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Steve Jackson Games has announced their upcoming release schedule for the month of September.  The first two entries are Munchkin Shakespeare and a demo pack called Staged Demo.  Munchkin Shakespeare  will be the same as the one that was Kickstarted not too long ago, just minus the Kickstarter expansion which was exclusive to the campaign.  So you will get the deluxe box, custom die, game board, and all 168 cards included in the Kickstarter copies.  Allowing you to play Mucnhkin with some theatrical flair

Staged Demo is both an expansion pack and a demo kit.  This pack takes 17 cards from the Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe game with alternate art done by Lar deSouza.  The cards included are all that you need to do a short demo of the game for your friends, and then you can take the cards and add them to any Munchkin game you currently own.

Last we have Muertoons, formerly known as Muertoons Mix-up, a short little card game based on the cartoon of the same name.  Gameplay is similar to those like Crazy Eights or Uno where you are playing down numbered cards, and the first person to get rid of all their cards is the winner.  A simple game with a cartoon-y theme that would be great for younger kids.

To read more about this game and the others, you can check out the Daily Illuminator post from Steve Jackson Games.

Here we are again, time to highlight a couple of Kickstarters we found this week.

First on the list is a game from The Creativity Hub called Untold: Adventures Await.  This is an RPG, story telling hybrid game that puts to use the many different sets of Rory Story Cubes that have been released to date.  It’s described as throwing yourself into your favorite TV series, but instead of just watching you are now creating the story that unfolds.  This is especially true because several dice sets have been released that are based on popular television IPs like Batman, Scooby Doo, and Doctor Who.  Whichever set of Rory Story Cubes you use will give you the framework to your story, and the game will guide you through the rest from the danger appearing to the final showdown.  Play will take about 60 minutes and you can reuse your created characters in later games, akin to continuing your TV series.  So if this sounds interesting to you, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

Next is a game getting an art overhaul and deluxified courtesy of TMG called The Flow of History.  This is a bidding/auction style card game where you are trying to build the best civilization out of them all.  In the game you will be buying and playing cards from 5 different ages, with each card having it’s own special ability.  Some cards give you icons, others give you resources based on those icons, and so on.  The game ends when the card “The Future” shows up in the market or is acquired directly, at that point you count up culture icons, each being worth a point, and any end game scoring bonuses to determine the winner.  What makes this version deluxe compared to the retail is the larger box, molded plastic tray, folding market board, and metal resource tokens.  So if a card based civilization game interests you, or you want a deluxe version of the game, check out the Kickstarter page.

Finally we have Archmage Origins, the latest card game from SolarFlare Games.  In the game you are battling your follow mages in an effort to collect the strongest army and be crowned the archmage of the realm.  To do that you will use a similar board setup and play style to that of a popular two player game, Targi.  In the game you will set out a 4×4 grid of face down monster cards, each having different strengths and abilities.  On your turn you can peak at a card to see what monster is there, next you have the option to swap it with another card, and then you play one of your mage cards around the edge of the board.  After everyone’s mage cards have been played, all the cards flip over and each monster card is resolved, totaling the value of mage cards in the column and row it occupies.  Whoever has the higher value gets to add the card to their army, and once all the cards have been given out, the highest valued army wins.  With some good looking art, simple and quick gameplay, this light filler game is worth a look.  Check out their Kickstarter page today, which also includes a tease to the next game in the same universe.

Today saw the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a new game from first-time designer Luke Seinen of SAS Creative.  In Carthage, 2-5 players enter the arena of gladiatorial combat in a battle to the (figurative) death.  Armed only with a deck of cards, players will take turns playing action cards from their starting decks to move their gladiator miniatures around the arena and execute lethal moves on the other combatants.  In so doing, players will earn coveted favor from the crowd to better their starting decks with stronger and nastier actions, eliminate weak cards from their decks, or reuse global effects through Theater cards that set the conditions of each turn’s battle.

Each player starts with a basic deck of 10 cards, but can use favor to purchase better and stronger weapons and armor from the card market.  The game ends with pure elimination until the last player standing.  However, eliminated players are never totally out of the game because they can return to the fight as Arena Beasts and wreak havoc on the remaining fighters.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to conclude on June 17, 2017, with delivery of the game scheduled for March 2018.  Check out the Kickstarter for more information.

A second edition of the popular 2016 card game Rone is currently being funded on Kickstarter, along with two expansions, Rone: Awakenings and Rone: New Forces. Rone is a strategic card game for 2-4 players in which players take control of a hero in a dark post-apocalyptic future trying to destroy each other. The random card deck contains all of a player’s actions but also represents a player’s health, so when players take damage they must remove cards from either their hand or the top of their deck. This means that playing cards must be done efficiently and at the right time, as each card played means one lost health. Played cards have a rotation system beyond the standard exhaust mechanic used in card games. Each 90 degree rotation of a card can have its own action or reward, but cards are only refreshed by a single 90 turn each turn. Heroes can also level up over time, putting more advanced versions of their cards into play. Additionally, Players can use a recycle system to put cards back in play from their graveyard by permanently removing others from the game. Rone comes with over 150 cards in the core game, plus tokens, dials, an improved rulebook, and a large storage box. Each expansion comes with another 100 cards, plus added keywords and mechanisms.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Rone 2nd edition continues through June 10, and the game is expected to deliver in February 2018.

Mayday Games has announced a release date for the reprint of Macroscope, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in February. Releasing June 14, Macroscope is a unique picture deduction game for 2-6 players by Martin Nedergaard Andersen (Giraffometer, Voodoo Mania), which plays in about 30 minutes. Macroscope uses a special card holder with small holes, allowing players to see only a tiny portion of a picture. Players roll dice to select holes to open and try to guess the picture.

Macroscope is due to hit stores June 14, 2017.

This past week Temple Gates Games has released the digital implementation of the popular card game, Race for the Galaxy.  This means you will now be able to take the game with you wherever you go as well as letting you play solo, without a variant, against AI players.  The layout and look of the game are excellent, with all the info you would need in a Race game right there are your fingertips.  Plus some highly desirable features were announced at launch, including:

  • 2 – 4 player with network multiplayer
  • Asynchronous and real-time multiplayer modes
  • Advanced neural network AI by Keldon Jones
  • Five starting worlds and ninety settlement and development cards
  • Free promo pack included: New Worlds with six starting planets
  • Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium expansions available immediately

This app will be great for new and veteran players of the game alike, allowing new players to learn the game (and all those icons), and the tough AI will challenge veteran players.  So if $7 doesn’t seem like a stretch for this game, then head on over to the App Store for iPhones, and the Google Play store for android users.

Mayday Games has announced a new speed/dexterity title from Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders, Ghost Stories and many others) and Corentin Lebrat (Takenoko: Chibis), Rooster Rush. A re-imagining of Gaijin Dash, Rooster Rush has players take on the roles of chickens trying to cross the road. Players simultaneously compete over Crossing Cards by slapping them as quickly as possible. However, at the same time, token representing dangerous vehicles are spinning on their edge, slowly winding down and eventually resting on either the “safe” or “unsafe” side of the coin. These tokens make the Crossing Cards either safe or unsafe, meaning your rooster has either contacted the other side of the road, or contacted the vehicle. Three unsafe crossings and you are out. The first player to claim 11 points of safe crossings wins the game.

Rooster Rush plays with 3-6 players in 15 minutes. The Kickstarter for Rooster Rush will begin in late May, and the game is expected to hit stores in Q4 2017.

Mayday Games announces ​Rooster Rush​ board game Layton, UT

May 8, 2017​ – Today, Mayday Games is pleased to announce Rooster Rush, a card game by designers Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat. Rooster Rush is based on the previously published design Gaijin Dash! by the same designers. Rooster Rush is a party game in which players need to cross the road while avoiding oncoming vehicles. Observation, risk-taking, and speed are the three skills you need in order to keep out of the animal hospital!

Players simultaneously compete over crossing cards worth various points. To claim a card, the player must be the first to slap their hand on the card. But beware, only safe crossing cards are eligible to be claimed. While players are deciding which cards, if any, to claim – tokens representing the threatening vehicles are spinning on their edges. Instead of heads or tails, in Rooster Rush the tokens will land either safe or unsafe side up. Safe cards are claimed, unsafe cards count as being hit by the vehicle. Claim three unsafe cards and you are eliminated from the game. The first player to claim 11 points or more in cards, or to be the last rooster rushing, wins the game!

This simple dexterity speed game will delight players with its different potential win conditions and quick play. Light enough to play with kids and yet fast and fun enough to be played as a filler on those serious gamer nights. Rooster Rush is for 3 to 6 players​ and takes approximately 15 minutes​ to play. It includes 5 Vehicle Tokens, 40 Crossing Cards, and 1 Red Button Card. Rooster Rush is expected to be available in the USA in Quarter 4 of 2017​ and will be released on Kickstarter in late May 2017​. For more information you can visit the Mayday Games website at: http://www.​maydaygames.com/products/roosterrush

About Mayday Games We take tabletop gaming seriously, because free time doesn’t come around nearly enough in life. It’s those fussy, esoteric, and admittedly geeky standards that drive us to obsessive excellence. We’re proud of our lines of original games, specialty accessories, and custom card sleeves.

Our recent hits such as Isle of Monsters, Nerdy Inventions, Assassin Con and Garbage Day, and classics such as Viceroy, Get Bit!, Walk the Plank, Coconuts, and Click Clack Lumberjack show Mayday Games has something for gamers of all ages and experience levels. With lightning mechanics, eye-catching art, and customer-driven content, Mayday Games is proud to present an all-new, old-fashioned game night. Visit our website for more information: http://www.maydaygames.com

Diceborn Heroes is a new Kickstarter project in which 1-4 players can bring a party of heroes into either a single encounter or a string of battles in a campaign. In Diceborn Heroes, players create a party from a roster of 19 different classes (more coming through Stretch Goals) and pit them against a string of monsters under a boss in the style of a classic JRPG.

Players roll dice to activate abilities on their characters, and similarly the monsters draw numbers from the Attack Deck to attack. The Attack Deck acts as a clever timer to the game: when monsters attack, Attack Deck cards are drawn out, and when monsters are killed, Attack Deck cards are returned to the deck. Town actions between rounds, such as healing and leveling up, also remove Attack cards from the deck. If the Attack Deck runs out, the characters start taking damage each round.

The Kickstarter campaign for Diceborn Heroes continues through May 30, and the game is expected to deliver in December 2017.

Gamelyn Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new big-box game, Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, from designer Scott Almes of Tiny Epic fame.  From the Kickstarter page:

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is a 4X style board game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) for 1-6* players that plays in 2-3 hours (30m/player), and features 80 highly detailed miniatures and over 30 constructs!  *Plays up to 6 players with the deluxe expansion.  It is easy to learn, simple to play, and won’t take up your entire weekend.

The game promotes simple gameplay (players only take two actions per round) and bucket-loads of miniatures and cardboard constructs for the visual and tactile appeal.  There are add-on options to have the miniatures pre-painted as well.  The base game comes with four different factions, while the Deluxe Expansion for 6 players, Order and Chaos, adds four more.

Players will be vying for control over a fantasy realm by exploring an enormous board, building castles and towers to cement their influence and collect resources from the land, and of course, battling with the other factions through Tactics cards.  Each X also comes with its own victory condition, meaning players may be able to choose their style of play, or at least the best way to race to victory.

The campaign is set to end Monday, June 5, 2017, and delivery is projected for March 2018.  Much more information can be found on the Kickstarter page here.

DriveThruCards has been offering print-on-demand services for small cards games for many years now, allowing gamers and designers to create and sell their creations.  They have negotiated partnerships with several game companies to allow for custom cards to be created for games like Pathfinder ACG, Boss Monster, and Phase.  Now, through a partnership with Stone Blade Entertainment and Ultra Pro, Ascension is being added to that list.  So you are able to go to DriveThruCards’ site and browse cards created by others, and even create your own with their online tool, and get them all printed.  You can find out more in the full press release below, then head on over to DriveThruCards.com.


Stone Blade Entertainment and Ultra PRO are proud to announce that fans of “Ascension: A Deckbuilding Game” are now able to create their own personalized cards! Through a partnership with DriveThruCards, gamers can create Hero, Construct, and Monster cards and include effects that generate Runes, Power, Honor, Energy, and Insight! 
If you’d like to surprise your friends on your next game night, sneak in one of your personalized cards and wait for everyone’s reaction. If you want to create a card that only you can acquire, go for it! The possibilities are truly endless.
Each card costs $0.50 with a minimum order of 10 cards. Gamers can start creating their cards today at the following URL: https://www.drivethrucards.com/builder/ascension