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MAGE Company has announced that Twisted Brother Studios, a two man design operation, will be joining them under the MAGE Company umbrella.  Twisted Brother Studios is still a very new company having only formed in 2016 and are working on board game expansions for the Carrotia game put out by MAGE Company.  Also of note is that they are working on the next game in the 12 Realms line called 12 Realms: Dungeonland, which will be coming to Kickstarter soon.  You can read the full press release below and both companies are looking forward to the partnership to elevate each’s games to a higher level.

Twisted Brother Studio joins MAGE Company

ATHENS, Greece (14 November, 2016) –  MAGE Company is proud to announce partnering with Twisted Brothers Studio for the development of its games.

“MAGE Company is thrilled to partner with Twisted Brothers, and aims to have a fresh air brought to its game development”, mentioned Alexander Argyropoulos, General Manager of MAGE Company.

“Twisted Brothers Studio is really happy to announce it has joined the MAGE Company Family. We are a game developing studio with real passion and love for the boardgame industry. We have been gamers for many years, long before we ever thought we would work on this industry. We are proud and really excited to work for MAGE Company and promise to raise even higher the high quality standards that they have set in the past.”, Twisted Brothers noted.

Through this collaboration, MAGE Company aims to bring gaming to a higher level. “We have high hopes for this partnership. Game rulebooks will be more consistent and the Brothers will give their best to combine fun and solid mechanics in all our projects.”, said Alexander Argyropoulos.

The opinion of the gamers seems to matter a lot to the Twisted Brothers Studio. “When we provide you with the final product we want to be certain that you are satisfied with the result.”, they confirm.

The collaboration between MAGE Company and the Twisted Brothers Studio started not long ago: “Our first project as part of MAGE Company was the rules for Carrotia’s expansions that were Kickstarted recently. Also during the past few weeks we have been working hard on the 2.0 version of Aether Captains. We are really proud with the result of our work and we hope that you will share in our enthusiasm once you play the game.”, the Studio said.

“Right now they are working hard on 12 Realms: Dungeonland, one of our biggest projects yet. We have high hopes for this one and I am sure that along with Twisted Brothers we will give you the best experience possible.”, Alexander Argyropoulos mentions.



MAGE Company is a board game publisher based in Eastern Europe and in USA. The company was created back in 2010 for the purpose of creating new and exciting board games. Since then MAGE Company has published a variety of titles such as 12 Realms, Wrong Chemistry, Hoyuk, Raid & Trade, Res Publica: 2230AD, Carrotia, the Cohort and more. MAGE Company develops and publishes games that offer a different playing experience and always supports the main titles with news expansions that enrich the games with new mechanics.  Following the standards of the marker, each board game includes components of high quality. Few titles are published each year, each with its own style, theme, and mechanics. Our priority is to keep a very special line of board, card and miniature games. Our current titles are divided in two different parts: the Family Zone and the Original Games. We build our lines based on games for the kids and families and for those who are more experienced gamers.


Twisted Brothers is a Development Studio created in January 2016 by a duo of gamers. Twisted Brothers are a dedicated group of gamers that love their job and will always try to provide their fellow gamers with nothing less than the best.The background of the developing duo, Nick and Panos, includes RPG Games, a variaty of board and card games, as well as wargames. Our projects include the expansions for Carrotia: Carroting, Carrots Out, Tutancarrot and Noscarotu and the Aether Captains version 2 rules. Our biggest project is 12 Realms: Dungeonland, a new dungeon crawling game in the 12 Realms Universe.

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The Family Zone is a new range of games from MAGE Company designed for families. The games play in around 15-30 minutes for ages 8+ and feature awesome gameplay and clever twists.

Corrotia3dBox 2

The first title, Carrotia is a light, co-operative tile placement game for 1 to 6 players where the rabbits must explore the wilds and collect enough food to feed the colony while avoiding the owl, hawk and other birds as they swoop in causing mayhem.

3d Box

Secondly is The Cohort, a fast-paced card game for 2 to 6 players where you are racing to be the first to assemble a Legion to prove yourself to Caesar as the best of his commanders.

And finally, the third game in the line is Wrong Chemistry, an ‘easy to learn – hard to master’ game that includes funny references to real elements from the periodic table. Players try to change the pieces on the board to match the shapes on the cards in their hands.

The games will launch at the UK Games Expo in June 2016 and can also be pre-ordered from Mage Company’s webstore.

MAGE Company would like to announce two new additions to their “Family Zone” line of party games for friends and family, Carrotia and The Cohort.



Carrot supplies are getting low and the rabbits must brave the wilds to collect enough to feed the colony! Time is short, the pathways long and the birds are circling overhead, looking for easy prey.

In Carrotia, players work together collaboratively to build three different mazes of increasing size.  One of the players is the Master Rabbit, whose job is to dash from entrance to exit within a specific number of moves, as outlined by the current mission card.  As he does so, he will be scooping up precious carrots while avoiding the owl, hawk and other birds as they swoop low over the zones, causing mayhem and mischief.  The other players take on the role of supportive rabbits, lending their unique special abilities to assist the team and and thwart the hungry predators.

Carrotia is for 1-6 players, and includes the following components:

  • 40 tiles (70x70mm)
  • 3 hourglasses (30, 60, 90)
  • 27 quest cards (70x70mm)
  • 6 character cards (70x70mm)
  • 6 bird tokens
  • 30 carrot tokens
  • 2 arrow tokens
  • 1 wooden rabbit
  • 6 custom dice
  • 1 Ruleset



It is time to polish your armor and sharpen your sword, for mighty Caesar has called for his legions to assemble.  So snap them into line as quickly as you can, disrupt the plans of your fellow commanders and show Caesar that your Legion is the greatest in all the Empire.

In The Cohort, players must race to be the first to assemble a Legion and show Caesar you are the greatest of his commanders.  Each Legion is made up of 3 different Cohorts and seven different types of units: Praetorians, Catapults, Centurions, Sagittarii, Equites, Legionaries and Velites.  Each turn, players draw two cards, keep one and give the other to another player.  This card can be kept in hand, or triggered to create a Cohort.  Until a Cohort is complete, however, their rowdy behavior works against the recruiting player.

The Cohort includes the following components:

• 6 Primus Pilus cards

• 18 Praetorian cards
• 18 Centurion cards
• 18 Catapult cards
• 24 Sagittarii cards
• 24 Equites cards
• 30 Legionary cards
• 30 Velites cards

• 1 Rulebook

Both games feature brief play times and are accessible to ages 8 and up.  You can learn more about Carrotia and The Cohort by visiting the MAGE Company website.