new scenarios that take place after the main story of Gloomhaven. Forgotten Circles will also include 7 new monster types with 3 bosses, 14 new items, and a new character class, the Aesther Diviner.

The International Gamers Awards have been going on since the year 2000, celebrating and recognizing gaming a truly global scale by having a committee of judges from all around the world. Each year they vote for the best game within the General Strategy category, which is split into two sub-categories: Multiplayer and 2-Player. 2017’s finalists have been announced and it’s immediately noticeable that this year’s competition is fierce. So without further ado, the nominees are:

General Strategy Games – Multiplayer nominees

A Feast for Odin
Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher: Feuerland Spiele

Century: Spice Road
Designer: Emerson Matsuuchi
Publisher: Plan B Games

First Class
Designers: Helmut Ohley
Publisher: Hans im Glück

Designer: Isaac Childress
Publisher: Cephalofair Games

Great Western Trail
Designer: Alexander Pfister
Publishers: eggertspiele

Key to the City: London
Designers: Sebastian Bleasdale and Richard Breese
Publisher: R&D Games

Lorenzo il Magnifico
Designers: Flaminia Brasini and Virginio Gigli and Simone Luciani
Publisher: Cranio Creations

Magic Maze
Designer: Kasper Lapp
Publisher: Sit Down!

Designer: Jamey Stegmaier
Publisher: Stonemaier Games

Image from the English 2nd Printing

Terraforming Mars
Designer: Jacob Fryxelius
Publisher: Fryx Games / Stonemaier Games

The Colonists
Designer Tim Puls
Publisher: Lookout Games

Designer: Günter Burkhardt
Publisher: HUCH!

Designer: Hisashi Hayashi
Publisher: OZAKU Brand

General Strategy Games – 2-Player nominees


Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Designers: Nate French and Matthew Newman
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Caverna: Cave vs. Cave
Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher: Lookout Games


Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
Designer: Diego Ibanez
Publisher: Devir

Designer: Gordon Hamilton
Publisher: Roxley

Star Wars: Destiny
Designers: Corey Konieczka and Lukas Litzsinger
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games


Gloomhaven, the monstrously sized game with legacy style elements to it will be coming to stores in the early months of 2017.  The game was Kickstarted last year and its fulfillment of the Kickstarter is almost upon us, and backers are very excited to get their game.  Gloomhaven is a dungeon crawler game with a euro-inspired fighting system that maintains loads of theme and branching story-lines as you play through the campaign.  At times in the game you will have to make various decisions, and those decisions will affect the game from then on out.  In the box will be multiple small boxes to be opened as different story element are triggered, changing and morphing the game like a choose your own adventure book.  I am sad that I missed this Kickstarter somehow but the game is making itself out to be something epic like Pandemic Legacy.  Look for it on store shelves in February of 2017.

gloomhavenBetter late than never right? Gloomhaven, designed by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games, was a game I meant to post about a little over a week ago as it not only ticked all the right boxes for me, but the components looked like they were going to be wonderful, the game was going to be stock full of goodies, and there’s quite a bit of information out there on the Kickstarter page. What a wonderful surprise, when I checked, to see that the campaign has nearly doubled it’s funding goal.

So what sets this apart from other campaign-driven games? Well, here’s a few things I found of interest:

  • There’s no dice. What’s that you say? Yes, NO DICE. Everything is determined by the cards.
  • New career paths, character classes, and sub-plots are unlocked through the many branches of the story-line.
  • Interactive map board
  • TONS of goodies

Here’s a glimpse of the components:

gloomhaven comp

There is TONS of information available on the Kickstarter page here. Once there you can watch video reviews, learn about online game play demonstrations, as well as read-up on all the stretch goals that have already been unlocked. Gloomhaven is definitely one of the hot games on Kickstarter!!