Roxley Game Laboratory has given Martin Wallace’s Brass (2007) a beautiful makeover and is offering this popular gem, now known as Brass: Lancashire, along with a new sequel, Brass: Birmingham, on Kickstarter. Brass is well known as one of the best economic strategy games, consistently ranking in the top 25 games on Boardgamegeek. This new edition sports fantastic new artwork, high quality components, and new improved rules for lower player counts. The sequel, Brass: Birmingham, takes place during the Canal Era, has a dynamic board setup, new industries, actions and mechanics.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Brass continues through May 11, and is expected to deliver in January 2018.


Roxley Games, the publishers of popular games such as Steampunk Rally and Super Motherload, have announced a new agreement with veteran board game designer Martin Wallace for the right to reprint his classic economic game Brass. While the details of the agreement have not yet been finalized, the new version of the game is intended to launch on Kickstarter sometime in quarter 2 or 3 of 2016 and will include new artwork, deluxe component upgrades and a completely new map, developed in cooperation with Wallace. The new map will be set in the Birmingham area and feature new industries such as breweries as well as some new rules and mechanisms.

After the Kickstarter is fulfilled, the game will also be made available in stores, including all the new game content, but without the deluxe component upgrades.

Read the full announcement here.


An announcement was made by Ralph Anderson, on BoardGameGeek forums, stating that the dispute over Brass rights (between designer Martin Wallace and publishing company Eagle Gryphon Games) is over and that Wallace now owns rights for said game.

The dispute largely became public after Wallace posted, on his Treefrog Games website, the matter of the dispute over who held rights. After “too many to count” threads on BGG initiated by users and even the parties involved, came to light the dispute seemed to be centered around the belief that Wallace believed said rights had been transferred back to him due to breach of contract issues while EGG believed no breach had been made and they were legal owners of the Brass rights. Each side was quite vocal in their views.

Those that are fans of the game will be happy to know that Brass was recently released on iOS and is available for download and play here.

Originally published in 1973 and designed by Pat Reid, the man who lived through the events of the game, and writer Brian Degas, the writer who made a TV series about Pat, Escape from Colditz is a roll and move style game with some card drafting where you are either a prisoner trying to escape, or a guard trying to keep them in.  Escape from Colditz  is often touted as the greatest board game in British history and so when Osprey Games had the opportunity to publish it, they jumped at the chance.  Now, 75 years after the events of the game, Osprey is going to release the 75th anniversary edition with a whole new look illustrated by Peter Dennis, who illustrated Brass and A Few Acres of Snow, and additional wooden bits that are replicas of artifacts from Brian’s collection about Pat.  The planned release date is October 2016 so we have a ways to go, hopefully they will let us in on the process as they go along.  For now, here is the press release from Osprey Games.

Osprey To Publish Escape from Colditz 75th Anniversary Edition

Coming in October 2016, Osprey Games will be releasing the 75th Anniversary Edition of Escape From Colditz! Designed by Pat Reid, a British officer who escaped from the Colditz prisoner-of-war camp during World War II, and Brian Degas, writer of the iconic TV series based on Pat’s escape, it is often named as one of the greatest board games in British history.

This edition, published to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Pat Reid’s escape, will feature completely new artwork painted by fan-favourite historical artist, Peter Dennis. Along with a complete set of wooden pieces, the box will include replicas of prisoner-of-war artefacts from Mr. Degas’ extensive collection!

Duncan Molloy, Osprey Games Developer, said:
One of my main goals since joining Osprey Games was to bring this game back into print. It’s not just an iconic piece of game design, but an important touchstone in the history of British games and toys. I’ve been working closely with the original designer, Brian Degas, to ensure that this is the definitive edition of the game.

Philip Smith, Osprey Games Manager, added:
Osprey Publishing has been creating highly illustrated military history books for four decades. The chance to bring all of that expertise to bear on one of the best-loved and most-respected military-themed board games is too good an opportunity to miss.

Escape from Colditz, 75th Anniversary Edition will be published October 2016 and


As of August 25th, Treefrog Games made an announcement on their website that they will cease their publishing of games.  But don’t fret if you like their style games, they fully intend to continue designing games but they will be using other companies to have them published.  The reasons for this change are many, but the main one they give is the cost of operating the company from New Zealand.   This means that their newest game, A Handful of Stars, will be the last game published under the Treefrog name and will hopefully be released in the first half of 2016.  Also, a new kickstarter edition of Brass will be published, but not by Treefrog, so they are in negotiations currently to see who we be publishing it.