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Fantasy Flight Games has announced Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game is coming to an end with  The Mark of Madness due out later this year.

Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game has enjoyed a long and rich life, even beyond what was once predicted for it. The devotion of its fans has sustained this sophisticated game of Lovecraftian horror for many, many years. Now, after seven cycles of Asylum Packs and nine deluxe expansions, the release of The Mark of Madness, the game’s tenth deluxe expansion, completes the series of faction-based boxes. It also completes our development of the game.

FFG will continue to make all Asylum packs available through their in house manufacturing division so no Asylum pack will go out of print. You can read the full announcement here as words of farewell from Nate French and Damon Stone two of the games developers.

ffg world

Are you the galaxy’s greatest starfighter ace? Can you slip through corporate servers like a ghost? Or, perhaps, you’re ready to make your bid for the Iron Throne…

Whatever your game, the FFG World Championships are your chance to prove yourself against the world’s best!

This year, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is hosting its World Championships on November 4-8, 2015 at Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN. For five days (one day longer than previous years), players will be competing in the following games:

See the schedule for the tournaments here.

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Anyone who attends will get a bunch of swag – a t-shirt, deck box, and an alternate art card for each game. Anyone who plays through the full Swiss rounds of a World Championship tournament will also get two additional copies of the alternate art card for that specific game. The winner of each tournament will win the chance to work with the game’s developers to design a card for future release! Also, the top players of each event will get custom prizes.

In addition to World Championship competitions, FFG has Organized Play for its various games, as well as a variety of side events. There will be warm-up tournaments, wrap-up tournaments, draft tournaments, X-Wing Epic Play, and more, all with additional prizes and giveaways!

In order to attend, you must pre-register; there will be no on-site registration. FFG will be reserving seats for World Champions and Regional Champions, so you’ll need to act quickly if you want to get a pass. Passes go on sale starting 12:00 PM CST on June 15 here.

For more information about the FFG World Championships, including more details on registration for specific tournaments and for Regional/National Champion registration, check out Fantasy Flight’s website here.



thousand young

Fantasy Flight Games has released another preview piece to show off more of the upcoming expansion to the Cthulhu LCG, The Thousand Young.  This time around instead of dwelling on the new monsters being included they have switched to the new location cards that will take you away from New England to multi-cultural New Orleans and the dark, terrifying bayous of south Louisiana.  They also describe one of the ways the new resilient ability will be used in this expansion.


The Thousand Young gives us yet more reason to fear the darkest swamps of southern Louisiana.

  • Baleful Dark Young (The Thousand Young, 10) arise from those fetid regions where Shub-Niggurath is busy Birthing a Thousand Young (The Thousand Young, 33).
  • Giant, lumbering Marsh Gugs (The Thousand Young, 14) prowl the bayou for prey, and to them, nearly everything is prey.
  • Finally, if you should meet someone who might be able to provide you guidance, there’s no guarantee you’ll want to follow that person’s advice. You’re more likely to meet some Bayou Shaman (The Thousand Young, 5) eager to dwell close to the source of his unholy power than you are to meet some kind-hearted, benevolent spirit.

Check out the preview here to see several of the new cards that will be included and get more information on how the Shub-Niggurath faction will continue its quest for total domination.

Expected release is late second quarter in 2015.

shub niggurath

The Thousand Young, Fantasy Flight Games’ newest deluxe expansion for the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game,boasts a broader array of subtypes and abilities than previous expansions and adds new depth to the Shub-Niggurath faction.

shub niggurath card

[T]he Shub-Niggurath faction appears to be defined more by its collective, a vast horde of abhorrent spawn under one foul fertility goddess. And it is this idea that comes forward in The Thousand Young. You won’t find one subtype given weight above the others. Instead, you’ll find a whole host of dark and twisted characters, all clamoring for their blasphemous Mother’s blessings, and it is up to you, as the player, to bring them together toward your own foul ends.

Preview some of the new Monsters, Ghouls, Chthonians, and Mi-Go that make up the Shub-Niggurath bestiary. The Thousand Young expansion comes with 165 cards (3 copies of 55 different cards) and allows deckbuilders to create new synergies from the diverse offspring of the All Mother.

sleeper belowFantasy Flight Games released a new preview of their latest expansion for their Call of Cthulhu LCG entitled “The Sleeper Below”.  In this preview, FFG focuses on a new type of people called societies.

Each of the eight Society characters in The Sleeper Below represents a group of similarly minded individuals who are bent upon secretly advancing their own agenda, whether that agenda be to defend humanity’s interests, seize control of humanity, or summon forth the Great Old Ones.

It makes sense, then, that these Societies are more skillful and capable than nearly every individual character within the game. Each Society comes with six skill and a mix of five struggle icons. They’re all unique, and at six cost, they’re all quite expensive. Of course, high-cost characters come with some inherent benefits, such as the ability to bypassNegotium Perambulans in Tenebris (Dunwich Denizens, 80) and a higher degree of protection from such cost-based events as from Pushed into the Beyond (Touched by the Abyss, 109) and Deep One Assault (Core Set, 56).

sleeper below card

To learn more you can visit FFG’s website here to read the entire article.



ffg world

Fantasy Flight Games’ World Championship is just around the corner, an event that brings together some of the best players in the world to prove their mettle at Fantasy Flight’s premiere games. If you’re planning on traveling to the event, FFG has now released the schedule for that weekend (Nov. 6-9) so that players can determine the best day to arrive.

Click on over to the FFG press release, which offers a downloadable PDF schedule, the list of games that will be played, and links to preregister. And if you’re planning on entering the event, good luck!