inis comp

Inis is the latest game announced by Asmodee and brings ancient Celtic mythology to life in this area control game.  In Inis you are trying to achieve three different goals to become High King; be present in 6+ territories, be present in territories with 6+ total sanctuaries, or be chieftain over 6+ enemy clans.  You will do this by exploring, setting up temples or sanctuaries, combating your foes, and expanding yours clans across the modular board.  All of these actions are done through card play and so when it’s your turn, you play a card which tells you exactly what you need to do.  Most of the time they will do one of the above actions, and sometimes you will get a bonus advantage or epic tale card as well.  Both of these types of cards give you more powerful options for actions or reactions that you can take.  The first to achieve a game winning condition is the winner……maybe.  In Inis there are no ties, so if in a round two people achieve one of the game winning conditions, even different ones, the game keeps going.  It isn’t until at the end of a round there is a single player with more game winning conditions met do you have a true winner and new High King.  Look for this game on store shelves in September of 2016, and you can read more about it on Asmodee’s site.

immortal 2

The following is a press release from Game-o-gami:

Game-O-Gami just launched a Kickstarter project to bring 2 new factions, the Egyptian and Celtic pantheons, to “Immortal” – the strategy game of warring mythologies:
The Egyptian and Celtic pantheons will join the Norse, Greek, Japanese, and Native American pantheons, for a total of 6 playable factions in Immortal. This new Kickstarter project functions as a stretch goal for the previous Immortal Kickstarter project which funded in July. So if the new Kickstarter successfully funds, then all of the new content (50% more cards, artwork, and special abilities) will be automatically added to every copy of the game when it releases next year.
In addition to upgrading the game for everyone, this Kickstarter project is also raising funds to produce a deck of custom Playing Cards, featuring the amazing artwork from the game. Each of the 54 cards in the Playing Cards deck (4 suits + 2 Jokers) will have a unique illustration of a god, goddess, hero, or monster from Norse, Greek, Japanese, or Egyptian mythology.
This is a short 16-day Kickstarter campaign, running until October 8th.