Carl Chudyk

Asmadi Games has started a Kickstarter campaign for the first expansion to Mottainai, titled Wutai Mountains. Mottainai (2015) is generally considered Carl Chudyk’s followup to his magnum opus, Glory to Rome (2005). Both games are great examples of deep, strategic card games involving multi use cards. In Mottainai, 2-3 players take turns moving cards around an intricate path, triggering and following actions, storing materials, and creating great works of art in a Buddhist temple. The art can either be for display or for sale, and a careful balance of each is what gains players the most points to win. Wutai Mountains adds another level to the path, bringing 54 new “Om Works” cards. These great works are constructed the same way as others, but once completed, they allow cards to be tucked underneath, creating Om-Helpers, Om-Sales, and Om-Materials.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Mottainai: Wutai Mountains continues through April 6, and is expected to deliver in May of 2018.

Czacha Games has begun a Kickstarter Campaign for the 2nd edition of Impulse by award winning designer Carl Chudyk (Glory to Rome, Innovation). First published in 2013, Impulse is a 2-6 player fast, card driven, 4X space game with great new art from Zak Eidsvoog. Like many of Chudyk’s games, Impulse uses cards in a variety of different ways; cards make up the spaces of a hex board, minerals mined from locations, tech upgrades and actions. Players move two types of ships around the board – transports to execute card actions and cruisers to explore and defeat opponent ships. Players execute all the actions off the Impulse line of cards, each turn adding and removing cards from the line, creating the backbone of actions for the next player.

The Kickstarter also includes two brand new expansions for Impulse. All Your Base adds the concept of bases to the game, while Brake For Launch adds a new combat ship type, the Wing.

The Kickstarter for Impulse 2nd Edition will continue through April 12, and is expected to deliver in October 2017.

Braggart Second Edition had a successful Kickstarter in 2016 and is coming soon from 8th Summit Games. In this re-imagining of Braggart (2010), you’re not a hero, but in The Heroes Return Tavern, you talk a mean game. Players use cards from their hand to add to their increasingly wild story trying to be the most funny, believable or awe-inspiring. But other layers can call you out as a liar, downgrading your boasts. Braggart Second Edition is due to be released in March 2017.

Innovation (2010) from Carl Chudyk (Glory to Rome, Mottainai) is getting a Deluxe Third Edition from Asmadi Games, which includes the award winning base game and all its expansions. Innovation is a card game with multiple use cards, where players guide a civilization from stone ages through modern times. The new Third Edition has a release date of March 2017.

Virulence from Genius Games is a fast simple card game for 2-5 players that can be taught in seconds and plays in 10-20 minutes. In Virulence, players take on the role of viruses and compete to take out host cells for victory points. The game mimic the way viruses infect host cells, and involves blind bluffing, engine building and a bit of luck. Virulence is due to be released March 2017.

Stronghold Games have 3 new board games open for pre-order:

pursuit of happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness, designed by David Chircop & Adrian Abela, is a worker-placement game for 1 to 4 players which plays in about 60 to 90 minutes.  Have you ever wanted to start over in life?  Well, here’s your chance to see what you can accomplish in one lifetime.  What better way to spend your free time than in The Pursuit of Happiness?   For more information, click <here>.


Kraftwagen: V6 Edition, designed by Matthias Cramer, is an economic game for 2 to 4 players set in the world of industrial Germany at the beginning of the automotive boom.  Will you become the next Benz, Porsche, or Diesel?  If you can meet production demands, keep prices reasonable, and prove your cars can out race the competition, you might just stand a chance!  And with the addition of the powerful V6 engine, the rubber is really going to meet the road!  For more information, click <here>.

city of spies

City of Spies: Estoril 1942, designed by Gil d’Orey & Antonio Sousa Lara, is a deck-building, area control game for 2 to 4 players.  Players spend their turns trying to expand their network of spies by controlling locations on the board while using their spy skills to influence the plans of others in order to recruit more spies to their network and ultimately win the game!  For more information, click <here>.

In addition to their new pre-orders, Stronghold released the 2nd and 3rd installments in their Pocket Line of games:

bear valley

Bear Valley, designed by Carl Chudyk, is a light card game of forest exploration playable by 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up, in 15 to 30 minutes.  Using a press-your-luck play style enhanced by variable player powers, Bear Valley challenges players to find their way through a create-it-as-you-go forest full of caves, rivers, mountains, and BEARS!  The goal is to make it out of the forest alive, reaching base camp ahead of all others.  For more information, click <here>.


Stellar Conflict, a fast, fun, real-time, space combat game in the Among the Stars Universe, comes to us through Stronghold’s partnership with European based Artipia Games.  It supports 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up and plays in about 10 minutes.  Deploy your fleet of ships as fast and accurately as you can, in real-time, to try to blast your opponent(s) out of the sky!  For more information, click <here>.


And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, they’ve also announced a new mini-expansion for their immensely popular family game Diamonds which is expected to debut at Gen Con:

Diamonds: The Thief, designed by Mike Fitzgerald, takes the familiar clubs suit action and ties it to a new wooden thief token that will stalk a single player until successfully pilfering some diamonds.  Each time he grabs some loot, he sneaks off to his next mark and the haul that awaits!  The Thief will become mandatory for all Diamonds tournaments.  So, get ready to empty your showrooms and secure your vaults or risk losing your Diamonds to the nimble fingers of The Thief!  For more information, click <here>.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Stronghold Games newsletter, follow this <link> to their homepage.

Releasing on July 15th From Asmadi Games



Equinox is a clever yet simple abstract strategy game for two players.  It is played with 48 unique hexagonal tiles, each with a white side and a black side that are otherwise identical and each color represents a player. The different powers of tiles will allow you to flip, move, change, or defend other tiles on the evolving landscape of hexes.  Once all the tiles are played, whichever side has more face up tiles (plus bonus chips) will be victorious.

equinox tiles

The goal is to use the tiles’ unique abilities to flip other tiles to your designated color, or acquire more bonus end game points. As the game progresses, the tiles will fill the table in a beautiful mosaic of constellations – each tile’s title is represented by a fictional group of stars.


  • 48 tiles
  • Glass scoring beads
  • Full color rules


  • Ages 13+
  • 2 players
  • 15-30 minute play time



Impulse is an intergalactic research and conquest card game by the designer of Innovation and Glory to Rome, Carl Chudyk. It contains 110 cards to help you explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate your way to victory.

impulse tiles

Impulse is a quick-playing 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) game set in space with the game board being composed of cards that have actions on them. Players also have cards in hand, and in addition to featuring one of ten possible actions, these cards have a color (red, yellow, blue or green) and a size (1, 2 or 3, as indicated by the number of icons on the card). Each card also has six edges, and these edges connect adjacent cards in the hex-shaped playing area.

Players score points by destroying enemy ships (one point per ship), by controlling edge spaces on the central card (one point per edge), and by taking other actions via cards. The first player to score 20 points wins!

Impulse is a quick to learn, fun to play game for up to six players, who can play individually, or in teams for even more [strategics].

  • Ages 14+
  • 2-6 players
  • 30-60 minute play time